Graduation is a big step in any man’s journey. It is like a bridge to the world of the unknown where everything needs to be conquered and explored. Thus, it might be a good idea to start exploring your options when it comes to graduation gift ideas for him.

We believe that it is an occasion that has to be celebrated with a proper gift since its a significant milestone in someone’s life. As you can imagine, hitting this milestone also means taking a path that has never been taken before. Many challenges are yet to come and to be conquered!

So a well thought out, meaningful and practical gift at the right time can make all the difference.

At first, it might seem a bit difficult to find the right graduation gift ideas for him. However, there are plenty of options that would suit both this occasion and the new lifestyle.

For this reason, we have made this list of graduation gift ideas for him. Hopefully, these will give you an inspiration for the amazing gift you are about to give.

Funny Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

If you are used to having a good laugh with him about everything, then a graduation gift that makes you both laugh could be the best bet. Especially, if there is some hard truth behind it.

However, be careful with gifts like the next one. While it might be funny to some, it can also come off as a strong and painful truth. But if he is a jokester just like you, then these graduation gift ideas for him could make his graduation day even better!

1. Funny Graduation Caps Tassel Toppers

Funny Graduation Caps Tassel Toppers

This graduation gift idea for him is a bold way of saying out loud the harsh truth behind years of expensive studies. These tassel toppers for graduation caps can be adjusted to present any message you want. This is just a very funny one if you can both look the truth in the eyes and laugh about it.

If he is a fan of Game of Thrones and likes having fun with words, then the fact that he now has a long term student debt will get a few laughs. Just remember not to take things too far!

But don’t forget – this gift has to be given before the day of graduation. In this way, he will be able to make the most use of it. He will even have more laughs with fellow graduates while wearing it on graduation day.

2. Engineer’s mug

Engineer’s mug

A cup of nice coffee in the morning can make anyone’s day better. That is especially true for someone who is about to venture off into a new job or a new project. So why not make this moment even more special with a nice statement on a cup like this one?

After all, jokes and coffee go well together. And remember that you can find any suitable message printed on the cup or even make your own custom design. Maybe you will come up with something witty that depicts his true personality. 

3. Travel mug

Travel mug for graduate

Another great way of getting across with a funny message is with a hot mug that will be more portable for those who enjoy their coffee on the move. And who knows? This statement might just get him more options when it comes to girls.

Or if you are the lucky girl beside him – it might tell him that you are proud of him graduating. Telling him you find him even more attractive with new degree on a cup like this one could be one of the best graduation gifts for boyfriend.

Of course, you can change the message here as well and we are sure that you will find a message that speaks to the receiver best.

4. Real Bullet Handmade Shot Glass

graduation gift ideas for him

This graduation gift for guys comes with a strong message as well as style. The real bullet that is incorporated into a shot glass for his favorite pour could represent his academic endurance for each of the obstacles thrown his way. After such a long battle, the occasion of his graduation will serve as a great cause to celebrate with a shot.

To be honest, this is a great gift for men in almost any occasion. We believe that most men will be excited to drink from a shot glass decorated with a real 0.308 USA made bullet.

And as a bonus – he will also be able to use this shot glass as a great conversation starter at parties. 

5. A keychain

graduation gift ideas for him

This small gift will remind him occasionally not to get stuck. A stainless steel keychain that delivers a strong message to do epic things in his life might end up one of the best gifts he has received.

Simple and yet meaningful – we are sure that this graduation gift for him will be appreciated. The message seems especially important for those who have just graduated and are about to start the “grown life”.

With this daily reminder, he might be able to achieve and do more which at this point in his life is crucial.

6. Escape Room In A Box

Escape room in a box

Being a graduate, he will likely enjoy good riddles, problem-solving and quality time with friends. This escape room in a box will give him the thrills of escaping from his own home!

It can be played by 2 to 8 players and the main idea is to solve mental and physical puzzles by cooperation. Chances are that you might end up playing it with him so choose a theme that is likely to be enjoyed by all players.

To make the gameplay even more live, he will be able to connect the game with Amazon Alexa for spooky background music and hints when necessary. Alexa will even keep track of the time that’s left to escape!

Universal Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

These are the kind of graduation gift ideas for him that will make him happy and make sense at the same time. You can either leave them as they are, or personalize them if that is possible. The personalization part might get you to think about what kind of style he likes, what matters to him, or simply which color he prefers.

