Birthdays are the most amazing time of the year for most of us because on this specific day you’re allowed to be as selfish as possible. Plus everybody gives you gifts. In case you’re the one giving gifts, here are some 18th birthday gift ideas.

This age is significant in one’s life since it means reaching adulthood in most countries and also counts as a legal age in Europe.

This means that nothing is off the charts as a gift and should be legendary in some way!

18th Birthday Gifts for Him

Dudes are difficult to gift to, we can all agree on that. However fear not, because we compiled all of the most exciting and hot items that he will absolutely love and enjoy!

Apple watch

Gadgets and electronics is probably the safest choice when gifting a guy. Chances are, he has been eyeing this watch for months and 18th is definitely special enough, to splurge on a pricey item like this!

Beard grooming kit

Now that he’s officially a man… chances are he’s ready to grow a beard or would like to groom it. This set will definitely help him reach that goal in a stylish manner.

Philips shaving machine

In case he’s one the other side of things and wants a smooth David Beckham does, this Philips shaving machine will achieve the desired look.

Gaming racing wheel with responsive pedals

18 is the legal age of driving in most countries. However, 18 might not be the age when one can afford a car… This could definitely be the next best thing. And beer is allowed too!

Bartending kit

Speaking of beer. Turning legal age beer might not be the first choice of alcoholic beverage. Add the booze and this kit would be a great introduction to quality drinks! This is of course if you’re lucky enough to reside in a country, where 18 is the legal drinking age.

‘’A beginners guide to investing’’

18th birthday is about becoming an adult. If he is finishing school and potentially driven to become independent ASAP, this might be the best of all 18th birthday gift ideas.

Mini fridge

Chances are, this 18-year-old is going to college or university soon. Chances are, he will be living in dorms or at the campus.

There is a high possibility, that the dorms don’t provide a fridge, so this would be the perfect gift, starting out the adult life!

Leather journal kit

Starting adult life means planning and organizing for your self. It’s that time, where nobody else will take care of your agenda as a grown man.

So here’s a great and stylish 18th birthday gift idea that he will appreciate, a lot.

Mini pizza oven

The only other thing necessary for a decent university or college student (besides the mini fridge), could be a pizza oven.

This will not only save him from starving but also make him the coolest kid on the block!

Miniature survival kit

Okay, so now that he’s an adult, he’ll be out there in the wild alone. What better way to help him through this journey, than gifting this miniature survival kit?

It can actually come in handy in several situations, but most importantly – adulthood.

18th birthday gifts for her

Turning 18 for a girl is a very special day. Becoming a woman can be very exciting but very scary at the same time. One thing is clear – this gift will stay in her memory for a long time, so it needs to be special and thoughtful.

If you don’t know what birthday gifts for her are the most appropriate, here’s a list of things she will absolutely love.

Signature numbers

Let everyone special in her life sign these numbers and gift it to her. As a sentimental piece, this will be of great value to her and also make a keepsake from this special birthday.

Crystal crown and satin sash

She’s probably getting ready for her 18th birthday for months now. Make sure everybody knows who the queen of the party is by gifting her this gorgeous set of crystal crown and satin sash. She’ll have the time of her life!

Silver personalized bracelet

This personalized bracelet will be the most perfect gift on her 18th birthday. It’s something to keep as a valuable memory from this beautiful time of her life.

Personalized jewelry box

This gorgeous silver jewelry box can be engraved to say whatever you want. It definitely makes a very special birthday gift.

Bell for prosecco

Becoming a lady might mean a lot of things. But one thing is for sure – prosecco makes any girl happy. Make sure her glass is always full with this fun little bell! This is of course for those, who reside in a country with a legal drinking age of 18.

Sleeping mask

Now that she will be going to college or university, she’ll most certainly start to appreciate a good nights sleep. Make sure this beauty ritual will be more enjoyable with this sleeping mask.


This journal will not only motivate her to do great entering adulthood but also inspire her to follow her dreams and never give up!

Engraved keychain

As an adult, her next gift or achievement could be something of her own. Personalized keychain could certainly serve as an extra motivation achieving that goal.

Beauty box

It doesn’t really matter how old she’s getting. A girl loves a beauty box. Especially if it’s a known brand and comes with a quality bag!

Fitbit watch

She probably knows that getting older means taking more care of fitness as much as her beauty. This little gadget is great to help her get moving and stay healthy. After the birthday bash, that is…

18th Birthday surprise ideas

18th birthday is a special day and if the above doesn’t fit with your idea of the perfect gift, the ones below sure will. Here are the most unique birthday gift ideas for 18th birthday!


How about this epic, custom-made map, made into a unique art piece? It could be the birthplace of the birthday boy or girl and turned into a shirt or wall art. An amazing piece that lasts forever!

Wii play console

We might grow older, but it’s important to always keep playing and satisfy your inner child. This console is definitely an experience and can be addictive, but will be one of the best gifts for sure!

Air BnB gift card

Traveling is one of the most valuable things in life. One of the things you can do at 18 is to travel and stay in different places. Air bnb definitely is the easiest and greatest way of experiencing travels to other places, so this is definitely a great birthday gift!

 Netflix gift card

Not sure this even needs more comment. There isn’t anyone out there who wouldn’t love a Netflix gift card as their 18th birthday gift.

Cards against humanity

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Not everyone might know this game, but whoever does, knows it’s an adult game. Turning legal age, one is definitely allowed to have great time with friends whilst playing these cards!

A photo session

Wherever your friend resides at, this is the perfect opportunity to book him or her an amazing photo-shoot! 18 is the year one wants to remember!

Indoor Skydiving

Everybody has once dreamt of flying. Why not makes this dream come true? Check out closest indoor skydiving places around your area and create the best memory for their 18th!