Most of us consider our home our sanctuary, a space to feel truly at peace.  So it’s not surprising that we seek to personalize it and make it a reflection of who were are, our personality and our lives.  For some people, taking ownership of our abode and making it speak volumes about who we come effortlessly but for others, inspiration falls short at family wall posters. If your home is in need of some individualization to make it stand out from the rest, then read our easy to follow tips – personality, after all ‘goes a long way’ (sorry not sorry).


Present your wall posters

OK, so we just mocked photos but, actually, they go a long way to marking your territory. It’s just important to avoid being bland, mix it up with frames of different sizes, textures, materials, and colors. Also, don’t just go for one type of wall posters– opt for natural and posed, colored and black and white, hang some vintage photos if you have them. Intersperse your photos with postcards, drawings and artwork you love – anything you have that tells a story about who lives there. Make people want to dwell on your wall and learn more about who you are. Or why not mix up everything we know about ‘walls’ and go for cheeky corners?

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Go Bold With Books

In this digital age, books are being overlooked and it’s such a pity because published purchases go a long way to serving a statement about who we are, our interests and the imaginary (or non-fictional) world we like to submerge ourselves in. We aren’t suggesting that everyone needs to have a full-on library on display but why not take a shelf or two and display your favorite books along with great wall posters.

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Perfectly Potted Plants

What’s so personal about plants? Well, plants can go a long way to reflecting your personality. Are you a cheery soul who loves the color and bountiful flora?  Or, are you lacking in the necessary keeping-plant-alive skills and tend to opt for cactuses and succulents? When it comes to foliage there are no excuses for not injecting them into your space. Cluster them together in designated plant spaces (window sills, shelves and fireplaces are perfect) or pepper throughout your home in unexpected places. Adding a live plant to your space will really go a long way to adding life!

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Oh Baby, The Places You’ll Go

The places we’ve lived in and traveled to are engrained in our soul and shape who we are, but it can be difficult to portray this in your home. One way is to take the book idea and to display travel guides, another is to gather mementos of faraway places. Of course mementos on display might not appeal to the non-hoarders who probably see nothing more than dust collectors. This is where Grafomap steps in, with unique ways to reflect your history, your experience – posters on the wall, difference. Watch as your wall posters, of the unique locations that matter to you, spark conversations.

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Colour Me Beautiful

Use color to speak volumes about your personality – are you a clash of brights or a calming pastel? Don’t think that color needs to equal painting a whole room (although, why not?). It can also mean feature walls, wallpaper, rugs, cushions, and throws – you convey a large part of your personality in how you choose to embrace color. The good news is, with home furnishing, it’s also ok to be fickle, blue one week, green the next, after all – we are all evolving, discovering more about ourselves every day and our home should reflect this.

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There you are, five beautiful ways to add personality to your abode and create a space you to love to come home to

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