60th birthday is a true milestone and a perfect time to look back and reflect on all accomplishments, great memories, and loved ones. It’s also a great occasion to throw an awesome party and shower that special person with some amazing gifts.

It certainly isn’t searching through 60th birthday gift ideas for your loved ones, but we are here to help. There are many 60th birthday gift ideas out there but we will make sure you have the best one listed here, and that you find inspiration for the best 60th birthday gift for your loved one.

So, the keyword is thoughtful gifts. It should be something meaningful that shows how much you care and very often, it’s the simplest things that do the trick.

Here are several 60th birthday ideas for her and him to help you get inspired.

Unique Experiences

Almost everyone has a bucket list and it doesn’t commonly contain material things, but rather places to go and experiences to have. So, it’s a quite a unique 60th birthday gift to present to your mom, dad or spouse a chance to fulfill one of their long-desired dreams. Make sure you pay attention when they speak about things they’ve always wanted to do or see, and you’ll have a starting point.
There are companies today that provide experience-based gifts, and they range from spa visits, helicopter rides, glassblowing, chocolate factory tours, art classes, dance lessons, beauty makeovers, music lessons, baking school classes, wine tours, and exotic trips.

Pictures and maps of sentimental value

By the age of 60, people have accumulated tons of memories and a lovely way to bring it all together in one place is to make a handmade scrapbook with a choice of pictures, quotes, tickets and other memorabilia. It will strike a chord with your loved one and bring back all the great moments of their lives.

One of the great 60th birthday gift ideas is that you can also create a gallery wall in their home with a choice of photographs framed in classy pictures frames, or go for a custom-made map poster of a place they grew up in, went to college or met their spouse years ago.

That will make a lovely reminder of their special place and complement the space they live in now.

A personalized gift box

An excellent and practical 60th birthday ideas for her, like your mom, wife or grandmother is making a homemade gift basket personalized to their taste. If you know the person closely and have been paying attention over the years, you’ll be able to gather up all the little things they love to treat themselves with.

For instance, it could be an assortment of their favorite coffee, tea, and chocolate.

You could include homemade jams, honey, cookies, bread, cheeses and maybe even a bottle of wine from a place you visited together.
This is a truly thoughtful gift as it shows just how well you know the person and the amount of effort you have put into creating it.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas of a Healthier Future

Good health is something that becomes very important after the age of 60th so it makes perfect sense to give your loved one a healthy gift. The only trick is finding what healthy gift can be most useful.

It could be a membership card to a spa center where they can get soothing treatments in case they have arthritis or back issues, or if they have been physically active most of their lives, you can opt for a gift related to their favorite sport like horse riding, golf or fishing. If this isn’t an option, pick a yoga DVD or even paid yoga sessions.

This is a great way to meet people, improve balance, relax, energize and open the gates to a healthier lifestyle.

Kitchen rules

Not that the men are excluded, but any kind of birthday gift related to the kitchen is a great option to your female friend. Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, so a new, stylish coffee maker is a great and safe gift. Simplicity and easy usage are key here, so pick one that has one-touch operation mode and if possible, a self-cleaning cycle. It will indicate when it’s time to clean the pot and ensure that every coffee cup you make will be tasty and fresh.

One upside of getting older is the fact that your palate becomes more sophisticated so you’re more open to experimenting with new flavors.

A vinegar and olive oil infusion kit with tools, instructions and a recipe booklet is a fantastic 60th birthday gift for her or him that is fun and encourages creativity in preparing healthy Mediterranean meals.

Another gift that enhances both cooking and entertaining opportunities is a nice bamboo board that comes with four cheese knives in a pull-out drawer. Its top is large enough to serve an assortment of fruit, cheeses, and charcuterie and grooved edges are great for setting out crackers.

For passionate home chefs, you can up your game and invest in a more substantial gift, such as a sleek Dacor Renaissance gas range, perfect for preparing several gourmet meals at once and entertaining large groups of family and friends.

This stainless steel appliance with its illuminated burner controls, extra-wide continuous platform grates and large oven capacity I s a truly unique 60th birthday gift idea, that will be the talk of the town and allow any enthusiastic cook to develop their skills.

Simplicity of flowers

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you’re in doubt, play it safe with flowers and present that special lady in your life with a carefully designed flower arrangement. Most women don’t really care how much it cost, but they love seeing their favorite flowers. Pay attention to what she usually has around her house and possibly consult friends and family. Maybe she loves lilacs, tulips, roses or lilies, or she prefers potted plants and herbs for her kitchen collection. Flowers are a simple and thoughtful gift and they speak directly to a woman’s heart.

A great 60th birthday gift idea for someone who enjoys gardening is a cute vertical garden. A lot of people prefer spending their golden years gardening so this is an original and artful way of arranging tiny plants and succulents in a way that can maximize the visual impact even in a small space, such as a balcony.
Generosity in action

By the age of 60, most people have lived long enough to witness a lot of good and bad things in life, so they have learned how to appreciate the gift of life and the fact that even a little gift can mean a lot to someone.

If you know that your loved one has a charitable heart and supports a certain charity, making a donation on their behalf can be an immensely meaningful gift. The knowledge that you support their goals and share their love of giving will mean a lot and the fact that this is something that can be continued in the years to come, makes it a gift that keeps on giving.
Men exclusively

Men love their past times so the 60th birthday is a great opportunity to support that love and maybe offer something that’s even more challenging and contemplative. For ardent fishermen or the ones who plan to become one in their golden years, a fly fishing setup is the best option.

This is something that requires calmness and patience, good technique and a little bit of luck as well. Most 60-year-old men aren’t in any hurry so this sounds like a great match. Pick out a high-quality fly rod and reel with reliable performance and a light touch, and pair it up with a practical carrying bag.

If it turns out you’ve hit the jackpot with this one, you can always add more fishing gear later, when the opportunity presents itself.

Another favorite past time for many elderly men is golf and golfing gear is something that’s very convenient as a birthday gift. As it’s just a hobby for most men, they are often reluctant to buy a new set to replace their raggedy old one, so you can seize the opportunity and surprise them with a brand new first-class 12-piece set.

This commonly includes irons, woods, wedges, a putter and a practical stand-up bag, excellent for those long walks during the game.


For those guys who consider themselves grill masters and love to entertain their family and friends, a tabletop raclette grill is a cool gift. Various models can accommodate up to eight people and can include features such as double sides with side pans for melty cheese and reversible grilling plates. It’s perfect for delicious, savory, fresh grilled food for cozy indoor parties where you can entertain with as little fuss as possible.

If you’re on the hunt for a perfect 60th birthday gift, hopefully, these tips and ideas will help you find something that will be appreciated and treasured in the years to come.

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