They say that men age like a fine wine – the older they get, the better and wiser they become. You can truly say that 40 is more serious than 30, but not quite as robust as 50. However, we can only agree with the saying! 

That being said – it can get very difficult to gift somebody for a special day like this, more so for the men in your life.

Men tend to provide for themselves and would not expect anything but your attendance to his feast. However – be it a small gesture or an overthought and special gift – we believe that 40th birthday gifts for him is a necessity and nevertheless – something you should definitely bring with to his celebration. 

Here are a few ideas of special, funny and simple gifts, that will make him smile and appreciate his age more than ever before! 

Aged to perfection T-shirt

40th Birthday Gifts For Him

Once you are forty years old, you simply give less “sh*ts” about what others think. And what better way to extenuate this confidence that by giving a gift with a firm (and funny) statement? This T-shirt is perfect for dads, husbands, boyfriends, and friends. And if you want to make things even more special consider giving a handwritten card as well, containing the words aged to perfection somewhere within the text.

Stainless steel “Man Mug”

40th Birthday Gifts For Him

They say that 40 is the age a boy finally becomes a man. Who said that? Well, not me, but experience tells me that they ain’t wrong. Celebrate your man’s 40th by giving him a “man mug”. It’s heavy feel and stainless steel design are guaranteed to make him fall in love with it.

Hamilton beach breakfast Sandwich maker

gifts for dad

Then, of course, we also have a family man. The man that enjoys a Saturday morning at home, in his pajamas reading his newspaper (ok, ok, the tablet). If you are thinking for 40th birthday gifts for him, then a sandwich maker may be just what he needs to fulfill his perfect morning.

Toiletry bag for men

toiletry bag for men

An all-time classic for men of all ages. Find a toiletry bag of your preference (fabric style, color, size) and fill it with all kinds of goodies that your dad, boyfriend or husband will love. You get extra points for sneaking a cologne in there as well. Because who doesn’t like to look good all together in his 40th? 

Elegant watch box

40th Birthday Gifts For Him

If your man likes to wear a watch, or has a collection of them, more specifically five, you might wanna start thinking of a gift that will help him keep them all in one place. At 40 years old, a man likes to be organized and have a place for everything. Why not gift him an elegant watch box to keep his watches safe and sound?

The Baseball board game

board game

For those who grew up in the ’80s, board games were serious business. Birthday boy probably remembers those cozy family nights where everyone was gathered around the table, playing The Baseball board game. If this is the case, this is a great gift you can give. Otherwise, think of games like Monopoly, Uno or others.

Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen

40th Birthday Gifts For Him

Creative writing tends to develop later in life. When the 40th birthday comes around, many people tend to wanna write more. Whether it is a simple recipe, a note you should remember or the next big novel, gifting a high-quality pen can be a great (and memorable gift). Therefore, find a pen that will make writing an experience, every single time.

Whiskey stones gift set

whiskey stones

A true, mature man, likes to drink his whiskey cold. But why change the flavor of a good whiskey with a bunch of ice cubes? Celebrate by gifting a set of whiskey stones. This makes one of the best 40th birthday gifts for him, especially if given by a good friend or a family member.

Old-school shaving kit

shaving kit

Everything we do, we do it with full awareness. At age 40, a man pays more attention to everything he does in his daily life. Small tasks like washing, shaving, relaxing after a long working day; all these become rituals. And when it comes to shaving, there is no better gift to offer than a classic, old school shaving kit. The birthday boy will love it!


unique anniversary gift ideas

A Grafomap posted is definitely one of the most awesome 40th birthday gift ideas. Surprise your dad, friend, husband or boyfriend by giving him a framed Grafomap poster that showcases a location that means a lot to him. It could be the place he studies, the place he met his wife, a good memory between friends or the neighborhood he grew up in. Whatever the case, it makes a great addition on a blank wall!

RockDove Men’s original memory foam slippers

Comfort takes up another level of importance once you reach 40. And just like you care for the comfort of your shoes, so you should care for your slippers. RockDove’s revolutionary slippers did just that. With memory foam technology, you will feel as if you are walking in clouds. And now, imagine giving these as a gift!

Ledger Nano X – Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

crypto wallet

Cryptocurrencies have seen a huge increase in popularity in the past few years. Literally, everyone is researching how to buy them and store them safely. If your dad, friend or husband is one of those people, and he happens to be turning 40 years old, giving him a hardware wallet may be just the gift he needs. The Ledger Nano X is one of the most sophisticated and safest hardware wallets currently available and comes at a relatively cheap price.

