They say you’re not fully grown-up until you reach your 30s. And most people would definitely have to agree. Therefore the 30th Birthday definitely is a very big deal, it is almost as reaching your second legal age! We have compiled the coolest and most memorable 30th birthday gift ideas that will make anyone happier for reaching this milestone.

Okay, but in all honesty – either if it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend, it could be difficult to find great gifts for 30th birthday.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

A woman can be so tricky to gift to. Especially when they are turning 30, it is a big day and should be celebrated with great memories and gifts.

Therefore, we have combined a few really good gift ideas, which will serve as great keepsake and make any girl happy!

Three-ring necklace

This silver necklace will make any woman happy. It has a lovely meaning with the three rings united – each for a decade, and will last for her whole 30’s. How lovely would it be to look back at this necklace when she is much older and carry the sweetest memories with it?

30’s Pandora style bracelet

Girls love jewelry at any age, and this little piece would be very appropriate for her 30th birthday. It is also a Pandora style, which means you can gift her charms to add each coming year. If she’s a friend, she will treasure this bracelet and you can gift her a new charm every year on her Birthday. Wouldn’t that be a lovely way of celebrating each year, with a new charm?

30 beads bracelet

Amongst all 30th birthday gift ideas, this might be the most special for her. Each little bead represents a year of wisdom and confidence that a woman achieves when reaching this age. You can add a personal message to this beads bracelet, but the one she needs to remember the most is – a woman never gets older, she only becomes wiser and stronger as the years go by! Beautiful and delicate, just like any woman reaching this age!

Crystal tiara

It is a big celebration, turning 30. So here’s a gift that every woman would appreciate, especially for her big party! She’s definitely turning into a queen, so why not help her stand out on her special day? Whether if she’s a party queen or the queen of herself, this tiara will not only look great on photos from the big day but also serve as a great keepsake. Who knows – one day she might pass it down to her daughter.

Make-up wallet

This personalized make-up wallet is a fun little gift, with a personalized message. And with every next birthday, you could add another beauty bit to add to the bag. Remind her that beauty has nothing to do with age, but rather how well you treat yourself from inside out. She will appreciate the thought behind it!

30th Birthday journal

This might be the best of all birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. She can write her thoughts, reflections, and ideas when reaching 30 and moving on. A woman only becomes wiser with years, so why not put it into words? It would be fun to keep this journal and then look back at it, realizing how much changes every year. A very special and thoughtful gift for a sentimental girl!

Luxurious flask

All right… if there is the perfect gift for a woman turning 30, then this definitely is it! A luxurious, ring-shaped flask with rhinestones covered cap. Pour her favorite drink in this, present it to her together with a bottle of her favorite and voila! If she has a stressful job and a glass of wine every evening is a must – this will definitely make the experience that much more special.

30th Birthday Gifts For Him

If you think gifting a woman is difficult, picking the perfect one for a man in your life, especially turning 30 is a big deal. And by this age, most of them already have everything they ever wanted!

But don’t worry, because there always is a room for a small, meaningful gift, which will stay in his memory or add to his favorite things.

We have combined a few really special and funny gifts, which could easily be enjoyed by any man turning a certain age.

Funny T-shirt

Turning 30 for a guy might be one of the biggest days. It kind of means, he would have reached some important points in his life, which he set goals for. So this t-shirt could be a little, funny addition to his off-time wardrobe. Especially good for guys, who aren’t shy of making fun of themselves.

Aged beer

He probably loves beer in his 30’s just as much as he did in his 20’s. So this one is a no-brainer. 6 pack beer handle, with personalized labels on each bottle. Best birthday surprise for him, plus and an invitation to the next beer-gathering guaranteed!

Engraved Flask

If you don’t have much time to spend on this gift or ideas  – then this would be a perfect choice. This flask is engraved with ‘’Happy 30 Birthday’’ and will make any man happy. It looks really thoughtful and luxurious, which could be the theme you’re going for celebrating an important age like this!

Personalized journal

This ‘’May the 30th be with you’’ paperback journal could serve him as a great reminder to be more organized and plan ahead. Simple, yet could be a life-changing gift for any man, especially those who plan to achieve important things as they age.

Engraved watch

Men are usually not big on accessories. However, this engraved watch could become something that’s passed down generations. One of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for sure and it will surely help him keep track of important meetings. Like the one at his birthday party!

Drinking board game

Getting older possibly means, that he is also not that interested in clubbing anymore. However, that doesn’t mean that a night in with his buddies isn’t a thing too. Those nights could be a lot more fun with this game!

Personalized pocket knife

Here’s one of those universal birthday presents for him. No matter how old the man is this will come in handy one day. And it can have his initials engraved on it! A pocket knife was never wasted and at an important age like this, it should also have a special yet personal touch to it

30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

You and your bestie might go way back, but maybe you only got to know each other recently. Whatever it might be – you definitely want to find the most special gift for your friend!

Be it funny or special, here is a list of things that will definitely make your friend happy. These are definitely memorable gifts with a thought that might resonate with the friendship that you both share.

30 and magical unicorn journal

If this is your bestie – you want to make sure the gift is special or relates somehow to your friend. Of all best friend gifts – this could be the cutest and most fun. Make sure your friend knows, that to you – he or she is magical as a unicorn!

‘30 things to do when you turn 30’’ book

Here is another great best friend birthday gift. Only instead of filling out a journal, your bestie might like to read. Especially things, that one could do or achieve after turning 30. How cool would it be to discuss these things later, when you join the 30’s club?

