Birthdays – for some of us the most exciting time of the year, for some others, not the day you look forward to the most. Whatever it may be, the 40th birthday is a big day, since it’s another full decade on this planet and needs to be celebrated by the people who love you the most.

If you are the one, who needs to find a gift for a loved one, but have run out of 40th birthday gift ideas, then look no further, because we have you covered! Everything from silly little trinkets, to more sophisticated and important gifts – we have found some really cool ideas.

40th Birthday Gift ideas for her

Some people think, that it is a lot easier to gift a woman because women seem to appreciate things a lot more than men. We don’t know about that, but what we do know, is that here we have a compilation of gifts, which will definitely make your mom, sister or friend smile and remember how truly loved she is.

40th Birthday Decorations

If you are the kind of person, who prefers gifting an experience, rather than a thing, then this is just for you! Buying these gorgeous 40th birthday decorations definitely mean that a surprise birthday party is on the way.

You can get more people involved, prepare great snacks and take care of the guest list, but these sparkly, themed decorations will bring the party to the next level. Just imagine her face seeing the room covered in themed balloons and decorations and all of her favorite people!

This is definitely one of those 40th birthday gift ideas, which will remain in her memory forever.

Personalized wine glass and a shot glass

The older we get, the more we appreciate a good glass of wine or spirit of choice at the end of a hard working day… Gift her these personalized glasses and leave her a choice of a shot or wine that day. Or both!

40th birthday definitely comes with the wisdom of not stressing about the smaller things, but rather treating yourself in your own unique way. Why not cheers to her 40th from special glasses? We think that any lady would enjoy a drink (or two) on her day, so this is one of the easiest 40th birthday gift ideas.

You can add a bottle of her favorite and this gift will definitely make it to the top of her list!

 What you don’t know about turning 40 quiz

What do we actually know about turning older? It might be that we are changing physically or attaining certain wisdom along the years… But in case you believe your friend needs a good giggle about turning 40, then this really fun quiz will be the best gift for her!

This quiz has 101 questions, complete with hilarious answers and will definitely kick up any birthday party. If humor is something highly appreciated in your company, then this is definitely one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for your friend!

EFYTAL personalized necklace

Now, if you want a gift that will be a lot more special and is willing to also spend a little bit more on it, then this EFYTAL necklace is the most perfect of all 40th birthday gift ideas.

It is a beautiful 925 sterling silver bar completed with 4 tiny crystals, that each represents a decade of her life. Everybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so even if she isn’t a typical diamond queen or into jewelry that much, she will definitely appreciate this little sparkle of the gift, because of the meaning behind it.

Wine bottle stickers

If a woman isn’t into jewelry that much, there’s one thing that almost every female appreciates more than anything else – a good bottle of wine.

Be it white, dry, rose or sparkling – wine is something that can lift your spirits as nothing else can. Get these wine bottle stickers and make it that much more special for her to either keep a bottle for a very special occasion or as one of the coolest 40th birthday gift ideas.

Either way – you can make sure that your friend is stacked for times of trouble or simply relaxed evening and remember her 40th Birthday with a smile on her face.

‘’Hello Forty’’notebook

Time passes by faster the older you get and often times it is difficult to always recall the best moments of that decade. Gift her this ‘’Hello Forty’’ notebook and make sure that she notes down the most important happenings, ideas and memories of her time in the Forties.

It is great to journal and then looks back at what you have gone through, the way you have evolved and just see in retrospect how the years change you and teach you. This might seem like one of those very small 40th birthday gift ideas, but it might have the biggest impact.

Happy birthday bangles

Something very simple, small and yet will bring joy to every birthday girl!

This bangles bracelet has just about everything that represents a great birthday – wine glass, a birthday cake and two engraved bangles with a very special message. If your birthday girl isn’t into expensive high-class jewelry, yet loves to wear accessories, then this bracelet will be very special to her!

Not all 40th birthday gift ideas mean spending your whole pension fund. Sometimes the simplest and smallest gifts make for the best and most appreciated ones.

40th goody bag

So this imprinted 40th birthday goodie bag can be the best of all 40th birthday gift ideas ever, depending on what you place inside.

It can even be one or several of the gift ideas we describe here, but if you are sick of the regular wrapping paper or generic gift bags, then this bag will serve as the perfect addition to your gift!

