As they say, long-lasting relationships mean growing up together instead of growing old together. 25 years together is a milestone in your relationship that proves true love does exist. And when the day of your anniversary is just around the corner, it might be a good idea to brainstorm about that special 25th anniversary gifts you are about to give.

If you are struggling with finding the perfect gift that translates your love and appreciation, then look no further, because we have created a list of 28 special gifts for your 25th Anniversary.  Whether it is a practical gift or one that acts as a nice gesture, your other half will surely appreciate one of these picks.

1. Grafomap

custom map

What might be a better way to remind someone of the place that is home to many adventures and memories than a custom map of that very city?

The paths walked in the beautiful cities all over the world now can be captured in one frame. Maybe you were proposed in Rome or Sidney? Or maybe you fell in love in Chicago? Take those memories and make them come alive with this custom printed map. This might even become a great conversation starter for your family and friends.

2. Record player

25th Anniversary Gift

We all listen to music, so why not make it a special gift for your anniversary? Add in a vinyl from a favorite band and you will hear for ages that this was the best of all 25th anniversary gifts.

A record player may even become the new heart of your home. Nothing says ‘class’ more than a shelf of records to choose from. Let’s face it – a chance to put up a classic record to start the party going might be the coolest ice breaker ever.

And don’t worry if your significant other doesn’t have a single record to put in the new record player. It can be connected to via Bluetooth or multiple types of audio ports to enjoy the quality of music.

3. Wireless photo printer

25th Anniversary Gift

Everybody loves to take photos, but how many of the photos you have taken are looked at again? Most photos taken today are made with cell phones and never really have a chance to come to life on paper. Therefore, we believe this gift might be one of the best 25th anniversary gifts ever.

It is super easy to use and prints your photos in a quality that makes them come alive. Therefore, you can just take the perfect photo with your phone or camera, send it to the printer and have it ready to go on the wall. And don’t forget – take a picture from your anniversary to remember it for ages!

4. Adventure book

great gift idea

When it comes to 25th anniversary with your partner, there should be plenty of adventures to remember. It will be a great way to collect the fun, crazy, romantic or meaningful adventures that you have had together.

This could be as a fun picture book for family adventures or meant for just the two of you. You name it! The experience of making this book will bring back to life the good memories and let both of you reflect on your time together. And who knows? Maybe the craze of your past adventures will spark your love to even higher levels!

5. Bucket list book 

25th Anniversary Gift

Not only there are many adventures behind, but plenty to enjoy ahead! This bucket list and planner notebook will set both of you up for success by gathering all of your dream trips.

If you still have a few mountains to climb, rivers to swim and countries to fly to, keep this bucket list book closeby. And maybe you will spend your next anniversaries ticking off the list. 

This gift goes hand-in-hand with 25 more years to spend looking for new adventures and making your relationship a wild ride!

6. Sports Action Camera

 action camera

Speaking of adventures – while enjoying the wild ride that your years together are, why not document them?

A new age of videography has taken the world by storm. Now you can film easier, better, and under more circumstances. This ultra HD Sports Action Camera is waterproof and gives plenty of variations to play around with. Take a photo or a video of your crazy years together and it might become something you both laugh at when you are older.

The sky’s the limit for capturing meaningful moments!

7. Personalized coffee tray

25th Anniversary Gift

Back to the basics! After 25 years of being together the simple things are the most thoughtful ones. Taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes, getting the groceries and making breakfast in bed are all the small things that make up your life together. 

This personalized coffee tray is one of our favorite 25th anniversary gifts to remind of the simple things that make each other happy. The tray with an addition of freshly brewed coffee will make waking up that much easier! It can also be used as a cutting board for making meals together or as a decor element in your living room. Give this simple yet thoughtful gift in the morning of your 25th anniversary and see the mood heighten. 

8. Stainless steel wine chiller

wine chiller

If you are one of those couples who enjoy having a glass of wine along with a cozy atmosphere, then this stainless steel wine chiller is worth investing in.

A wine chiller is a strong contestant amongst these 25th anniversary gifts. It’s a guarantee that the time you spend together will not be wasted by worrying about wine getting too warm and unpleasant. Now you will be able to spend your evenings together by sipping a nice glass of chilled, high-quality wine and enjoy each other’s company.

9. Acupressure mat

acupuncture mat

This will be a wonderful reminder to your significant other to take care of their health. All while living a happy and healthy life. The pressure that is made by hundreds of small needles will massage healing points making you both feel like you are in heaven.

It will help with back pains, muscle pains and other tension that is accumulated during the long day. And who knows? This might even improve your relationship quality while taking some of that stress away!

