It might seem like the 80s were just here a moment ago. However, it is more than 30 years ago when the world looks a lot different and so many things have changed.

One of those things is 80s interior design. Back in those times, the inside of home looked quite different from what it looks like today. If you fancy decorating your home in the style of the 80s, we might have a few really cool ideas to go with.

1. Mod to Memphis: Design in Color 1960s – 80s

It would always be a good idea to start with researching what exactly 80s interior style means and what it entails.

This book would be a great start to get to know the interior of those times and how it evolved since the 60s when more modern shapes and colors came into peoples homes. We believe that anyone who wants to decorate their home as 80s interior design – this would be a great start!

2. Retro phone

The 80s feel so close sometimes, yet we don’t really understand how far it is, in terms of technology evolvement. There were no digital phones, TV in some homes was still a luxury and people couldn’t have ever thought of the possibilities we have nowadays with the Internet.

If you miss that retro vibe and want to create a different style in your home – then this phone will be the greatest accessory to have as 80s interior design!

And you can also pick any of the different colors.

3.Mini vintage air circulator

Sometimes, it is the little pieces that make the biggest difference in an interior. It can be a plant or a different color, or a little gadget that nobody else has and has some kind of resonance to a retro style.

Like this little fan – it could absolutely change the look and feel of your living room or bedroom.

Place it anywhere around your home and it is guaranteed to give you space a totally different, 80s interior design kind of vibe and also a cooling round of air on hotter summer days. And – you can, of course, choose from a variety of colors that will fit your interior best!

4.Wooden plant stand

The 80s were a lot about plants in the house especially palm trees and different greenery. Therefore a plant stand like this could very well fit into your home when decorated with smaller and bigger palm trees all around.

If there is anything better these days, that was not around back in the 80s, – it is the fact that nowadays you can get fake plants looking better than real ones, so you don’t even have to worry about killing them!

Dedicate a corner for this plant stand and greenery (real or fake) and we guarantee, you are five steps closer to 80s interior design.

5. Glass bricks

There is probably nothing more the 80s than a glass brick wall or half-wall. These walls you could find in a variety of really hip homes around those times and even public spaces.

It was mainly only meant as an interior design piece, however, could have served as a functional wall in the bathroom, public swimming pool or even offices.

If you have always wanted that cool element in your home and really make it look and feel like 80s interior design, then this pack of glass cubes could definitely be your next best DIY project!

6.Neon sign

If there is anything that describes the 80s then it is the upcoming disco age and neon signs. The new age of music that changed quite quickly throughout the 70s and into the 90s totally set the tone of this decade, which all abutted funk and disco and everything related.

A lot of 80s interior design included neon signs and bold, bright colors, not only within public spaces but also within peoples homes and surroundings. Therefore if you really want to decorate your home according to the 80s interior design, then one of these really cool signs might sit perfectly in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom area!

7. Grafomap wall art

Bold colors, glass walls, neon signs, and palm trees… those all describe the 80s interior design pretty accurate. However – let’s not forget bold and interesting wall art that goes with it!

This Grafomap wall art will absolutely fit into your 80s interior design, because of the bold color contrasts and frame. The best part about this really cool piece? You can completely tailor it to your liking and create a really personal art piece. Choose the location, the address or area. Choose the color theme you like best and then choose the frame you want it to come in, so you don’t even have to worry about finding proper framing.

80s interior design is all about funk and boldness, so this piece will absolutely fit in!

8.  Rectangular shape table lamps

The Late 80s tapped into the futuristic style and peoples curiosity about the world in the future. A lot of this translated into interior design and geometric shapes around interiors.

It could be furniture or it could design pieces, decorative pieces or even wallpapers – geometric shapes decorated many homes back in the 80s!

Therefore these lamps could perfectly fit into your home and refresh any interior if you want to tap into this idea about 80s interior design

9.  Geometric design fabric

If home for you means that a lot of the decorative pieces are your own DIY project, then this fabric is perfect for you! If there is anything that perfectly describes the 80s, it is colorful, geometric shaped interior pieces and art pieces.

This printed fabric will perfectly fit into your home as a pillowcase or bed throw or even curtains! Get your scissors ready, prepare the desired design and get working on your perfect, DIY 80s interior piece, because this fabric is perfect for that.

If there is one thing that will create 80s interior design perfectly – this fabric probably is it!

10. Geometric print pillows

If you are not such a great DIY person and everything you make looks worse than a 5th-grade sewing project, then maybe it is better to just go out and buy ready-made things.

These pillowcases could be the perfect buy for your home if you want that geometric, colorful 80s interior design piece, which will make the biggest difference in your home!

These pillowcases could absolutely change your whole interior design, by adding the color and boldness to it but bringing 80s vibe at the same time. We think, that there is nothing better than comfort and design combined, so don’t shy away from color when designing your 80s interior home!

11. Triangular shaped coffee table

This little gem could absolutely be found in a home, in the 80s. It could be used as a coffee table or it could be used as a powder table or even as a stand for some greenery.

It is definitely an item that you could find in an 80s interior design, so if you want to bring that geometric shaped furniture into your home, then you should definitely consider taking this little table. You can choose between different colors or even buy more tables in different colors, therefore creating a really cool and bold pattern throughout your home.

We think that these tables will absolutely fit in 80s interior design!

12. Flower shower curtain

Another really prominent thing in 80s interior design were flower wallpaper and flower elements throughout the home. And it is definitely the most fun part about 80s interior design – the different colors and patterns that were so popular back then.

If you prefer the subtler, not so modern, but still colorful feel of a home, then this curtain will be perfect for you! You can match the shower curtain to your wallpaper or carpet to create an even more 80s interior style. An absolute bargain if you ask us and definitely an 80s interior style appropriate!

13. Wicker furniture set

Wicker furniture is also one of those things, that you could find within any 80s interior. Therefore if you want to bring something from 80s interior design also into your garden, then this set would be perfect for you!

They not only look super good quality and really cool as a set, but also as just separate pieces – the chairs or the little table, could be placed around your home.

Wicker furniture was quite huge in the 80s, and that could be because of the greenery and plants that also became popular to bring into your home, including more natural materials.

You can also choose between two different colors, both of which will actually fit into different interiors because they are so subtle and not very colorful.

We believe that wicker furniture deserves a proper comeback because it looks really cool and often is a lot more durable than wooden or steel furniture