Hunt Brothers coffee grinder

coffee grinder

As we mentioned above, habits and rituals become more important when a man enters his 4th decade. And since coffee is a daily habit for most, why not make the most out of it? Gift the Hunt Brothers coffee grinder and add more value to these small, but so important, rituals. The grinder works with nothing but the power of your own hands and does not have any batteries or electricity to aid its function.

Watermelon taping kit

watermelon taping kit

You may be 40, but that doesn’t mean that you are too old to party. Especially in those hot, July days. For the next big Tiki-party, you can ensure that a watermelon cocktail will be available. How? By buying a watermelon taping kit. But wait… you need to do it in style. Go to the supermarket and buy the biggest watermelon out there to set it up properly. That includes a bit of extra budget for the alcohol but who cares; you only celebrate your 40th once!

Bartender kit

bartender kit

Since we got started with the parties, this one is certainly a great option. A man in his 40s may have his own small bar at home and that means hanging out with the lads more often than not! So, in this case, you could consider gifting a bartender kit with everything a bar needs. This 10 Pcs Cocktail Making Set includes a rustproof cocktail shaker, a double-sided Jigger, a Mojito muddler, a mixing spoon, a strainer, 3x Liquor Pourers, Ice tongs, a Bamboo wood stand and a lot more!

Lunch bag/meal prep bag for men

meal bag for men

If the special man in your life is a regular in the gym, he may also find meal prep an important part of his life. And very often, all this Tupperware may be uncomfortably stored in a regular bag, in the car or even in the office. This doesn’t have to be the case. Gift an elegant lunch bag where birthday boy can store his meals and keep them cold, all while maintaining a sense of style!

Minimalist carbon fiber wallet


The style for the mature man is often reflected in sharp and minimalistic accessories. And because got kinda bored of the old leather looking wallet, we thought about this great gift idea. A minimalistic wallet with carbon fiber elements that makes up for an awesome birthday gift. This wallet uses an elastic band to expand in order to hold up to 12 IDs and credit cards. The typical leather bi-fold gets packed with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase than a wallet. 

Burrito blanket

burito blanket

Looking for a silly gift that will cause many laughs? Then with this one you are good. The burrito blanket is a great gift for pretty much everyone but more for burrito lovers. You can even use it to wrap another gift in it, such as a Mexican food set, to make this gift even more memorable. All in all, this gift can serve as a humorous remark that food is always the answer!

“Straight outa my thirties” T-shirt

funny tshirt

Talking about funny gifts, a printed T-shirt can be a great idea for a friend, a dad or a silly boyfriend that all need a reminder to smile with the little things in life. This T-shirt comes in many different sizes and has a large print that relates to the fact that birthday boy is now officially in his forties.

40th Birthday newspaper

Sometimes the coolest of all things you can gift is a reflection of all the great things that he has done that year. Often times we run so fast through time, that we forget the great memories and emotions we have made thus far. 

With this tailor-made newspaper poster, you can add a different variation of pictures and stories from that year or even from the day of birth and create his own magazine spread. Who doesn’t like the 5 minutes of fame? 40th Birthday definitely is a fitting occasion for a gift like this and this poster is one of those 40th birthday gifts for him that not everyone will think of!

Compact whiskey dispenser

They say that real men like good alcohol and smart women. Well if it just so happens, that he already has a beautiful woman by his side, then maybe all that’s missing is this super cool gadget, made for whiskey lovers! 

Having several bottles on the table doesn’t always look neat and aren’t always handy for serving – this whiskey/gin dispenser totally solves all of the aforementioned problems and adds a touch of style to the interior! 

Who doesn’t love multiverse items? We think that if he appreciates good brown juice than this could totally make his birthday celebration a lot more exciting. If you want to kill two birds with one stone with 40th birthday gifts for him, then this dispenser will definitely do that!

Engraved wooden watch

He might be the best dad, husband, boyfriend or brother. Or maybe he is a really really good friend. But he might be one of those guys who is never ever on time… God knows being blunt is not always the best way of achieving a good result or any result at all. 

Some people require a really cool gift that would lead them in the direction of evolving and becoming better at something. 

This watch is not only super stylish and will fit almost every taste, but it can also be engraved with whatever information you want and it will definitely serve as a great gift for anyone turning 40 years young! Sometimes the coolest 40th birthday gifts for him will be the ones that you have thought through and given a special meaning to. 

40th Birthday Socks

Sometimes the best gifts are not the most expensive or overthought ones. Sometimes the nicest 40th birthday gifts for him are the ones coming from the heart and being super simple and practical. 

Like these socks – especially if you are still a student and want to gift something funny yet sweet for your dad, then these socks will definitely make his day brighter and smile wider. And his feet will never be cold!

