Decorating your home can be the most exciting thing ever, especially if you have a certain style and ideas. The 90’s is a difficult time to replicate because at this decade many styles and genres rose to another level and different cultures became more and more distinct.

It could be the well-known pop-art of the 60’s, which was now majorly implemented within the hip hop culture on the streets and as the art of graffiti or urban art. Or it could be the ever growing century of technologies, which took things to another level with the world wide web back in 1991, when it became available to the general public. And people couldn’t help but wonder what the future holds and how our lives will look like 10, 20 and even 30 years from then.

Yes, disco culture began back in the 70’s, but much like the pop art movement, there were still significant signs of this style through people’s interiors and style. Disco parties continued in its birth city New York all through the 90’s, Madonna later brought back this genre in the 2000’s.

Therefore – if you really want to get that 90’s vibe in your home, you might want to mix up a few different styles or you might just drop any style in your home whatsoever, stick to very simple, blunt furniture and very minimal decorations.

We do think, that if you’re looking to inject a bit of the 90’s in your home, mixing up the aforementioned styles could very well make up for a beautiful design through your home.

Pops of color, clean lines, retro style accessories, wall art that catches the eye…the list goes on of the many interesting pieces you can add into the interior of your home. In other words – every piece is thought through and has a story behind it.

If you need major inspiration and ideas – keep reading this article and make your home extra special with these ideas!

90’s Bedroom

This time was definitely special, because of the disco and pop music booming and becoming more and more popular. Technology emerging at this decade definitely also shaped the way people decorated their homes and became more and more modern. Many interesting shapes and details were added to interiors, color, metals, and bling.

Your bedroom could definitely turn into a piece of pop-art itself or just hold a few items that very seamlessly blend into the rest of the space. Whatever it may be – these ideas will definitely fit the theme!

LED Night Skies Led Lamp

90s interior design

It is no secret, that disco balls used to be a thing… what if you could include one in your bedroom, lighting the ceiling as stars and the moon?

This beautiful LED lamp will light the sky in different colors, giving you that disco feels but in a more subtle way. And definitely appropriate for bedtime.

Wall Tapestry

Wall tapestries were used a lot back in the ’90s. They might give a special vibe, distinguish designated chill out spaces or just serve as a wall decoration. This one is printed with retro tape recorders, which was the most popular gadget back in the ’90s and gave the opportunity to listen and record music. All in all – it is like having the 90’s on your wall. Coolest of the 90’s decorations!

Dream Catcher

Dream catchers come from the Native Americans and have a historical meaning of protecting infants, being hanged above their crib. They have not always been popular in modern décor, however, became a hit back in the ’80s and ’90s.

It could be their stylish and customizable nature of the colorful threads or the idea behind them. Either way, back in the 90’s you could probably find a dreamcatcher in almost every bedroom.

Why not catch bad dreams and add a great interior piece to your bedroom?

Digital Alarm Clock

Whilst we are all used to our smartphones and beyond abusing them, also using them as alarm clocks – this retro-style alarm clock might not only change your interior. It could change your life!

There’s no secret that too many of us tend to their phone first thing in the morning, and the reason being is that it serves as an alarm clock.

If you want to break this vicious cycle and add a really cool accessory to your bedroom – order this digital alarm clock! Back in the ’90s, it was all about waking up by the alarm, reading a newspaper and interacting with real people. Might be time to go back to the good ways.

Cloud Neon Sign

With the pop culture emerging, colorful neon signs were also trending big during this decade. Starting from diners and hotels/motels, to individual home and indoor decorations, neon signs were everywhere. A really cool accessory to your bedroom would be this little neon cloud – it definitely adds a different, yet modern vibe to the room and fits with the purpose. It would look especially cool on a brick wall, shedding light to the textured surface. Another big interior trend back in the ’90s!

Retro Armchair

90’s interior design was all about minimalistic, colorful furniture, with very simple yet ‘’futuristic’’ designs. Space theme was all in, and in the ’90s people loved including furniture, which they thought, could be found in a spaceship.

This armchair is a great example of what that would look like and would look great in a bedroom corner. Especially if you love reading or listening to music, this chair is as comfortable as it is 90’s interior appropriate!

90s Interior Design Living room

If your bedroom can be as crazy and fun or muted and calm as you want it to be – your living room is definitely a place you will have to think through.

Not because you cannot display your style, but this room will most likely host people and doesn’t have to be as private.

90’s living room interior was obviously revolving around the same theme as the bedroom and other spaces around the house, however – some pieces were definitely specially designed for this space only.

If you want to make your living space one that people talk about – follow our suggestions for decorations and furniture down below!

Geometric Colorful Rug

This colorful living room rug is everything that the ’90s were about! Pop music time, funk, colors and interesting simple shapes all together in one piece.

