Invented in the 17th century by Robert Hooke after discovering the law of elasticity, double hung windows meet the demand for bigger windows. These windows come with great versatility to promote airflow in your home. Additionally, the design and style of double hung windows suit modern and traditional style homes. Luckily, these windows come in a range of sizes to match a variety of purposes. Consider these 5 scenarios when to install double hung windows.


Home with young children

Double hung windows odder superior safety and flexibility during the opening. It’s possible to lock the position of the opening as long as you are within range of the window. You can maximize the airflow by opening the top and bottom of a double hung window. However, you can lock the bottom of the window to prevent little children from climbing out. This makes double hung windows a wonderful option to install in a bathroom and large living room area for appropriate ventilation and safety.

Over low furniture

Installing double hung windows over low sitting furniture helps to adjust airflow and temperature more easily. These windows can are good to place in the bathroom over the bath. This is to create a great ventilation point to let in warm air and to keep cold air out. Additionally, a double hung window above the sofa allows easy to use ventilation. This will ensure that controlling ventilation in your home is within easy reach. Another area where to place double hung windows is to put them above the kitchen counters for easy use and to work as a kitchen serving window.

To replace sash windows

When the time comes to replace sash windows because of warped timber, a wonderful option is to consider timber double hung windows in Melbourne. These are an incredible solution with a similar style opening. Modern timber windows are less susceptible to warping, rust, loss of form, and have a better fire rating. The best thing is that these double hung windows from a reputable window builder offer a sleek and modern aesthetic appeal. This will revamp your property to make it look new.

Need to minimize space

Do you need windows to get a view of your outdoor entertaining area or garden? The best option is to install double hung windows. These have the same performance like sliding windows of not eating up much space outside the window opening. You will enjoy a clean look that comes with efficient use of surrounding space. This will give you enough space to place furniture plants or art in front of the window.

For very tall or narrow openings

Timber double hung windows come in various heights and widths. This makes the windows ideal in existing areas that need enhancement and rejuvenation. Additionally, you can easily place double hung windows in an area where other options might not be practical. Since they slide vertically, double hung windows save space and can be combined with other windows for a more practical and aesthetic appeal.

When considering windows for your home, timber double hung windows are a wonderful option. Luckily, you can have a reliable window builder to make you custom windows to fit your home regardless of space or placement area.

Final thought

There is various careful thought when choosing the best windows for your home. One feature not to overlook is the window design. A wonderful option is to choose casement windows that come with various benefits. With this kind of windows, your home gets more secure and gives you uninterrupted view. You just have to find a reliable supplier to help you make an informed choice on the best windows to suit your taste.

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