All these funny place names and funny city names are real and you can find them on  live maps

1. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Who doesn’t love it!


funny place names






2. Gaylordsville, Connecticut

How noble!

place names







3. This is one of the weirdest place names- Fucking, Austria

funny place names





4. Cockermouth, Cumbria

Can’t imagine how these people answer a question “where you’re from” with a straight face.







5. Butthole Lane, Leicestershire

What do they do in community events with such a place name?






6. Upper Dicker, East Sussex

Never mess with Upper-Dickerers

upper dicker






7. Sandyballs, Hampshire

Pity people who live there
sandy balls





8. Truth Or Consequences, Texas

How symbolic crossroads!

truth or consequences





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