“I want my home to be that kind which has sustenance, a place of invitation and welcome.”

~Mary DeMuth

A home cannot be defined only as a structure of concrete and stones. It is a place that reflects your personality and gives back energy with the kind of ambiance it has. 

A house with uber-modern, contemporary interiors will give off an ambiance full of style and vogue. 

On the other hand, vintage interiors give a luxurious, royal feel. Homes with the countryside and 80s interiors provide a soothing, comforting ambiance. 

In short, you can plan your interiors according to the kind of aura you wish to create in your home.

It is natural to get bored of how your place looks. No matter how much effort we put into the interior design, after a few years, it seems monotonous. 

We are tired of watching it the same way for a long time. If you, too, feel the same way, it’s time to make some transformations and bring out a different feel of your home. 

Read on to know some trendy and practical interior design tips that help in changing the aura of your abode just the way you want it. 

Saturated hues and warm colors

It is a known fact that colors impact our moods. Before experimenting with wall shades, consider doing thorough research on color influence. Keep in mind that getting professional services for wall painting is very expensive and not a very easy task if you plan to do it yourself. So, you have to select wisely.

These days, warm colors like mustard yellow, tangerine, and colors with pink undertones are trending. They create a warm, inviting aura, which is perfect for the living room and bedrooms. They give an impression of sunshine into any room, bringing passion and positivity.

Other popular colors for walls are shades of green and blue. According to recent studies, blue and green impact a person’s productivity. So if you wish to achieve a productive, comforting ambiance, go for these close to natural shades. 

Ceiling trims in bold color contrasts

Gone are the days where white was the only color for ceilings and trims. You don’t have to play safe and go for the same old monochromatic trims. Interior designers are now experimenting with contrasting, bold trims that help bind together an overall feel of a room. 

Ceilings are completely visible and therefore largely impact a room’s aura. If you use pleasant color contrasts on it, you can make the room appear larger and a lot livelier. See how these contrast painted ceilings add to the coziness of this small room.

Play with lightings

Lighting is the most influential tool in creating any sort of feel in a house. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have an immense variety of low cost led lights that last long and add beauty to the interior design. 

For the comforting living room ambiance, try installing a light at the center of the coffee table to get that soft, warm glow. You can also use low-level lights in your shelving for extra depth. 

You can turn your bathroom into a spa with dim lights installed behind the shower wall or small pendant lights in the corners. 

As for your bedroom, you can install downlight grids in two corners of the ceiling. Use lamps for extra lighting. For a cozy atmosphere, you can also use string lights.

A mix of even and focused lighting is needed in the kitchen area. Create an ambiance with globe lights and fixtures below the cupboards to light up the countertops. 

Bold backsplashes 

The kitchen nowadays is not only used as a place to cook. We spend family time together there to cook up a meal and eat it together. Friends visiting also join us in there at times. 

Informal and colorful kitchens are the best if you wish to create a welcoming atmosphere in the most used area of your home. Old ways of restricted textures and monochromatic looks in the kitchen create a formal look that should be avoided. 

One of the most creative and in fashion way to bring out the character in your kitchen is to use backsplash in a bold design and inviting colors. 

Whether you wish to use a marble or tile backsplash, you can take some design inspiration from professionals. If you live in Texas, you can look for Kitchen remodeling Allen, TX. You will come across many companies that vow to add vibrant backsplashes to liven up the ambiance of your kitchen. Go for the one that has the most positive reviews.

Sustainable elements

Furniture, textiles, and decor made from sustainable elements such as cane, jute, bamboo, cotton, or linen are highly in vogue. The eco-friendly updates will make the interiors sustainable as well as look rustic, close to nature, and lively. Don’t worry about the designs, as extremely stylish and chic goods are being made to gel with the trending styles. 

With sustainable elements, you will get a chance to get close to nature and steer clear of toxic and harmful elements. As a result, a positive, guilt-free atmosphere is created within your home. 

A combination of new and antique decor

If you cannot decide whether contemporary designs appeal to you more or the classic ones, you can mix and match both for a chic, boho style ambiance. For instance, you can designate your living room shelving for antique pieces and European style frames. And add a corner ladder shelf to place trendy decor pieces and abstract artwork. 

For the upholstery and rugs in such combination rooms, try to stick to a pleasant color contrast like teal and yellow to add some harmony among the contrasting elements.

Mix and match patterns

Patterns are a powerful tool in interior design. Designers experiment with patterns in the form of wallpapers, cushions, and throws, and furniture upholstery to bring some bustling vibes in a dwelling. You, too, can try a chequered pattern along with chevron and a few accessories in plain designs. Or, you can mix and match the zigzag pattern with polka dots for a funky look.

Handmade decor 

To add some personal touches to your home, you can make a few DIY decor goods. Hand-painted mirrors and cushions, vases, and mason jars decorated with beads, or felt flowers are a few easy to make things that will add warmth to your place. If you know some crocheting, you can try making handmade throws or wall hangings as well. 


The feel of the home plays a huge role in shaping our mood. It reflects who we are and what do we prefer. In return, it gives us the vibes we need for contentment.

If you wish to experiment with your home’s ambiance, you can try including elements that will transform the whole look in a good way. Make sure to plan carefully and integrate elements that go well together and create visual harmony. A soothing atmosphere will help you unwind and relax at the end of the day, and your guests will definitely love your place.