‘’I can’t keep calm, I’m turning 30’’ notebook

If you’ve got the most perfect birthday gift or surprise for your friend already, but can’t find the card to match – here’s a great option. It might be small, but it will serve perfectly for the purpose and your friend can make notes going through the year! Sometimes the smallest gifts have the biggest meaning!

30th Birthday wine stack

If your bestie is a she, these 4 wine bottles might be the best gift ever. With personalized labels for the occasion, from all 30 birthday gifts, for her this is the best one! She can even keep a bottle for a lot later and age the wine herself! How great would it be to have a bottle from when she turned 30? Small gift, great thought behind it.

Personalized party balloons

If you’re organizing a surprise blast for your best friend, these balloons will just make it that more special. Decorations are important for big celebrations like these and balloons are a lot of fun, especially when personalized for the occasion! 30th never looked so fabulous!

Personalized mug

Some people might feel insecure about getting older. Therefore this mug is something that will light up anyone’s mood instantly! Great as one of the 30th birthday gift ideas. And the coffee or tea drinking will be even more enjoyable!

Vintage candy

If you have been best friends for a while, he or she will definitely appreciate this sweets basket from back in the day. Not only do you go way back, you also get the sense of the olden days by munching this candy on his or her 30th.

Personalized wine glass

This wine glass is perfect for the birthday shots, cocktails or just any other special gift. And it will definitely be a great keepsake and spark of memories. Imagine having a drink out of this glass on their 60th birthday! How great would the memories from their 30th be?

T-Shirt for 30th


Your friend won’t ever gift this shirt for herself. Why not create something memorable for the special day and throw it into the gift pile? For your best friend, little thoughtful gifts like these are the most appreciated!

Unique 30th Birthday Gifts

Be it a friend or a family member, there are some people who deserve and appreciate more unique gifts. They don’t have to be pricey, but they need to have some thought behind them.

If that’s the case – here is a list of unique 30th birthday gift ideas!

Grafomap map

If this isn’t the most special gift for someones 30th, we don’t know what is. This definitely is the most unique 30th birthday gift! You can choose the birthplace of your friend, or a place of great memories and make this even more unique!

15k golden bracelet

Gift this to your friend on their 30th for good luck and nice little accessory. If a gift has a special meaning, it is certainly unique to the receiver! Blowing out candles could be the traditional way, but this lucky charm could be just that little bit better for the 30th birthday.

30th birthday guest book

It’s great to keep memories from big events and guestbooks are definitely a great way to do that. But organizing a big party like the 30th can be a handful. So this would be a great and unique way of helping your friend save memories.

Warming massager

For somebody who turns 30, this could be the best thing ever. Becoming older means you need to take better care of yourself and this is a nice and unique way of doing that for your friend or family member!

Amazon gift card

Sometimes the best gift to give is an opportunity to choose their own gift! This could easily be one of the most unique 30th birthday presents. Obviously, your friend will choose it for themselves, but sometimes that’s just what you want to do on your 30th birthday.

Big wheel scooter

If you really want to go out and gift something unique for a unique birthday, then this scooter definitely takes the prize! 30 years might seem like a serious age, but the way to keep young is to incorporate fun things into daily life.

Funny 30th Birthday Gifts

Some friends love to celebrate their birthdays. Other friends – not so much. If your friend isn’t in the mood to get into the celebrations for their big 30, you can definitely help lighten things up with these gifts!

Shot glass and breathalyzer

From all of the funny birthday gifts, this one takes the shot. Pun intended. And how cool is it to get a breathalyzer to control the shots too! 30 years of age mean a lot more responsibility, so these two things together are great for that reason.

Dirty thirty satin ribbon

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Help your friend stand out on their special day! This satin ribbon will look great on any woman, but to make a bit of a fun of your man-friend, this could work perfectly too. The pictures with your friend dressed in this ribbon will be a great way of immediately knowing the occasion behind them.

Personalized mug

If your friend was born exactly 30 years ago, this mug will not only make sense. Because it says ‘’aged to perfection’’, it will also make his or her day, when sipping coffee!

Trump voice birthday card

If this little card with Trump’s voice recordings isn’t going to crack up your friend, then nothing really will! This definitely is an unexpected, yet hilarious little gift. For anyone who doesn’t take things too seriously, it could be the gift he or she will be showing to everyone around them!

Best friend coloring book

This book combines funny quotes and pages to color. It could be just the thing your friend needs. It could possibly be the most perfect gift for a 30th birthday! This could be a really fun activity for you and your friend over a glass of wine or a glass of anything else.

Engraved picture frame

Engrave a funny text or whatever you wish, print out the funniest picture of your friend and gift it for their 30th! This will definitely be very special for your friend, but also make for a great decoration at their home.

‘’Im 30 bitches’’ wine cup

This cup is not only funny, but it is also definitely practical. The steel will keep the wine cool or at room temperature and the shape is great for every day (or every other day) use. Get your friend in the mood for their birthday with this cup! Definitely a great and really funny birthday gift.

Toilet seat sensor light

All jokes aside. Age should always come with comfort. And there isn’t anyone on this planet who wouldn’t appreciate easy access to a toilet at nighttime. How many times you’ve woken up just to go do your business, but the bright light you have to turn on wakes you up? With this light – your friend won’t have to suffer again! And turning 30 definitely needs more beauty sleep.