10. Vitamix blender

25th Anniversary Gift

Talking about a health kick – how about a high speed, professional 5 setting blender that will make sure to chop up those greens for a healthy smoothie or two?

Not only will this gift make sure both of you are healthy, it will also give you new energy to do things you both love. Vitamix blender is famous for its quality that will make blending, chopping, grinding, heating and emulsifying desired foods fast and easy. Health and energy in 25th anniversary gifts – bring it on!

11. AeroGarden Harvest Elite

25th Anniversary Gift

Another health-promoting gift is this portable garden! If your loved one is into growing things and practical experiments, then this might be one of the best 25th anniversary gifts. It allows you to grow plenty of greens right in the comfort of your home.

This smart garden system keeps the plants alive even in the busy everyday routines. And if you both don’t have that extra time, the garden will actually take care of itself. Just set in on a vacation mode and once you come home – the greens will be all ready to chop up and enjoy! Besides, I bet both of you wouldn’t mind giving your home a fresh aroma when growing some spices, such as parsley, basil, thyme, dill, and others.

12. Coffee machine

coffee machine

This gift will be a perfect gift for those who love a delicious cup of coffee in the mornings. We are sure that the smell of freshly made coffee will make the mornings even more vibrant and something to look forward to!

Of course, the quality of coffee is of great importance here. For this reason, as an option for your 25th anniversary gifts we have chosen this particular coffee machine. While being sold at a reasonable price, it delivers great coffee every single time. And what’s even better is that a coffee machine can be a great excuse to spend mornings at home with your loved one without needing to leave for a coffee shop.

13. Silky bed sheets

silky bed sheets

How to upgrade your bedroom interior while spicing up the more adventurous side of your relationship? This gift idea is the way to go when your cozy bedroom gets too boring. Maybe after 25 years together now is the time to try out something new?

These silky sheets will be gentle on your skin and allow it to breathe at night while leaving you both super relaxed and comfy. What’s even better is that the material is hypoallergenic and will keep those dreaded wrinkles away.

Light up the candles and put on the fresh new sheets to get the perfect anniversary mood on.

14. Night light – Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker lamp

One thing that is great about technology is that it combines many possibilities in one gadget. This night light Bluetooth speaker is one of the most practical 25th anniversary gifts. It will make your evenings and mornings more fun and exciting.

While the bedroom might not seem like the place to blast loud music, a new and relaxing soundtrack for your evenings before bed might be what you both need. Or maybe your other half needs a nice booster in the morning to make the battle with waking up easier?

You can even use it as a night lamp to enjoy a light that is soft and suitable for the bedroom. 

15. Fitbit watch

FitBit gift

Another technological 25th anniversary gifts idea is this sports-watch. While tracking the heart rate and step count amongst many other things, this might be the much-needed inspiration for your significant other.

There is no better inspiration to move than to actually know how much you have walked and how many calories were burned in a particular day. This would be the perfect gift for fitness lovers and those who enjoy competing against others since you can connect it to a network of people.

16. Neck and back massager

Neck massager

A good gift for anyone that lives a busy and stressful life is a neck and back massager. Maybe the daily routines you both have are not the ideal ones and the pressure in your necks has been building up? 

Knowing there is a device to massage and relax the muscles after a long day at work, exercising or doing any physical activity is quite soothing. For this reason, we have picked a gift that will make sure tension in the neck disappears right away. No more neck pains!

17. Instant camera

25th anniversary gifts

Let your 25th anniversary remind of the good old times, when the internet did not exist and the memories were forever captured in a camera flash. How about a sentimental picture in a physical form that pops out right away?

This instant camera is a fun gift to give that will remind both of you to capture that special moment right away. The value of one single unrepeatable photo brings the magic back and this polaroid will make sure to do it right on the spot! 

18. Wooden picture frame

25th anniversary gifts

After 25 years of spending your holidays, birthdays, events, vacations and many more celebrations together, there must be plenty of memories to look back on. Why not put them up on your walls to remind each other of the wonderful times you have had? 

These high-quality wooden picture frames will look great with the best selection of photos of the joint years gone by. The set of multiple frames will allow both of you to pick out the best photos and relive the great memories while at it. 

19. Happy light

Sunlight device

Maybe the gift to give is a sun in a box? We all know that vitamin D that our bodies produce when being touched by sunlight makes us happy. Well – some of us just don’t have those extra hours to lay back in the sun and enjoy the warmth of sunshine.

For this reason, you can give your loved one a chance to fully relax with this light therapy lamp. It will be a great gift for those who enjoy little moments enhanced by pleasant sensations. Give the joy of having portable sunshine in a well-designed box and see the stress melt away under the pleasant warmth of the sunshine.

