When you are married, or in a long term relationship, you will sooner or later come to realize that anniversaries become more and more special, as you grow together into the future. Especially when it comes to the day you met or the day you exchanged vows, you can show your love to Mr. special by looking into some unique anniversary gifts for him.

In this post, we set to find out the most interesting, funny, special and loving gifts, that you can gift to your boyfriend or husband to make him feel special and show him how much you love him.

So, without further do, here is our top list of men’s anniversary gift ideas.

1. KOGAION Men Grooming Set

unique anniversary gifts for him

If your other half can rock a beard or a mustache then he probably values the way it looks as well. This grooming set contains all the necessary tools; A wooden beard comb, a wooden beard brush, trimming scissors for his beard and mustache and, of course, a travel bag to take it all with you on your next voyage. The package comes with a gift box which you can pack your gift in before giving it on your anniversary.

2. Our Adventure Book Leather Notebook

best anniversary gifts for him

Are you a couple that enjoys traveling together? Do you want to keep up the free spirit for the years to come? in this case, and if you want to store your already created memories, a leather notebook can be one of the most unique anniversary gifts for him. Not only will it help you travel more organized and keep notes on your favorite new places, but it will also store your necessary items thanks to its organized card slots and zipper lockers.

3. Wooden deck organizer for all your necessary items

wooden anniversary gift ideas for him

Continuing on the organization part, if your boyfriend or husband seems to forget his stuff often, then a more… functional gift is probably something he will enjoy. This is why we recommend this docking station, which you can gift on your anniversary. While it looks like a simple piece of carved wood, it offers a central point to help your Romeo know, at all times, where his things are. So if you want to make sure he always has his keys, phone, and sunglasses, this is in the list with the great anniversary gifts.

4. Multifunctional laptop bag

unique anniversary gift ideas

I know, I know, not the most creating anniversary gift for men, that’s for sure. But have you ever thought about what your man really values? If it is his job and how well prepared he leaves to it in the morning, then maybe a romantic gift is not the most personalized gift. Instead, why not give him something he can actually use and enjoy on a daily basis? This laptop bag is perfect for a 17-inch laptop, includes 10+ pockets and can be worn as a messenger bag or carried like a suitcase.

100% Unique anniversary gifts for him

Well then, are you looking for something he has never seen before or something that will totally blow him away? There are many ways to make a gift unique and below we will take a look at the top contenders.

5. Retro Sweets Cartoon Box Selection

great anniversary gift ideas

Nostalgia is a very strong feeling. And usually, childhood memories are the best years of one’s life. Bring your partner back in his early days by giving him a “retro” candy box that contains candies from his childhood years. Tasting them will have him literally feeling like a kid again. And above all, this gift will put a smile on his face that will stay there for all the duration of the sugar rush!

6. KYONNE Lego coffee mug

coffee mug gift for anniversary

Who doesn’t love Legos? It is one more strong and vibrant memory of our childhood – at least if you are between 25 and 35 years old that is. Incorporate play in you otherwise stressful mornings by having a mug that can be customized by adding lego pieces as you seem fit. Your partner will love it and so will your kids if you have any. But before playing remember… coffee comes first!

7. MYCARBON Magnetic Wristband

creative anniversary gift for him

Sometimes you come across an idea that is so simple and genius that it gets you thinking: how did I never thought of this before? One of these ideas is the magnetic wristband, which is a perfect gift for handymen. It certainly is one of the most unique anniversary gifts for him, and it will help him work better faster and smarter! No more little screws, nuts, and bolts lying around the garage!

8. Batman vs Joker USB Desk Lamp

unique anniversary gifts for him

If your husband (or boyfriend) is into tech and comic books – trust me there are many of us – this desk lamp takes its fair position in the list with the top unique anniversary gifts for him. Not only does the statue illuminate in many different colors when plugged into your USB, it actually changes colors every time you press a button. Talk about awesome gifts! On top of that, it will be a gift that will not only be loved by your partner but also by your children!

100% Men’s anniversary gift ideas

What does a man really love? Here we outline, not unapologetically masculine gifts, but rather gifts that make a man feel special. Of course, it all is a subjective opinion as well, so take it with a grain of salt and adjust depending on your partner’s preferences.

9. Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de toilette 

parfume as a gift

There are a few checkboxes you need to tick to feel like a powerful man. And one of these is a good odor. Gift your husband one of the most popular perfumes from Calvin Klein, Obsession, and see him become obsessed with you all over again. Supporting your man’s image can go a long way and certainly adds to the confidence he expresses on a daily basis.

10. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida – book

book for anniversarry

They say that a book is the best gift you can give to someone. A great non-fiction book will not only will it gift him with new knowledge, but it will also help him improve his habits and life choices. The way of the superior man is one of the best books you can give to your man to help him go deeper into himself, learn more about life and improve upon his choices in situations of daily life. You’d be surprised by how much a book can change someone’s life. And if not for this choice, there are many other books that make up for unique anniversary gifts for him.

11. Brew and Go Filter Coffee Machine and Mug

What is one thing we all need in our adult life? That’s right – coffee! You won’t go wrong by gifting a “to-go” coffee maker that will make you two spend more quality time together without spending time at the coffee machine. Simply press on a button and let the coffee do its thing. And when your boyfriend or husband has to go to work, he will be able to drink great coffee along the way – whether he travels by train, foot or by car. And the best part is – you can also make use of it, improving the quality of your caffeine intake!

12. Grafomap Wall Art

unique anniversary gift ideas

The most beautiful thing about anniversaries is that you can look back and cherish everything you managed to overcome together. Sure, some are good and some are bad, but wouldn’t you want to keep the positive memories and have keepsakes that remind you of them? This Grafomap poster is exactly that… and more! This unique piece of wall art showcases any part on the map, so choose a place that is special to you. Is it the place you first met, the place you got married, or maybe your honeymoon destination?

13. Pizza Socks Box

pizza socks Not again socks… wait, what? This gift is the humorous alternative to an otherwise boring gift and guarantees many laughs! The pizza box may get your partner excited but once he opens it things will take a whole new turn. Show your loved one your sense of humor and give him a colorful surprise that he can wear daily. Pizza Socks are definitely a unique gift, and certainly don’t lack in practicality.

14. Trunk of Drunk – 8 Greatest Drinking Games

trunk of drunk

They say that when you stop playing you stop living. And with all the daily stresses of life, it may be a good idea to sit back, relax and live a little. This is exactly what this gift is all about. The trunk of drunk is a collection of 8 popular drinking games that you and your partner can enjoy together. Games include Beer Pong, Ring of Fire, Never Have I Ever, Most Likely, Flip Cup, 21’s, Arrogance and Screw The Dealer. Not only does this make for an interesting anniversary gift, it will also keep both of you young at heart and ready for party.

And that’s it, folks. These are our top picks for men’s anniversary gift ideas. Give us your recommendations in the comments down below and happy anniversary!