You could have the simplest design in your living room, but add this beautiful centerpiece and bring a pop of color into your home. People will ask about it, talk about it, but most importantly – reminisce of the bright, fun time, which was the 90’s. A total bargain if you ask us!

Grafomap Wall Art

True 90’s home is a home where walls are packed with colorful pieces and each has a story to tell. This Grafomap piece is not only special, because you can totally tailor everything about it, it also looks like the most beautiful art piece on your wall. And it will have a story behind it!

You can choose the color scheme, a specific place on the map and even little details like time and place measurements on the map or signs that only you understand.

The retro look and feel of this wall art is definitely something that a 90s interior design would cater.

Letters Neon Sign

As mentioned before – neon signs were big back in the ’90s. These beautiful and specific pieces were not only exclusive to diners and off the road motels. If you so want to – have one right in your living room! This letter-shaped, the red neon sign looks super cool, brings across a great message and most importantly – turns back time to the disco and funk days.

A truly great piece for any 90s interior design fanatic!

Fabric Sofa

Another huge part of the 90’s interior design was soft fabric furniture, with wooden paneling. Simple, yet funk and this gorgeous piece will bring that retro vibe to your living room in an instant. The wooden paneling brings out the simple shape of the sofa and adds a certain class to it, whilst the soft fabric invites you to relax and enjoy the comfort of this sofa.

You are also not limited to just one color! A true 90’s furniture comes in a variety of different colors to choose from, so going for a bolder red or turquoise will totally funk up your living space!

Retro Tape Recorder

A very big part of the 90’s culture, was the variety of different music genres emerging. Pop, funk, hip-hop, disco – just to name a few. So whether it was Spice Girls, Haddaway, or Salt-N-Peppa you sure want to have some tapes over in your living room.

Make sure you can get into the groove not only by looking at a retro tape recorder but also by jamming in your favorites from the ’90s and having a proper party! A must for 90’s interior.

Silver Disco Ball

If you are the soul of the party, but everyone around you especially loves the parties in your own house, chances are the only thing you’re missing is this disco ball. The original mirrored disco balls were not only in high demand in the 70’s, but some of the most notable party scenes in New York during the 90’s as well. 

The really great thing about this ball is that it’s made of real glass and therefore illuminates the whole room around it. You can easily attach it to your ceiling when wanted, or even have it on all the time Why not? A real mirrored disco ball could even stand on your console as a decoration, mirroring little specs of light around the house. We love a great, versatile accessory and we know you’ll love this one too!

Geometric Design Pillows

Retro style tapped into the 90’s all together with the disco and pop culture. Therefore all different patterns and styles were often mixed together. These beautiful pillows are definitely a hint more of the retro style when the tapestry was big everywhere. However, often used in the 90’s interior were curtains and pillows with different patterns and shapes on them.

We think they would beautifully blend into 90s interior design.

Futuristic Neon Tapestry

Besides retro and disco – 90’s was also all about the future and imagining what the next 100 years would look like. You could blame that on the rapid technological development, but people couldn’t help but wonder about the future. A lot of the theme was surrounded by space and neon lights. This tapestry would be a real statement 90’s decoration, behind your sofa, table or TV. Welcome to the future in your 90’s interior!

90’s Bathroom

Bathrooms have generally been themed similarly all throughout the past century and are a very personal preference. However – a few things could definitely give away which decade is portrayed even in this space.

Street art and futuristic vibes are what most people associate the 90’s with, especially in a space like a bathroom. So a pop of color, simple details, and furniture, white futuristic shaped objects would definitely fit into a space like that!

Pop Art Comic Shower Curtain

This curtain is all about colorful pop-art comic. Which was very popular back in the ’90s. Superheroes and comics were emerging again during this decade and a lot of people got into this theme. Hip Hop culture came with street art and colorful graffitis often replicating pop-art How cool would it be getting into the shower, seeing your favorite superhero on the curtain? If this doesn’t set the tone to your day, then we don’t know what will.

Bathroom Wall Decal

Continuing the urban culture theme, this wall decal definitely fits within the 90’s interior! A really funny, but cute wall decoration, that you can hang above the toilet and have people cracking up every time they enter here. Within the themet, this piece is still a very subtle color, which means it will fit nearly every bathroom. Funny and cool for every 90’s lover and definitely a 90’s bathroom decoration you need to have.

Retro Weight Scale

There are usually two types of people – ones who don’t ever know their weight and the others who weight themselves every single morning. Either way – you need this weight scale in your life! It is not only practical, if you belong to the second group of people, it also adds a really great 90’s design detail. Once again – this scale is very retro and therefore for those who love the 90’s it might tap into the beginning of this decade. But it is definitely worth it and will add to your bathroom.

Retro Wall Mirror

Another thing that will fit right into your 90’s design bathroom is this minimalistic mirror, with a little attached shelf. A truly great find for anyone, let alone those who loved the 90’s. It is retro, yet still fits into the futuristic style of the 90’s beginning period. A very versatile and valuable piece. The little shelf also gives more space for toiletries and anything else you’d like to display in your bathroom. A great find for 90’s interior!

