The first few months of a new, passionate relationship will definitely consist of some of the best memories you will make. And when you’re about to hit that half-year milestone, it might be a good idea to start considering your options when it comes to 6 month anniversary gifts.

I still remember the gift my partner gave me back in the day. It meant the world to me and I still have it and occasionally use it on my somber days. I will let you into the secret of this very special gift a little later. For now, however, I’d like to tell you what this post is all about.

I have collected the best 6 month anniversary gifts to share with you and help you celebrate your very important milestone in an unforgettable way! So keep reading further to find out more.

6 Month Anniversary Gifts For Him

If you ever think that giving a present to a guy is a hard thing to do, you’re probably right. “Manly” hobbies tend to be appreciated by most, so you will be safe by choosing gifts that relate to the term. Of course, it would also be a great idea to give a gift that you could use both. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to think of experiences you could do together. So, here are my picks.

1. Grafomap

unique anniversary gift ideas

The flame of your love is now stronger than ever, and it is good to remember where it all started. Was it a party, a random encounter or lifelong-friend turned boyfriend? Offer a customized map with the location where it all started and crystalize the moment forever in time. Every time your boyfriend looks at this poster he will remember your very first loving adventures and imagine the ones that are yet to come.

2. Rent an Air-bnb for a night

6 month anniversary gifts

If you live in a crowded city, this is probably one of the gifts that will be appreciated the most. Check for great locations near you, that is not as crowded and busy as the city life you are so tired from. Find a small village in the countryside and check Air-bnb for available homes. Very often, you will have the opportunity to book a home together with an experience, thanks to the friendly locals that are willing to let you into their daily life and routines. Once everything is booked, surprise your boyfriend and help him let go of all his stresses. This weekend will be yours only!

3. Outdoor Gear for active boyfriend

6 month anniversary gifts

If your boyfriend is a hiker, camper, fishing fan or any other activity that is mainly done outdoors, you’ve got plenty of options. First, think about what he likes to do. If he’s a camper, invest in a multifunctional knife to make his expeditions easier. Are you shopping for a hiking enthusiast instead? Try a little multi-purpose pouch to keep his belongings safe.

4. Compression Socks

Compression socks are much easier to size and buy for someone else compared to some other clothes. In fact, there are some compression socks that are “one size fits all” adults, making the selection process a lot easier. Compression socks will help your boyfriend improve his blood circulation, reduce his muscle soreness and boost his athletic performance. Aside from that, they will keep him warm in the winter, when he sets out about his journeys.

5. Personalized watch

6 month anniversary gifts


Anniversaries are celebrated to represent the time you have spent together. And the best way to remember that is to give the one gift that is all about time – a great watch. And don’t worry, you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg for it. You can find great watches at cheap prices, that will look fantastic on your boyfriend. All you will really need to know before buying him one is the reason he doesn’t yet have one. Ensure that he would want to wear a watch and buy him the one you think will fit him best.

6. Plane tickets

Depending on your location, there may be opportunities to explore a near-by country for the weekend, spending only a small amount of money, while gaining lots of new experiences. Go and search on Google to discover which airlines are currently offering flights to a location you would both enjoy and book the tickets secretly. Then, on your anniversary, give the tickets as a gift to your boyfriend. There is a 100% chance that he is going to love the surprise and its an unexpected gift with so much meaning.

6 Month Anniversary Gifts For Her

As a woman, I love to get gifts. Whether its flowers, chocolates or even breakfast in bed, what matters most is that I know my partner cares about me the same way I care about him. The following 6 month anniversary gifts will make the heart of all girls melt from love and excitement, scoring you some extra boyfriend points.

7. 52 reasons why I love you jar

Remember that I told you about the best gift I ever received? Well, this is the one. A totally unexpected gift with so much meaning. If not for the fact that my boyfriend translated came up with a good 52 reasons, then for the fact that he actually cut similar-size papers and wrapped them evenly before sealing them with thin red thread. This type of gift shows that you are willing to spend time to create something meaningful, instead of just going to the store and buying a bouquet of flowers (which by the way is a great gift too, so don’t get me wrong here). It is also a gift that will last for a long time to come and remind you of a person that truly loves you more than anyone.

8. Spa gift card for 2

The daily stresses of life may be piling up for the two of you, to the point that it could even lead to fights. Continuous work and exhaustive activities may prolong such situations and even make things worse. For that reason, book a spa weekend for both of you, and enjoy some time away from everyone and everything to relax and feel better. This type of gift is also great if you want your girlfriend to visit the spa with a best friend or a relative. It certainly makes up for one of the best 6 month anniversary gifts.

9. Bouquet of flowers with a personalized card

Gifting flowers is a staple in every culture and loved by women all over the world. It symbolizes the beauty of life and celebrates the unity between two people. And while many people know about this and offer flowers as a gift for all sorts of occasions, most seems to not pay much attention to the hand-written card that comes with them. Why is that? Good question! A card made from high-quality paper, that comes empty inside (for you to fill) and has a matching folder, may just be the thing your bouquet of flowers is missing. Write a lovely poem or anything else that is meaningful for the occasion.

10. Custom book art with lovers’ initials

Have you ever thought of gifting something that is truly unique? In our modern world, the internet has opened up a broad range of possibilities and ideas that one could not even imagine back in the day. This piece of art is an example of such a gift. It is the ultimate representation of love and romance and is guaranteed to surprise your partner. You can write your initials, add a heart or other symbol and possibly even have a saying for the selection process of the book that will be used.

11. Matching couple bracelets with engraved initials

Are you looking for a gift idea that can seal your young and vibrant love? A matching couples bracelet may just be the gift you’d like to have. The slim and elegant design works for both men and women. Upon ordering the items you can request a letter to be added on the small stone and even ask for more stones to be placed. This is what makes this gift 100% personalized and great for the occasion.

These were my favorite 11 gifts for this particular occasion. If you are feeling that it’s time to give something truly meaningful to your partner then you stand in luck because all these gifts have been recommended by many before me and stand strong in time as some of the best gifts you could offer on a 6 month anniversary.

We hope you enjoyed the post and you got lots of new ideas from it. If there are any 6 month anniversary gifts you think should be part of this list, feel free to let us know in the comments below so we can add them as additional gift options. We wish you a happy anniversary.