7. Grafomap

graduation gift ideas for him

The city we graduate from might be the most influential city in our lives. Lovers found and lost, friends that stay for life and relationships that change the way we think and continue our path.

There is a lot that happens at college and university that he will never want to forget. A customizable map of the city that he graduated from will spark the memories of the best time of his life each time he glances at the frame.

As an alternative, you could also choose the map to be an inspiration for his future dreams and goals. A custom made map of his dream travel destination can hit the string that makes his heart race in the desire for the unknown.

He can hang it on the wall next to his desk or in his practical workshop – either way, it is one of the most special graduation gifts ideas for him.

 8.  Notepad

graduation gift ideas for him

Finding a new job, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences might be overwhelming to the new graduate. No matter the next steps taken, a well-made classy notebook could serve as a great place for gathering his now scattered thoughts.

Be it an idea, a detailed breakdown of travel plans or just a creative expression like writing or drawing – we believe that a wise man will always appreciate a quality notebook.

To make it even more special, you could enrich the notebook with a meaningful quote or a carefully crafted wish from you. 

9. Boardgame

graduation gift ideas for him

Every man has the drive for proper competition. So why not use it for a graduation gift inspiration and get him a board game? This might be a great chance for him to compete against his friends and use his mastermind tactics.

Besides, there are tons of fun and challenging board games out there and you will be able to find one that fits any preferences he might have. 

If he enjoys a more strategic game with cooperation, you might want to get Pandemic’s board game. If that’s not his cup of tea, then there is always chess for the classy and Uno for the fast.

Pro tip – pick a game that may be played multiple times and does not get repetitive.

10. Timepiece

Watch for graduate

A timepiece is a great gift for men no matter the occasion. As such, graduation is a great accomplishment that could be celebrated with a special gift like this.

Graduating might mean stepping into the world of more discipline and competition. Thus, a great looking watch might come in handy.

And the good news is that if you are under the impression that a good watch must be expensive – that is not always the case. A well-made, quality watch from a trusted maker can be bought without breaking the bank.

You can choose any material, size, color, and other adjustments to match the timepiece to his particular style.

11. Backpack or messenger bag

graduation gift ideas for him

There are certain things that every man must-have. A bag that is both practical and good looking might be a jackpot when it comes to great graduation gifts ideas for him.

To choose the best fit you might want to ask yourself questions like what is the graduate planning on doing after graduation? Will a backpack or a messenger bag better suit him? What does he usually wear when he goes out? Try to match his wishes and habits to the functionality and style that lasts and you will be good to go. 

12. Multitool

multitool graduation gift

Like any other man, he is likely to face some practical challenges along his lifelong adventure. And the practical challenges yet to come will be much easier to solve with a multitool like this. 

Multitool, as the name implies, is a bundle of many tools – from 2 to as many as it is humanly possible to cram into a handheld object. If you are looking for a gift to a guy who enjoys active sports, then it might be a good idea to choose a multitool that has specific tools according to his favorite activities.

Who knows, maybe next time he goes camping, a mini-saw that is incorporated into this multitool will be especially appreciated.

13. Skincare

graduation gift ideas for him

Often we hear people say that finding a gift for him is difficult. But to be honest – men are not that different from women in certain ways.

Just think about all the attention some men give to proper skin care and beard grooming! A proper kit for taking care of himself could boost his confidence by letting him smell, look and feel nice when he steps into the grown man’s world.

A great alternative for those who have manly mustaches and beards would be a well-rounded set of beard cosmetics or a grooming kit. This brings us to the next gift idea for a graduate.

14. Grooming kit

graduation gift ideas for him

It comes to a point in every man’s life when a razor with a handle and a pair of scissors just doesn’t cut it anymore. A good grooming kit will go a long way to ensure that he gets it right every single time.

And if you ask us, it is a great way to gift him an opportunity to gain more confidence to venture into the unknown. In fact, he might even want to experiment on his looks as the new chapter in his life unfolds.

15. Amazon gift card

graduation gift ideas for him

This gift might be a good solution for those who feel like they wouldn’t be able to choose a gift that fits his needs and style.

An Amazon gift card with a funny and heartfelt card can be a lifesaver in this occasion. While being the oldest trick in the book, when a person seemingly has all that he needs, only he will know what else out there sparks his interest.