40&Fabulous keychain

Maybe her husband is gifting her a new car on this very special day. And maybe all she’s missing will be a fitting key-chain. Gift her this 40&fabulous keychain as an addition to a bigger gift or simply as something to have as a memory from this special day.

Either way, 40th birthday gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without a small yet meaningful trinket like this keychain. And who knows – maybe this will be the motivation she needs to work towards that key of a new apartment or house that she wanted. All of the girl-boss vibes right there!

Luxury SPA gift set


We don’t know any woman, who wouldn’t like or wouldn’t need to treat herself at times. And unfortunately, not all of the women in our lives have the time to book a SPA appointment. Turning 40 should definitely mean, that there are no more excuses for not treating yourself with only the best, even if it is at the comfort of your own home.

This luxury SPA set includes all that you need for a relaxing time at home – a comfy bathrobe, a shimmering bath soak for the extra care, mildly scented candle and a beautiful tote bag for those special SPA days. And the best part? None of the products are made from harmful or chemical ingredients, good for the skin, body and soul AND the environment!

40th birthday gift ideas wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a self-care package like this included.

Neck massager

Becoming older means that comfort and relaxation will become top priority above everything else. And there might not always be someone there, to help you relax and give a great massage.

Thankfully, nowadays not having a boyfriend is not a problem anymore, because the really important jobs like giving massages can now be replaced by electric machines. And this neck massager will certainly become one of her most favorite 40th birthday gifts.

Taking care of each other often means thinking beyond the unnecessary and gifting things like this massager, because what can be better after a busy day at work?

Moonlight lamp

In the theme of self-care – another really important thing as you get older is appreciating the things, which improve daily quality of life. It could be little things or bigger things, but its those little elements of life that create the environment you truly want to be in.

For example, the moon is said to have specific ability to relax you, when looking at it, therefore this lamp serves as another soothing accessory you can have at the house on those cozy evenings in. The really cool thing about this lamp is that it not only looks like a super cool interior accessory, but it also changes its color by just the touch of a hand.

This is one of those 40th birthday gift ideas that nobody would have thought of, yet that brings such joy and later you couldn’t imagine living without it.

Aromatherapy candles

We don’t know a woman that doesn’t love scented candles. Make what you want of it, but sometimes these really simple gifts on big birthdays like the 40th will bring the most joy and appreciation.

If she’s a candle lover, then these super cool aromatherapy candles will quickly become her favorites and an absolute must in every space of her home. Aromatherapy also means, that this is one of the 40th birthday gift ideas which goes with the self-care theme we have going on here.

A very small, but truly meaningful gift for a very special woman in your life.

Crystal pens

She might just be reaching her career heights at the age of 40 and every boss-lady needs a proper pen to sign her promotion papers.

On a serious note – these pens will make a woman very happy; they have special Swarowski crystals embedded in a transparent body and different colored tops. A gorgeous little gift, for a gorgeous birthday girl!

Beautiful things never stop making a woman happy and therefore this could be one of the 40th birthday gift ideas that she wouldn’t have expected, but will definitely appreciate.

Amazon gift card

If you have completely run out of ideas of what to gift, there are always gift cards as an option for gift cards.

In particular – who wouldn’t love an Amazon gift card? There’s a choice of millions of things that she can choose for herself and on a special day like her 40th birthday, she might just know exactly what she wants and get it for herself.

Sometimes the best of all 40th birthday gift ideas is the freedom of choice and any independent woman would appreciate a gift like this.

40th birthday gift ideas for him

40th Birthday might be a very important celebration for anyone, but especially for a man in your life. If 20s as a man is time for self-exploration, 30s is for growth, then at your 40s a certain maturity has already been achieved.

Gifting a 40 year old man can be a challenge for sure, especially because a man at this age most likely has achieved several things that he set out to have.

So the best 40th birthday gift ideas will definitely be things, which will make him smile or laugh and don’t necessarily need to be seriously overthought gifts, that will break your bank. Take it easy and check out the list we have prepared – you will definitely find something that fits.

Grafomap map

40th birthday gift ideas

A piece of art will most certainly be appreciated by almost anyone turning 40. But especially if he has a specific style and you always admire the aesthetics of his home.

Grafomap allows you to completely tailor a map by choosing the location, the colors, and patterns of the map, size and even frame and ships it right to your doorstep.

The best part is that it can be wrapped as a gift straight away, so you don’t have to think about anything yourself.