Personalized 1oz Hip Flask

The whiskey dispenser is a great idea if he would appreciate a home decor and simply loves to pour some for his friends (or himself) on a daily. But what about this personalized flask, which can totally serve him on the go?

This really cool gadget might come in handy after stressful business meetings, on a cinema date or simply as a Friday night practicality. 40th birthday gifts for him don’t always have to be serious or break your bank, they can also be playful and cool. Plus with a gift like this, you can always add other items, such as the liquid actually going into the flask or additional snacks, etc. 

Leather Diary “Seas the day”

If he is hitting his 40th, there might be a lot of things you thought of gifting him, but somehow felt too personal or childish. Especially if you have the feeling he could use some reflecting and changing the course of his life or jumping into more adventures than he currently does – this little book could potentially spark that joy!

This is definitely one of those 40th gift ideas for him, that could open up a new chapter in his life and help him write down the most creative and craziest ideas that he has had. Who knows – maybe his next birthday he will celebrate in the African safari or on Mount Everest! 

Funny keychain “1 year older and you are still fit as f*ck”

If this is your buddy from high school, chances are you have been buddies not only at school but through all the important and not so important things in life. And sometimes the best gifts are the ones that only you and him will understand and the ones that will make his day better in one way or another. 

Was he always the one obsessed with fitness? Impressing girls? This keychain will definitely crack him up and serve as a great reminder to never stop pushing, no matter his age! This is one of those silly 40th gift ideas for him, but something only you could gift him. That already makes it more special.

40th birthday travel mug

Here’s another one for that badass man, who is evolving into the best version of himself, no matter the life situation. He could be the boss of a large company or a stay at home dad, taking care of his kiddos. This is one of those 40th birthday gifts for him that states clearly the vision of managing like fine wine. 

No matter the scenario, becoming older is not a fearful thing, it is rather something one should completely embrace and be proud of! Anyone who says otherwise, well, you get a clear message on the travel mug. 

Marvel comic book cover on canvas

Every man at heart is always just a kid. This comic painting is some serious tribute to those times when all we wanted was play with superhero figurines, watch comics and dream of spiderman flying past your window. 

This painting is also one of the coolest and more thoughtful 40th gift ideas for him, if he is a crazy kid at heart, turning serious age. Why not gift him something that will make him reminisce sometimes? Refresh his interior (even if his girlfriend or wife disagrees). This is something just for him and that’s the best gift that a true Marvel fan could receive!  

Dad, I love your t-shirt

If your dad is turning 40, this could just be the best gift ever. He doesn’t ever expect to receive anything from you, other than your unconditional love. But a dad is a very special person in one’s life, because, well, you only get one. And why not show him just how special he is to you, by gifting this really cool T-shirt? 

No cards are necessary when it says it all right on the front of the shirt. Make your dad happy, by giving him this tailor-made T-shirt and going with one of the most practical yet sweet 40th birthday gifts for him! 

Funny Bingo game

Tease him a little bit. If you have a more serious gift that you have decided to gift from you and the rest of your friends, then this party bingo could be a great starter to the main dish. But in all honesty – why not confuse him a little? Wouldn’t it be funny to see his reaction by receiving something so outrageous? And then imagine playing this game and warming up for the party!

Let all the LOLs out before gifting him the really important things and serve some laughter all through his birthday party. Who knows, maybe this party bingo will become a total hit and everybody will ask you where you’ve got the idea! 

Totally necessary as a 40th birthday gift for him, if you ask us! 

Party balloons

Speaking of parties and having fun – why not be the friend who thinks about it all? Or maybe you are the main organizer of his birthday party? These balloons say it all – be it a party for his friends or family, everybody will agree, that the age can just go and off itself. 

Because the true value comes with maturing and god knows, that men only get wiser and better with age. Que the best ideas for 40th birthday gifts for him and party props definitely counts as one of those!

Funny coffee mug

Forty is definitely the ultimate ”F” word. Because what else would be? This coffee mug has more than just the obvious meaning. It could be used as a pen holder or just a really cool interior piece, to serve as a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder of the things we all think, but not always say out loud. 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30 and… wait, we actually want to rephrase that – 40 is the new 20! 

Gift him this mug and remind him, that the best is yet to come and his coffee will taste a lot better just realizing that!

1979 penny cufflinks

This one has a more meaningful thought behind. If he really celebrates his 40th birthday this year, then these cufflinks will be a truly special gift. The best part of this gift is not only the idea and the memories that come with it, but that the cufflinks are made from real pennies, engraved with the year most relevant to him. 

Stand out and gift him the best accessory he has had with these cufflinks! And the best part is that he can always wear them since the date is relevant to him. The design is also neutral enough to be used in different situations and will look great with any outfit! This is really one of the most special and meaningful 40th gift ideas for him.