Besides, who wants to pile up on stacks of gifts that will never be used? You can be sure that with this gift you will give him the opportunity to get exactly what he needs.

16. The Art of Manliness Book

graduation gift ideas for him

He might have graduated from an academic point of view, but what the academic world doesn’t teach is how to be a gentleman. Can he take care of his business and keep it cool with the ladies? Even if he can, there is always room for more tips and tricks.

This book tackles what classes at the university just can’t teach. How to be a good husband, father, friend, a leader, and a gentleman.

By choosing this gift, there is a chance that you will help him to see the new world with fresh eyes. And who knows? This might be just what he needs.  

17. Sunglasses

graduation gift ideas for him

Just like with watches and any other accessories, sunglasses are made to be both practical and stylish.

Having classy and yet modern looking glasses like these will let him vary in his appearances. And who knows, maybe his new appearance might even land him new opportunities?

No matter when and how he chooses to wear them – we are sure that this gift will be appreciated as a stylish accessory. 

18. Basketball

This gift idea might be the one for all the college athletes and active graduates out there!

A basketball might be just what he has been missing to enjoy quality gathering with his buddies, or just perfecting his basketball skills. As a bonus, playing basketball is a great way to boost his cardio game.

Choose a cool-looking ball like this one and you are good to go for a great graduation party!

Technological Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

These are the kind of graduation gift ideas for him that will get every technology geek excited. And honestly, you don’t even need to be a technology geek to find these graduation gift ideas for him extremely useful and thought out.

The following graduation presents for guys are both practical and special since they have an important purpose, making them the perfect gift for a friend, relative, or as a graduation gift for a boyfriend.

19. E-reader

graduation gift ideas for him

The first gift on our list of technological graduation gift ideas for him is an e-reader. While it might seem like a bit of a boring gift – we believe that if he had already made the decision to pursue the academic world – chances are that he already knows the value of knowledge that is packed and ready to consume.

An e-reader is a perfect graduation gift idea for a man who strives to do and know better. More ease making notes and flexibility of taking his books wherever he goes may give him a needed fresh look on reading. Besides, sometimes books pile up in our bookcases taking lots of space and this might be a great solution.

And who knows? Maybe the quality touch and functionality that this gadget gives will evoke the desire for all-night reading binge more often.

20. Bluetooth speaker

Speaker gift

We all know that music plays a big role in creating a certain mood. And now, when the graduate if finally off to the unknown, we believe that music will keep him a good company. This graduation gift will set the mood he needs wherever he goes. 

Whether it is rock, hip-hop or some jazz he enjoys, these portable Bluetooth speakers won’t let him down. They sound great, have a simple but great design, and on top of all – are water-resistant for even more adventurous music experience. 

Gift him the joy of portable music and you will see his smile unfold.

21. Headphones

graduation gift ideas for him

A pair of headphones is another great way to gift the joy of sound. However, unlike the previous gift contender, earphones might be more suitable for him if he enjoys his privacy. With music blasting only to his ears, he will be able to enjoy these anywhere. This means focus at the gym, meditation while commuting and a happy tune to start a new day.

To get the most out of this gift, these particular headphones will even cancel any noise from the outside while leaving the listener in the world of quality sound. Oh, and another thing. They can be connected via Bluetooth which makes them super easy to use on any occasion. And all of this for a price that won’t break your wallet.

22. Keyboard and a mouse

graduation presents for guys

As we all know, many men in our century spend lots of time on their computers. Whether it is for work, entertainment or school – an ergonomic and stylish upgrade will change the way a man interacts with his computer.

In fact, most keyboards and computer mices in use today are loud and get uncomfortable real quick. With an upgrade like a comfy armrest on a keyboard and keys that aren’t too loud, the everyday use of a computer will be a little less stressful and tiresome. And we are sure than any of us would appreciate an upgrade that brings comfort.

23. External hard drive

graduation gifts for boyfriends

Just imagine the amounts of data that we accumulate every day! After years of academic pursuit, chances are that graduate’s computer is filled up with academic stuff, travel pictures, videos, and many other pieces of information. 

A gift like an external hard drive will be extremely useful when he runs out of storage space or simply wishes to finally organize every piece of information he has.

And who knows, he might go out there and create even more fun videos and pictures!

These are just some graduation gifts ideas for him that would be nice to give as a gift and would help the new graduate on his way of exploration. We hope that you got plenty of inspiration for the gift that you are about to give.