We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be, regardless, it’s a special occasion; just like every anniversary that follows – that is why personalized coordinates gift ideas comes in.

Such special, cherished occasions call for the best gifts to make them even more memorable. And these personalized coordinates gifts are heavenly perfect and adorable that anyone and everyone will love them.

They’ll hang perfectly on the bedroom walls and living room shelves. They are so good that they’ll be a perfect gift for yourself as well.

Maybe you are thinking, “Why I should gift something like this to someone?” or “Why would I want to buy one for myself?”

I’ve got the (right) answer for you.

People hold sentimental value to their environment as they do towards their loved ones. A teenager kissing for the first time under a cherry blossom tree or a teary-eyed lover proposing after an eternity; all have special moments in special places the same is with latitude and longitude gift ideas.

Now you can remember that special place as “under the blossom tree next to Mr. Wilkinson’s house”; or you can take it to the next level by printing and framing the coordinates (like an angelic explorer).

Canvas Prints

Canva prints are one of the most popular personalized latitude and longitude gifts. And the most sold ones too.

That’s why we will take a look at what kind of coordinate canvas prints you can get for pretty low prices.

Cupid Arrows


Did you friend just get married or they’re about to get married soon? Then this is a perfect gift for them. Their initials and coordinates of their wedding location.

Or maybe add coordinates of their first date or their first kiss. It is up to you!

And another great decoration for their house or apartment.

Bus Blind Coordinate Print


Do you know a student who studies abroad or your wife or husband is living far away from their family? Then this could be a great gift for them.

Give them the chance and reason to remember home every now and then. Gift them this print as a reminder of home and you.

Here are other examples





Personalized Coordinates Gifts – Jewelry

This is probably more/mostly topical for women; but, men too sometimes wear jewelry.

And matching/complementing jewelry can be a great gift for a couple.

Coordinates Necklace


The necklace is a great way to remember (and show off) your magical adventures. For example, coordinates on this necklace point to Lincoln memorial.

Maybe you met your wife there – so gift this to her as a reminder of that special place. She will definitely appreciate that you remembered that place. Psst, it’ll put less pressure on you to remember it by heart as you can kind of see and tell.

Wedding Rings


If you are planning to get married, maybe this coordinates wedding ring idea can be a wonderful alternative to those standard, boring wedding rings  + it is one of the best personalized coordinates gift ideas.

You can have your choice of the ring material such as gold or silver. But, I think the gold ones would look much better.

And you and your husband/wife will be probably the only ones with these personalized wedding rings among your friends who are also married.

You can engrave the same things as for previous ideas – the place where you first met, the place where you got engaged or the place where you got married.

Anything you like.

Lattitude and Longitude Bracelet


Remind yourself where your home is if you are away from home because of your job.

On one side, add coordinates, and on the other side city name, house name and such.

Or gift it to someone; maybe your best friend or someone from your family.

They will appreciate it – I am 100% sure of that.

Other Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas

The above gift categories are the most popular ones, but that is not all. There are a lot of other personalized coordinates gift ideas that you can buy for someone.

Let’s take a look at them and maybe there will be something you like.

Whiskey Glasses


Gift your friend who loves sipping whiskey these amazing latitude and longitude coordinates imprinted-glasses.

Or maybe they just moved to a new place. Gift them these classy whiskey glasses at their house-warming party, as a souvenir of their former place.

P.S. Obviously only if they have happy memories about that place…

Wine Glasses


Wine glasses, umm… I would say that this is a gift better suited for women. But then again, some men would appreciate this kind of a gift, being the wine enthusiasts/lovers they are.

I do like wine; but, I prefer whiskey and beer in general.

Wooden Spoon


This is a great gift for a chef. Perhaps you have a friend or a family member who loves to cook? (Actually, I am that guy.) Or someone that owns a restaurant where they are a chef? They’ll love this perfect gift.

This would also be a great gift for a cafe or restaurant opening day.



Again a great gift for someone who is a traveler. He/she will never forget their home or another special place if he/she has one of these pillows with them on their trip.

They could cozy up and put their face on it and feel almost like home.

Besides a travel pillow, it could also be a good decorative pillow on your sofa.

Personalized Keychain


Not sure which of the personalized coordinates gift ideas are the best ones? Get a personalized keychain for your buddy. It will not only look cool with their keys but also will remind something special to them.

Especially if they don’t have any other keychains attached to his keys.

Coordinates Handkerchief


This is something interesting. Unusual gift, but, quite a very original idea. Being unusual, it’s also quite rare and will be a memorable gift.

I would probably gift this to one of my grandparents because older people are more likely to find a use for these things.

Well, of course, that’s just my opinion.

Money Clip


This is one of the coolest personalized latitude and longitude gifts for men. I would it love if someone gifted this to me. Especially with coordinates of my hometown.


So, here they are. The coolest of the coolest personalized coordinates gift ideas. It is up to you which one you choose or you could just use these to get inspiration for new ideas or your own.

But I know one thing, these are not ordinary gifts. They are special, because of the engraved coordinates. Before you engrave something on them, make sure that it is of some personal Castle to the other person.

If you want my honest opinion, I’d say that I don’t love all of these ideas. However, it’s a subjective matter and you and I choose based on personal tastes.

But, admittedly these are pretty cool to at least read if not to gift.

Ready to buy an awesome gift?

16 coordinate gift ideas