The day of one’s marriage is one of the most significant moments in their lifetime. Many memories, smiles and good times tend to be followed by an unspoken reminder of how important love truly is.

Most of us celebrate our wedding day each year, with a little celebration or by surprising our partner with a small present.

The purpose of this article is to give you the best wedding anniversary gift ideas if you happen to be invited to such a celebration.

More specifically, we will present our cherry-picked anniversary gift ideas for couples that have been married for a whopping 40 years!

Ready to get started? Let’s dig in.

Our Top 15 wedding anniversary gift ideas

We have compiled a list with our best anniversary gifts for couples, which you can give whether you happen to be the one celebrating, or a friend that is invited to the occasion.

1. Grafomap – Custom map

Custom Map Poster With Any City

Our top pick and one that is guaranteed to be appreciated is a custom-made, optionally framable, Grafomap. This high-end poster allows you to select any location on the map, and present it in a unique way. Where did the couple meet? Where did they grow up? Think about a location that could be the most meaningful to the ones receiving the gift. This is a definite winner!

2. Explosion Gift Box Photo Album

Explosion Gift Box Photo Album DIY Scrapbook - 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift

If you are looking for a truly unique gift that perfectly fits anniversaries, consider this explosive gift box photo album. This box has a total of five layers, filled with hidden layers that you can use to fill with fun photos and cards. After all the layers have been opened, the last layer is a gift box that you can fill with present of your choice. This gift guarantees multiple surprises, fun and an ever-lasting memory.

3. Humorous coffee mugs

the Boss and the Real Boss Mugs

This pair of mugs is probably one of the funniest wedding anniversary gift ideas you could give. The package comes with two identical mugs that present a different print, one claiming to be for the boss (the man) and one for the real boss (the woman – obviously!). This is also a great present if you and your partner are exchanging gifts for the occasion. 

4. Sculpture – Hands entwined

HANDS ENTWINED Bronzed Sculpture

Are you looking for a gift that represents the power of love and compassion? Then this option could be the best one to offer as a present to a couple’s 40th wedding anniversary. This beautiful piece of art is made from Cold Cast Bronze Resin and is relatively small in size, coming at 16.5 centimeters in height. While this is a relatively cheap gift, it does look and feel like a luxury decoration piece and will definitely be loved by the ones who receive it.

Looking for an awesome, budget-friendly present? This hanging wooden plate is especially crafted to be given on 40th anniversaries. 14,600 days may seem like a lot to a few – heck, it’s half a lifetime – but it certainly won’t feel like that for the couple you give it to. However, it does act as a friendly reminder that life is short and every moment should be treasured.

6. The year 1979 poster

1979 Poster

This poster is a great alternative to the traditional “happy anniversary” card. By the time a couple has been married for 40 years, reminders of their favorite moments are way more important that hasty presents that are impersonal and easy to forget. This particular present is one of the most thoughtful options when it comes to the perfect gift, and it will definitely feel special for the people that receive it. Keep in mind that we choose 1979 as, at the time of this writing, it happens to be 40 years ago. If you are reading this at a later point in time, you will have to find a similar poster that shows information about a specific date that is 40 years in the past.

7. Dual Silver Photo Frame

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Silver Dual Photo Frame

This is one of the rather elegant wedding anniversary gift ideas and there are many reasons as to why. The beautiful frame fits two smaller size photographs (4 x 4 inch), is lacquer coated to resist tarnishing and mirror-finished to add a luxury touch. If you happen to be a family member or someone with access to old photographs of the couple, this would be a great way to show them that you really put effort into giving this present. Make sure you wrap it up nicely and see the surprise on their faces when they unwrap it.

8. 40th Anniversary Clock – A personalized gift

40th Wedding Anniversary Oval Clock

Clocks are kind of a staple in every household. They make a nice and useful decoration in the living room, above the fireplace or in the hallway. This clock, however, is different. It is specifically designed to be gifted on a 40th wedding anniversary and makes up for a great way to memorialize this special event. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hang this clock, but it will certainly fit nicely with the rest of the couple’s decorative objects.

9. Customized 40th-anniversary wine bottle label


Were you planning on gifting a bottle of wine? Is is it necessary for you, or the recipient that the label is visible? If not, add a personalized touch to your gift by printing a customized label to cover your bottle with. You can purchase a ready-made, predesigned label by clicking here. This could be a great addition to a gift basket and will certainly leave an impression.

10. Luxury wooden wine box

Luxury Wooden Wine or Champagne Box for 40th Anniversary

Another great way to offer your bottle of wine – perhaps even give this gift together with the previous one – is by packing it in this luxury wooden wine box. Keep in mind that the specific box comes without the bottle of wine and you will need to buy one yourself. By combining these two (9 + 10) wedding anniversary gift ideas into one memorable present, you will definitely succeed in your quest to offer something truly valuable.  

11. Engraved Glass Decoration

40th Wedding anniversary Engraved Glass Gift Idea

Crystalize your wish by engraving it in a glass decorative gift, which will look great at any spot of the recipient’s home. You can add a formal birthday wish, such as the one shown in the picture, or come up with something funny, teasing and more personal. It is a great way to show how much you care and acts as a representation of all the memories you have created together. The gift comes in a silk-lined box colored red, weighs 1.2 kg (quite heavy) in its box and measures 17cm high x 15cm wide when packed.

12. Pop-up cards

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Pop Up Card

If you are thinking of a more creative gift that is guaranteed to impress, look no further than pop-up cards. This card is the best way to congratulate a couple on their 40th wedding anniversary! 4 decades of marriage deserve a very unique and special card, one which will be remembered for the years to come. The front cover reads “Ruby Weddings Deserve Celebrating”, a quote which we can definitely agree with. This item measures 14×14 cm in dimensions and comes pre-assembled in a white envelope.

13. Ruby mosaic spring flower glass vase

Mouth Blown Quality RUBY Mosaic Spring Flower Glass Vase

In case you didn’t know, 40th wedding anniversaries are often referred to as “ruby wedding anniversaries”. What would be better then, than coming up with wedding anniversary gift ideas that represent this fact? This beautiful vase comes in ruby and golden colors and makes the perfect present for a couple’s celebration. It might be a good idea to buy a large bouquet of flowers, which you can additionally offer in order to place them in the vase.

14. Edible cupcake toppings

 40th Anniversary Edible Wafer Paper Cake Toppers Decorations

If you are specialized in making muffins and cupcakes for your friends’ celebrations, this gift will add a personalized touch and make your little cakes unique. Each one of the 27 toppings is edible (they are made from water paper) and represents the purpose of celebration – 40 years of a loving marriage. You will receive a diverse range of pictures, as seen in the photo, which you will have to cut out with scissors so you can place them right on the top of your cupcake.

15. Old-school scrapbook

Vintage Photo Album Scrapbook

An old-school scrapbook with black pages that can be filled with photos is also a great gift option. If you choose to go this way, consider scrolling through older Facebook photos of the couple, or ask family and friends to show you photos that may not be found online. Create a collection of photos, each representing one year of their life, and leave a few empty pages in the end, so they can fill them in the future. This is a great way to remind the loving couple that marriage is a journey that does not only require love but hard work as well.


And that’s it, folks! We hope you enjoyed this article and, as always, let us know what your favorite gift ideas are, so we can add them to this list!