A complete winner and one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas in our books for sure!

A massage chair

If a woman turning 40 would absolutely appreciate a simple gadget like a back massager then a complete massage chair would be the winner for any man in your life.

Why not go all out for a man in your life that is turning 40 and could use some relaxation time? It will be especially great for those men that never complain, always seem to work themselves to exhaustion but never really admit that they feel tired or stressed.

40th birthday gift ideas wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t something really special and unexpected like this massage chair. He will never admit to it, but this will be his favorite gift of all times, guaranteed!

Personalized whiskey glass

40th birthday gift ideas

Men love whiskey. That’s just how it was set to be. Turning 40 he most certainly appreciates that glass of brown, aromatic liquid even more.

Why not make his Afterhours rituals even more special by surprising him with this tailored whiskey glass? Bring a bottle of his favorite poison too and you can both cheers to his health on a special day. He can then keep this glass as a special memory from this birthday.

This is one of the smaller 40th birthday gift ideas, but certainly, one that he will cherish forever.

40th Birthday game

He might be turning a serious age. But you know what they say – you look as old as you feel within. So why not make a serious birthday party a little more fun?

This 40th birthday game is specifically made as one of 40th birthday gift ideas and could potentially turn the evening into something you will remember for a long time after. This includes various different questions, that will not only make you think a bit, but you might learn a few things you didn’t know before.

The birthday boy will absolutely enjoy his day by playing this fun little game with his favorite people!

Beer pack

If he is a beer lover and simply loves those evenings with good company, football match, and a six-pack on his table, then this will be a perfect gift on his 40th.

So it might not exactly be a 40-year-old beer, however, with the special labels, tailored for the 40th birthday, this makes it one of the 40th birthday gift ideas that he will definitely appreciate the most. Why not cheers to his 40 years?

Birthday decorations

Why not go all out and make a surprise party for him? You can liaise with other friends and family and throw a blast of the century! Or at least, a blast of the decade, which would be very fitting.

These decorations will definitely help to set the mood and turn up the party as you’ve never seen before. It is also a great idea for those men, whom you know will definitely appreciate an event like this way more than just a gift.

Often times the memories you have with loved ones are way more important than gifted things, so this is one of the 40th birthday gift ideas that will stay with him forever.

Tailored flask bottle

He might not be a big drinker. But getting older more important become things like presenting ourselves. So even if the drink of choice is Red Bull or simply water, it would be cool to have a special flask bottle to have his drink with him at all times.

It can also just be a little accessory to keep on his desk and remind him of the great, big celebration and all the people that have thought to bring him something useful but also special. 40th birthday presents don’t always need to be expensive or lavish, so this flask might be a great choice!

Big 40 guest book

If there is a big party for the big 40, then this book might be the perfect gift for him! As said before – sometimes the things you cherish the most are the ones that come with memories and personalized notes from people you care about.

Place this book on the table and let every guest write down his or her favorite memory about the birthday boy, then gift this book to him. Super fun and easy way of making the 40th birthday more special than any other birthday.

Pen for self defense

All right, this pen right here might just be the coolest gift ever and especially for the big 40! If he’s a James Bond fan or even if he’s just someone who is always prepared and knows how to fix things immediately, then this MacGyver style tool is something he’ll absolutely love.

40th birthday presents for a man might not be an easy area to cover, but this pen covers just about everything and more.

Engraved wooden watch

This watch is something a bit more special and for those who are willing to spend more on the 40th birthday gift ideas.

This watch is truly a masterpiece – a beautiful ebony wood and sapphire detailing, it can be engraved with whatever text you choose to add. This could be a really great 40th birthday present for a husband, father, son or brother and will absolutely be one of his all-time favorite gifts.

This watch can also be resized super easy to make sure it fits perfectly for the person you’re gifting it to.  We think that for a big birthday like the 40th, something special like this would absolutely fit and having the engraved part on the backside will just remind him everyday of how loved he is.

Engraved pocket watch

If he is not really an accessory kind of guy, then this pocket watch could be a lot more fitting than a wristwatch. The really special thing about this pocket watch is that there’s a lot of space for your text to be engraved and you can add a really special message.

This watch also comes with a special box, so you won’t have to worry about wrapping it up as a gift. 40th birthday gift ideas wouldn’t be sufficient without a gem like this watch, therefore we think that this could be a great gift for those old souls, who really value people around them.