For any parent, there are two most special days in their lives – the day that you become a parent and then the First Birthday of your child. Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing your offspring growing and becoming more and more aware of the things around him. Surely not any gift will cut it for the most special little human in your life you want it to a truly personalized 1st birthday gifts.

What parents also know is, that the time starts going double the speed once you have a kid and every moment needs to be treasured. Therefore every day and especially the first birthday need to be memorable and carry special keepsakes. If you aren’t the most creative parent or you’re looking for some really cool and personalized 1st birthday gifts, this article is just for you!

Personalized first Birthday gifts

Nowadays there is so much choice for things and gifts to give to your loved ones. But for the first birthday ever, it is important to give your baby something so special and personalized, that they can keep it forever and truly treasure it for the rest of their lives.

We have collected some of the most special personalized 1st birthday gift ideas below and we are sure, that whatever your taste maybe – there is a gift that fits it here! If personalized 1st birthday gifts mean something completely different to you, for example, a tiny baby walker, then this list could be it.

Grafomap map

This beautiful gift is one of the most special ones you can give to your baby. One of the main reasons probably is, that toys and random gadgets will overflood your home over time, as the baby gets older. Kids grow fast and grow out of toys even faster… so why not give your kid something so special, he or she will treasure for the rest of their life?

It could be a beautifully framed map of the specific birthplace of your kid or the address of your first home – you name it, Grafomap will deliver. Talk about beautiful, personalized 1st birthday gift ideas!

Photo engraved heart-shaped pendant

If there is anything that every mom wants, is to have their baby by her side as long as possible. And whilst she knows it’s not always possible – this pendant might be the second best thing!

Imagine having this pendant made for your baby’s first ever birthday and keep it with you every single day until your kid grows up. You can then pass it on to them on the next most special birthday reaching adulthood.

Needless to say, that your kid will most certainly treasure this little beautiful pendant, especially because of what it means to you. What a beautiful, truly personalized 1st birthday gift idea!

Custom fleece blanket

Your first baby blanket carries so many memories… and even though you might not remember all of them, this beautiful keepsake will surely remind you of all the love and care your mom put into every detail of your life.

Therefore this baby blanket personalized with your baby’s name on it will forever remain as a special treasure, even when they can’t possibly be wrapped in it anymore. If you really want to gift your baby something special and as their personalized 1st birthday gift – you can’t go without this blanket!

Engraved locket necklace

This silver engraved locket necklace is such a beautiful keepsake for both you and your baby! Gifting this, as a personalized 1st birthday gift is something that we think every parent should do. Not only can you place your favorite photo of your kid but also engrave their birth date and name or anything else you see fit. We think this is one of the winners as first birthday gift ideas.

It’s definitely something your child will treasure forever!

Unique first birthday gifts

Some gifts are just a little more unique than others and don’t necessarily fit with the idea of the perfect first birthday gift. However, for your baby’s first, you totally want to find something that will not only make up sweet memories or serve as a keepsake for on the bookshelf.

You want to find something that will bring back great memories and somehow remind you and your kid of that precious time in both of your lives.

If you want to see some gifts, that definitely fit the description and are unique, as they are special, then just keep on reading. You might just find the most perfect unique 1st birthday gift or an even more personalized 1st birthday gift!

Baby plush swaddle

Most of us still have that one little baby blanket that our mom wrapped us up as a baby. And now being older – this is far more than just a baby blanket. It treasures so many memories and love, that we just can’t throw it away.

And whilst passing it down to your own kids would be a very special thing to do, why not give your kid the same love and care and a chance to collect memories by their own swaddle?

This teddy shaped swaddle is even more special because it fits a 1-year-old and is truly one of the most special and personalized 1st birthday gift ideas.

Milestone blanket

Your baby will probably grow the fastest during the first year of his or her life. Wouldn’t it be great to track that progress by gifting your baby this milestone blanket? It not only measures their height but also the weeks and even days of your baby! We would vote for this as the most personalized 1st birthday gift because it follows the physical growth of your baby and is something that you can keep in your family forever.

This is a truly special and unique 1st birthday gift for your baby. And this is also a great keepsake and something to look back at.

Plaster statue kit

Your babies little hands can be the most precious thing ever. But memories don’t always just cut it. How about molding your little one’s hands and feet with this plaster statue kit? Sure, it is an interactive gift and your 1 year old might not be very happy about the process. But it is most certainly worth it when you both look at this keepsake later on.

If you want to make sure that your baby gets not only unique but also a personalized 1st birthday gift, then this molding kit is definitely the best of both!

First-year baby memory book

This little journal is such a unique first birthday gift! You can completely personalize this journal to your baby, by adding pictures of different celebrations and also writing letters next to the pictures.

This gift is definitely something that everyone should have in some shape or form, just to remember the most precious moments from the first year of your life. As a parent, there isn’t anything that you could gift, that would be a more personalized 1st birthday gift.

Other 1st birthday gifts

If none of the above ideas really interest you for your baby’s first, have no fear because there is a lot more out there, that might interest you. If personalized 1st birthday gifts mean something completely different to you, then this list could be it.

The first baby gift should be special, but it should also come from the heart and have a meaning behind it. Possibly you find that in things that others don’t. Therefore – here are a few other gifts that could be very special for your baby’s first birthday!

Letters to my child

Something personal, something so very special and something your child can always turn to in a difficult time. Nothing compares to parental love, but you might not always be there for your child. Therefore this beautiful journal could be the most special personalized 1st birthday gift of them all.

Linen covers and high quality hardbound is just a part of this journal. Parents can note down the journey of having their baby ever since the baby bump all the way to their first birthday. Truly something that one can treasure the rest of their life.

Animated elephant toy

1st Birthday Gifts

Never underestimate the very first stuffed animal. Can you still remember yours? I bet you can! There is always this one, very favorite toy that everyone has, and that brings back the sweetest memories. This elephant toy is especially precious because it is animated. Certain sounds can stay in our memory forever and bring back memories, even more so if they are attached to an object.

Gift this animated elephant to your baby as a personalized 1st birthday gift. This is surely something that your baby will love and as they grow older appreciate even more than before.

Touch and feel animals book

Sometimes the best gift you can give your baby is knowledge and learning the world. Besides the first steps that he or she will ever take, your baby grows more and more curious about the world around them. And it is truly great to be their first teacher.

This little book is a great way to start because it gives baby the chance to not only look, but also feel and develop necessary motor skills whilst learning about the different animals in the world. A very useful and special, yet personalized 1st birthday gift!

Bathtub sensory toy

Another great gift specially designed for 12+ month babies. Whether your baby loves or absolutely despises bath time, this toy is here to make it fun and teach them some of the most important motor skills.

Besides that, it is also a really fun and distracting way of bathing your 1-year-old. So it is very well a personalized 1st birthday gift, as it is practical! Keep this as a great experience and make bath time something that both of you look forward to!

Engraved spoon

A lot of parents would agree, that one of the baby’s biggest milestones is starting to eat anything else besides mom’s milk. This spoon can be engraved with your babies name and gifted as a very special first birthday gift.

Adding the birthdate on the spoon is also a great way of making it a personalized 1st birthday gift, that your child can keep with them forever. That first meal will never be more special!

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