20. Electric wine opener set

wine set

It is clear that traditions are one of the most important things. Especially for a couple that has been together for so many years! If one of the traditions you both have is to host dinner parties and family gatherings, then an electric wine opener set might be what is missing.

This handsome looking set with vacuum stopper, foil cutter, and other useful features will elevate the quality, joy and possibly even quantity of those pleasant evening gatherings.

21. Dinner party conversation starter

25th anniversary gifts

Have you ever been to an amazing and fun celebration where everybody had a great time? Well – this is your chance to give a gift that will make the parties that you both host together better than ever!

This simple conversation starter will stir up the best stories from guests and the party mood will have a great boost right from the beginning. This is a great gift for any age and any occasion that will surely get the party started with funny stories and plenty of laughs.

22. Buddha board

Buddha board

This is a new way of teaching the art of letting go – literally! Buddha board is a great gift for people that need time to relax and unwind in the late evenings as life gets more stressful.

With this gift, you will give your love an opportunity to sit back and master the art of visualizing. Art that is drawn and slowly fades away lets the artist enjoy the moment that is right here and now and creates a beautiful metaphor of the ever-changing cycle of life.

If meditation and creative state of mind is something your significant other is fond of, then this gift will be perfect. Painting on this board will naturally summon peace and relaxation while teaching not to forget to live in the present.

23. Soundwave art prints

25th wedding anniversary gifts

Want to surprise your other half by something unusual and impressive? This gift is one of our favourite 25th anniversary gifts. By capturing a special song that means a lot to both of you in this art piece – you are truly creating a gift of great value.

Maybe you will choose the song of your first dance together or the one that was played on your first date. We are sure that you will know exactly which song will make your loved one’s heart skip a beat. 

This soundwave interactive acrylic block will capture any song you would like to see in your gift. It is a stylish and decorative piece to decorate your home with and it certainly will have a sentimental value when given with great love and appreciation as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.

24. Essential oil and diffuser set

oil diffuser set

If you both enjoy coming home that smells nice and you feel like you are in a flower field – then this gift will be right on point! Essential oils are a great natural alternative to the aroma sprays used in the homes to create the perfect mood.

The welcoming ambiance that this set gives to a house is irreplaceable. And what’s more – essential oils are proven to impact our mood and energy in a positive way. Maybe a drop of chamomile oil for a calm evening or a drop of lavender for romance? You will certainly be set for the perfect mood.

25. Massage oil

massage oil

Speaking of oils, a great quality massage oil can be a great gift for your 25th anniversary. Maybe you are even up for mastering the art of a great massage? If not – don’t worry. Everybody likes to be massaged even if the massage is not given by a professional. 

Lavender almond oil and jojoba oil will soothe the skin and make the unwinding at evenings more pleasurable. This will be a great excuse to spend more time together. On top of that, you both will be able to receive a good rub on the back. Translate your love and care with a gift that will relax both of you.

26. Kindle


A Kindle will make a good gift for those who believe in lifelong learning – or simply enjoy a good story!

It is easy to carry and it stores as many books as its owner likes. To add to the practicalities, this Kindle model is waterproof and has plenty of storage space. Maybe reading a book in a nice bubble bath or simply taking it along on all of the adventures is just what your loved one needs!

27. Robotic Vacuum cleaner

25th anniversary gifts

This gift might be an investment, but the time and energy spent on vacuuming could be spent elsewhere. They say money can’t buy time. But in this case – it can! An anniversary gift that gifts more free time sounds like a great idea any time!

Use it to your advantage and relieve some of the workloads you both have. You might even find that with more free time on your loved one’s hands, your evenings spent together to become more romantic and relaxed.

28. Echo Dot smart speaker

Echo Dot smart speaker

We all like to boss around from time to time. So why not get this smart speaker for your loved one? He or she will be able to boss around and enjoy the speaker’s functionality while at it!

Echo Dot is a 3rd generation smart speaker that lets you control your home. All while being connected to multiple other devices like your phone, TV, or even light switches. Imagine how nice it would be to be able to turn off the lights once you are already in your bed!

This could make a great gift to anyone that loves technologies and ease of life. Starting from the moment your loved one wakes up, this device will cut down on small tasks. For example, you can easily put on the music with your voice. It will be a great addition to any home by giving control over a home with a voice commands.

From gifts that are practical to the ones that have a sentimental value, we believe that these 28 gift ideas serve as a good inspiration for a great gift. We hope you enjoyed looking through these 25th anniversary gifts ideas. And most of all – that you found that inspiration to get the perfect gift. Have a great celebration for a special moment like this!