We all know, how important it is to remember anniversaries if you are in a relationship. And the most pressure usually creeps on the boyfriend, because pleasing her can be what sets the course of your union that is why you need some anniversary gifts for boyfriend.

However, relationships have become more so about equality and showing each other the same level of affection. Finding anniversary gifts for boyfriend can be a lot more challenging too, because, well – men always get what they need for themselves and rarely share their wish list, if they even have one.

Whether your man is hard to figure out and never expects anything but occasional dinner or he’s not shy of introducing you to his Birthday gift register – we got you!

Here you’ll find the perfect gift for any taste and character, so you don’t have to look any further. Just follow our list and he’ll fall for you more than ever before!

Creative One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Has he ever just taken you out for a night walk and shown you stars, professing his love for you? Or maybe he leaves little notes next to your bed every morning, telling you how much he loves you.

Then he definitely is a romantic and will be more than touched by the following anniversary gifts for boyfriend.

1.What I Love About Us Notebook

Little, meaningful anniversary gifts for a boyfriend like these often take the prize. If he’s a romantic, he’ll feel the love through the pages of this little book that you can fill out.

18. Top Anniversary Gifts for Him – Grafomap Personalized Posters

A poster with the location you both met is a very special gift. Especially when made into such an intricate piece of art, it definitely makes the unique anniversary gifts list.

2. DIY Scrapbook

Fill out this scrapbook with your favorite pictures together with him and add personalized notes. Even if it’s just a 1-year anniversary gift, he will definitely treasure this one.

3. Puzzle Pieces Necklace

Make sure he knows you’re the only fitting piece to his puzzle with this necklace.

4. Keychain

If he’s not into accessories, then this keychain is perfect to let him know – your heart belongs to him and him only.

5. Romantic Getaway

If you really want to go all out and spend some quality time with him – gift him this Air BnB gift card and choose a location that makes you both happy.

6. Engraved Watch

This engraved watch can say a lot of things. But when you really love someone, time becomes irrelevant; therefore ‘’until the end of time’’ really is the perfect definition of your union.

7. Photo Frame with a Poem

Your favorite photo together with a romantic poem about your love will make for the most romantic nightstand accessory. And a daily reminder of your love for him.

8. Message in a Bottle

These little capsules contain pieces of paper, where you can write any beautiful message for your boyfriend. They might be daily reminders of your love for him or even hidden, little gifts.

9. Personalized Pillow

If he travels a lot for work, this pillow will be the most romantic gift he ever received. Make sure he feels your love even when far away!

Funny anniversary gifts for boyfriend

Being together with someone for a long time is no joke and takes a lot of work. But lightning things up once in a while is an absolute must, to keep things fun, fresh and long-term.

If he’s a funny guy and expressing his love for you always includes a joke, these gifts will surely return the favor!

10. Matching cups

He knows just how much you love your wine and you probably know about his special relationship with beer…or whiskey!

Why not have these matching funny cups for each other, so you can enjoy a nice, quiet evening together once in a while?

11. Custom coffee cup

If you want to make him smile every morning before going about his day – this coffee mug will sure do so.

12. Funny keychain

This keychain might be a very small trinket, however, it sure will make him think about you every time he get’s a look at it!

13. Pillowcase

Sharing the bed with you could not always be easy, but if he’s a funny guy, he’ll forgive you rolling him out of the bed sometimes. He will also love these pillowcases as a funny anniversary gift.

14. Personalized underwear

Here’s something to remind him of you on the daily. And crack up too, even on a gloomy day – every time he sees this underwear!

15. Soap for butt and face

This gift is pretty straightforward. These soap bars are hilarious as they are helpful for a guy and he will definitely appreciate it!

16.Funny Dice Game

To help to keep things fun and interesting between you two, this dice game might just be the best gift!

It could also spice things up once in a while.

17. Personalized Beer Pack

Cheers with this beer and note that says ‘’Six ways to say I Love You’’ and gift him this beer six-pack. If this isn’t one of the best 5-year anniversary gifts for boyfriend, we’re not sure what is!

Unique anniversary gifts for boyfriend

If the mainstream just doesn’t cut it for you and you always want to keep the gifts special and memorable, there might be a few really good ideas.


19. 50 Caliber Bullet Pen

Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend

If he’s a real man’s man, he will definitely appreciate this bullet pen, which has actually been fired by US military. A gift with a meaning and practical use will definitely make him happy.

20. Unique Grill Accessories Set

They say that men are the best chefs. Your man might be one of them! And if he loves to barbeque and spend time outside more than anything, he will love this unique and beautiful knife and accessory set.

21.IOPE Men’s Gift Set

For those guys, who take care of themselves on a daily, this might just be the best surprise. If he wants to look good for you, why not help him with this exclusive gift set?

22. Engraved Pocket Watch

This beautiful piece with a special message will definitely make him smile, every time he’s rushed for a date with you.

23. Resistance Band Set

If he’s into lifting iron once in a while but doesn’t always have the time for the gym – this might be a great alternative for home workouts. It definitely lets him know you pay attention to his hobbies and help him be the better version of himself!

24. Premium Neck Massager

Helping him relax might be the best of all anniversary gifts for boyfriend. And sometimes you won’t have the energy to do that yourself, so this massager is a genius idea to help him unwind. Everybody becomes a better person, when relaxed!

25. Engraved Wallet Insert


If you want to give him something truly special, but don’t have the budget for it, don’t worry. This lovely little reminder will definitely be the most special of all cheap anniversary gifts!

26. Oil painting from a Photo

A memorable photo of him turned into a handmade painting would become an everlasting cherished memory.