Retro Drawer

This beautiful little retro nightstand will fit right into your bedroom or bathroom! A very minimalistic, yet stylish and simple drawer, that would bring everyone right back to the ’90s. It is spacious enough to hold toiletries or anything else you keep in your bathroom. Imagine having matching tapestry on one of the walls too… you could just be the next trendsetter for beautiful living space and bathrooms. And how crazy is the fact that the design of the drawers has been carved out of wood and retails for such a low price? A complete 90’s furniture bargain!

Bathtub Caddy

The ’90s is not only the decade of pop, disco and the technology evolving. During this decade self-care and beauty treatments also became available to masses and not only the wealthier society. Major brands started to manufacture affordable toiletries and suddenly taking a bathtub wasn’t a luxury anymore – it became a weekly ritual.

In the late ’90s Randy Wright came up with the brilliant idea of this invention and we couldn’t be more thankful for this handy yet somehow still interior friendly gadget! One of the most meaningful 90’s decorations and definitely could take your Netflix and chill to the next level. If you have a bathtub, that is.

90’s Kitchen

If you go retro – do it all the way! Chances are, that your kitchen is the best place to really express your love for the ’90s.

Starting from the kitchen equipment, too little accessories to snacks and iconic gadgets that will leave anyone entering this space speechless.

Or bring them back some sunny memories! Either way – we think you will love some of the things we have found below.

Cotton Candy Maker

A themed disco party with homemade cotton candy, disco ball and music jamming in the background? Yes, please! This beautiful little kitchen gadget will just bring joy to the eye as well as tummy. If anything, the ’90s are known for theme parks and having a great time outside with your family. Cotton candy was definitely a big part of this nostalgic memory (hence the name of the candy maker).

We think, it definitely fits within 90s interior design and will make any kitchen more special.

Tin Wall Décor

Have we already mentioned that the 90’s decorations were all about neon lights and wall art? While this tin sign is not neon, it still fits the description in our books. During the ’90s, not only beauty became more accessible to the general public. So did personal cars and traveling in them.

Off-road diners and motels had to put up the competition, therefore the brightest and most attractive sign was definitely something crucial.

With this tin decoration – there will be no competition for your kitchen whatsoever. And it clearly says all the important things on it.

Coca Cola Toothpick Dispenser

Coca Cola has been around for a while now. But there is no denying, that the most iconic commercials and the true rise of soda were in the 90s. Afterall, pop culture was a new and a very large opportunity to advertise products and cola was no exception.

And then also, who could ever imagine going to a theme park or skate ring without having a soda in your hand? Nobody! Pay your tribute to this iconic time and brand with a little, cool gadget. Because just like Cola – who couldn’t use a good toothpick after a meal!

Retro AM/FM Player

The ’80s said that the ‘’video killed the radio star’’. But with the emerging satellite TV and internet, we can certainly say that it was more the 90’s which killed the radio.

TV and video definitely became a lot more available during the ’90s.

Somehow it is still romantic to make pancakes on Sunday morning and listen to your favorite DJ. Sometimes it is the little things, which bring the most joy!

Table And Chairs Set

Take your kitchen to the next level, by adding these super cool retro/disco style chairs and table to your kitchen! If you really want to bring that super fresh diner vibe to your kitchen, this set definitely is the best of the 90’s furniture.

This set is great quality as it is chrome, the color scheme works great for almost any space and because of the size, it will fit into any size kitchen. A total bargain and a great addition to the 90’s interior fanatics!

Bread Box

Every kitchen needs a good breadbox. This beautiful turquoise bread box will bring a 90’s design to any kitchen. Keeping your baked goods fresh is important, but why not do it with style?

If you love the 90s interior design, you will know how important it was to keep every gadget colorful and fun. The box is also made from stainless steel, so it doesn’t only look retro – you can keep it in your family for a long time. We are not about monochrome here. The more pop and color, the better!

Nostalgia Toaster

To really set up your kitchen in the same style, here is a toaster that will fit within the turquoise kitchen theme. Even if you have other colors running through this room – the ’90s were all about funk and color, so this retro beauty will just add to space.

It is also practical as it is pretty, a really good quality, easy to clean gadget. And if turquoise isn’t your color – this brand offers a variety of choice. We heard that red was just as in back in the day.

Retro Nostalgia Coffee machine

Who doesn’t love coffee… anyone? We don’t see any response. So we will just assume that you need this beautiful coffee machine in your life! It definitely combines style, vintage, and technology in one! The continuing turquoise theme in your kitchen will not only bring style but also happiness to anyone who steps into your kitchen. It has a led display and brews up to 12 cups of coffee. This beauty will serve to your morning rituals and is definitely all around beautiful 90’s interior piece!


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