Birthdays… such a taboo topic. Some people really love them, can’t wait to celebrate them and have their day be all about them and only them. And other people want to disappear and forget that every 360 days they’ve made another round on this planet.

Turning 70 is definitely a very important event and even if your loved one turning this impressive age doesn’t want to acknowledge the achievement – you can still make them feel special with your 70th birthday gift.

And don’t worry if you need to gift someone who’s throwing the party of a century – in the list down below you’ll still find 70th birthday gift that will warm their hearts and make them smile.

70 Things to do when you turn 70

70 might seem like a big number. And for some, it also feels like the final stage of life, where most things have been accomplished and there might not be many more things to look forward to.

If you want to surprise your loved one with a 70th birthday gift that looks into the many different opportunities and avenues of being 70 and over and gives a different perspective on age then what we are used to – then this is the perfect gift!

This book celebrates age and the wisdom that comes with it. It also shows how you can definitely still live a meaningful and fulfilled life at the age of 70 and over.  I

70th birthday necklace

If the 70th birthday gift is meant for your grandmother or another very special woman in your life, then this necklace is definitely the best choice. Efytal produces the highest quality silver necklaces for different occasions and especially celebrating decades.

Each ring in this necklace represents another decade and holds a different part of the recipient’s life. You can gift this necklace with the curiosity of reminiscing through your grandma’s life and different times in it whilst reaching such a special age.

It will be as special of the moment to you than it is for her to be together, celebrate and remember the beautiful years that have passed and look forward to ones to come.

Personalized glass

Sometimes the best idea to do on a birthday is to sit back, relax and have a glass of Chardonnay. Or it might be something else entirely. You will know your parent or grandparent the best – however this glass will serve those special occasions.

It might seem like the littlest of 70th birthday gifts, but if used regularly – it will remind them of you and might grant you a phone call every now and then from your favorite grandparent. Or even an invitation to a wine evening!

And if its another drink – that’s fine too! Let your granddad tell you all about his favorite spirit and create a little ritual of you two enjoying a glass together once in a while.

What better way to spend time with your loved ones?

Beads bracelet

It says that this bracelet is meant for women, but we are certain that this is not the case. Beaded bracelets are known for their therapeutic use in many different cultures, but what we also know is that our loved ones that are older might have the same qualities for us.

It says on a note attached to this bracelet, that reaching the milestone of 70th birthday, this bracelet shall serve as a reminder to share their abundant wisdom and truth with the world.

If that’s not the most important and beautiful message you can get to your grandpa or grandma, then we’re not sure what is. This 70th birthday gift might be small in size, but it definitely speaks volumes of your love for the recipient.


70th birthday gift

A very special day requires a very special gift. Grafomap is definitely a 70th birthday gift that will forever stay in the person’s home and heart. This beautifully designed art piece can be whatever you choose it to be and represent a location or event known only by you and the receiver.

Go to Grafomap website, choose a pattern, color and location which you know will mean something special for the recipient and place your order. You can even attach a frame, so the art piece is good to go once in the recipients home.

Grafomap will take care of beautiful packaging and delivery to your front door.


If you believe that no materialistic gift quite compares to an unforgettable experience, then these decorations might just be what you need to create the surprise birthday party of a century.

At the age of 70, the best feeling might be to simply have the people you love the most around you and have an amazing time, with great food and good music. Place these decorations at the entrance and all around the venue to really create the vibe of their special day or simply put them around their house as a surprise.

If it’s your parent or grandparent, then you will know just the people to invite to make them happy and that this 70th birthday gift is what will truly warm their heart.

Personalized bathrobe

Age comes with many different things. But one thing is for sure – comfort becomes imperial to anyone and especially those approaching a royal age like 70.

A bathrobe might be extremely underrated, because it is something we all use on a daily basis, yet we never come to think it might be a good idea to change it every 10-15 years.

Your grandparent or parent might be no different. So why not gift them this extremely soft and lovely bathrobe for cozy evenings, when your hug is not an option?

The personalized message could be their initials or anything else you find important to remind them of when enjoying a quiet and peaceful evening in their gown. 70th birthday gift of dreams!


Going through life and approaching different age also comes with different realizations and things that you want to learn and have yet to find fascinating about life.

If the person you need to gift has found a new hobby in hosting parties or even just a newly found appreciation of kitchen and homeware, then this cheeseboard might be the best 70th birthday gift they’ll receive!

Made from beautiful bamboo wood, this serving tray even has a cutlery set sliding right under the platter. Perfect for picnics, evenings at home with friends or for a romantic night. 70 definitely does not mean that life stops or gets less interesting – in contrary, things can only get better and more exciting. This gift can be a part of that excitement!

LEGO ship in a bottle

Whoever said that LEGO is only meant for kids certainly doesn’t know one thing about LEGO!

This beautiful LEGO ship in a bottle set could bring a new meaning to your grandpa’s daily life. Not only is it challenging to assemble this LEGO, but it also creates excitement and daily challenge that might have been lost after a certain age.

We can pretend that life only gets better and easier the older you are, but in truth, many people feel like there’s not much to look forward to. And maybe this LEGO set is perfect for those who want to be involved in their grandparent’s life and joy.

Join your grandpa in assembling this ship and it might become the best 70th birthday gift and the favorite memory you have of you two.

Heated neck massager

This is a gift that could definitely be valued at any age. But at your 70th birthday, receiving something like this might be the one thing you didn’t know you were missing until you got it.

Heating up, this neck massager is perfect for cozy nights in, with your favorite TV show on and a glass of wine or hot chocolate. It will get the years of stress right out of your neck and make you feel warm and fuzzy, relaxing you at the same time. A 70th birthday gift that will become a favorite right away!

Painting board

Reaching a new age often means developing new hobbies too. If painting is something that your grandparent has taken upon then this might be the best 70th birthday gift for them.

This Buddha board allows you to draw on it with relaxing strokes that help to let go of stress and anxiety. The best part about it is that as the paint dries – the drawing disappears too. Sometimes the best part about creating something is letting it go.

After 70 years on this planet that definitely is the biggest lesson for someone and sometimes all you need is just putting your emotions and thoughts on a piece of paper, which is what this Buddha board allows you to do.

If you want to gift something truly helpful and meaningful, then this might be the best gift you can give!