We often wonder –  how much further can your imagination go after our map poster editor? What unique stories will you bring back to life? If you haven’t presented your answers yet, these 4 map gift ideas will work as excellent examples.

Dream Catcher

dream catcher

Thanks to @ecspinelli

Some believe that dream catchers are magical, while others say it’s simply a placebo effect that soon fades away. One thing’s for sure – good memories kill bad dreams. One way of bringing those bright memories back before saying night-night is shown in the picture above, taken by Emelina Spinelli.


Map Poster Is The Most Sincere Wedding Gift

map gift

Thanks to @goldcottonprint

Wedding certainly is one most important events in one’s lifetime. Imagine, how happy was the young couple, who received a map gift with the location of the proposal and all visitor signatures at one place.


The Map Marker

map gift

Thanks to @dino.galvagno

Geocaching, marathon planning, food tourism or even connecting dots as a private detective. There are so many various local activities, where map marking plays a huge role. In such case, a simplistic view is the right solution to see the bigger picture, without being disturbed by details.


Representing Your Local Pride With A Map Gift

Custom Map Poster As a Reminder

Thanks to @jusincblomgren

No matter where we are from we are always proud of our roots. Home is the best place on Earth and so it deserves some cool map decoration ideas. Remind yourself of that special place with a beautiful map poster of your home town or neighborhood. Hang it on the wall and enjoy it for years to come!


These 4 authors have proven that a map poster can be used also as a multi-purpose decor. If you too have a unique decor idea you want to share with more than 15,739 people around the world on our Instagram channel, feel free to submit your photo on our homepage.