SandyBalls, England

The name Sandy Balls has been traced as far back as the reign of Henry VII when ‘sandyballas’. No, it’s not what you thing… every Sandyballer could explain you that the name was derived from domed sand and gravel outcrops.


Upper Dicker, England

Upper Dicker is small village located East Sussex county in South East England (up north from Lower Dicker).


Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Intercourse village is located in Leacock Township, Lancaster County in Pennsylvania.

Intercourse is a popular site for tourists because of sexually suggestive name, but actually this village is located in “Amish country”.


Dildo, Canada 

Dildo is town in Newfoundland, Canada.

Locals proudly call themselves Dildoians, and get very angry when outsiders suggest that the town got his name because of the popular “sex toy”.


Fucking, Austria

Fucking is a village located in Innviertel region of western Upper Austria.

Unsurprisingly, Fucking road signs were often stolen as souvenirs and local residents were forced to pay for new Fucking signs through their tax money, at a cost of €300 per sign. The problem became so bad that a vote was held on changing the village’s name, although the residents voted against doing so.


Cocking, England


Cocking is a village of West Sussex, England.

“Please don’t laugh at our village’s funny name” message welcome travelers in to the village.