A bathroom renovation does cost a pretty penny, second only to remodeling the kitchen. Although you don’t spend a lot of time inside the bathroom, it is still the room where you need to feel the most relaxed inside the house, both physically and spiritually. That is why it is essential that the renovation turn the bathroom into an oasis of elegance and style.

This interior design goal is achieved in various ways, including the replacement of floor and wall tiles and adding fixtures such as a towel warmer to add some luxury to space. All in all, here is a short guide on how to achieve the much-desired elegance and style in your renovated water room.

The age-old dilemma: a walk-in shower or a bathtub

If you hire the services of an architect or a contractor for your bathroom renovation, the first thing they are going to ask you is whether you want to keep the bathtub and incorporate it into the new design or you want to install a walk-in shower. This dilemma is nothing new, as pretty much every homeowner has it. The answer to this question is not an easy one but you can still reach it after some deliberation.

A walk-in shower is preferred by the younger population because it is hip and allows easy access to water. However, seniors who have mobility issues can also benefit from a walk-in shower because they needn’t raise their feet at all to enter the shower cabin. The glass on the cabin is ideal for decoration so you can play with the interior design of the bathroom later on if you install a walk-in shower.

On the other side, a bathtub is hard to enter for the elderly and the children. It also takes longer to fill to the brim, increasing your utility bill. However, in terms of elegance and style, nothing can beat the bathtub. Fill it up, add some scented salts, and enjoy a bubble bath for total body relaxation. The final choice between these two design solutions is up to you and the question of whether you’ll use the bathroom for a quick shower or long relaxing baths.

The importance of inclined floors and underfloor heating

Speaking of a shower cabin, there might not exist a step between it and the rest of the bathroom but that doesn’t mean that the floor of the cabin is flat. In fact, its bottom should come with a slight incline for proper drainage. If you are remodeling the bathroom yourself, don’t skip this crucial step when designing your new bathroom. Floors need to be slightly slanted towards the drains in order to keep the water flowing instead of creating a pond in the middle of the bathroom.

Applying such inclination means that the floor tiles will have to be removed so while you’re there, why not install underfloor heating. Vertical heating bodies take up a lot of space and they’re impractical when it comes to the bathroom which is often small in size and easily heated. In fact, a hot shower coupled with a towel warmer is enough to keep you warm during winter.

Installing a towel warmer

Apart from assisting underfloor heating, a towel warmer will, wait for it, keep your towels warm. A person who has never used a towel warmer before might think of it as a trivial and a redundant addition to the bathroom but trust us, the first time you put a warm towel around yourself, you’ll melt from the inside. Towel warmers are connected to the existent network of hot water pipes so their installation doesn’t involve tearing down walls. In fact, they are “pressed” against the walls so a towel warmer won’t take up a lot of space, as you can place it behind the bathroom door.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

If there is one centerpiece inside the bathroom that women love then it’s the mirror. If you’re aiming for elegance, then the mirror should be everything but ordinary. There are so many wacky mirror designs to choose from but we can recommend the one with a stately round mirror hanging from a single wall peg using boat ropes.

After dark, you can use the vanity mirror as a lighting fixture as well. You might not be a famous actor but you can have your very own shining dressing table. Not only is an LED strip cheap to get but it can act as a light source for the entire room. Shaving or putting on makeup will be eased so much after installing mirror lights.

Hangers and shelves

If you’ve ever had to deal with clutter inside your home, then you know that the best method to beat it is to create a place for everything. In the bathroom, this means placing enough hangers and shelves all over the room. The hangers are there for towels and shelves can serve as the place where you store shampoos and hair conditioners.

There should be a water-resistant shelf inside the shower or just above the bathtub for storing shower gels and sops you use on a dilly basis. Finally, you should install a cabinet or two for storing hazardous chemicals or electrical devices, such as the hairdryer, which don’t react well when coming in contact with water.

One of the hangers can be our product – Grafomap custom map. Check them out.

A touch of chrome

You probably love seeing a car with chrome parts on it, right? Well, your bathroom can use some “chroming up” as well. Copper and brass are found in pretty much every bathroom on the planet so they are rather dull materials. What you need are chromed handles, knobs, and hangers. You can even have chromed faucets in the shower cabin and over the sink but it’s the attention to details to details that matter. A chromed soap dispenser, magnifying mirror or the cup where you hold the toothbrush are more than enough to “chrome” your way to a stylish and elegant bathroom.

Sitting down

Have you ever noticed how the homes of the rich and famous have an armchair inside the bathroom? This is not a whim of theirs but rather a real need to have some sort of seating in the bathroom for ultimate comfort.

So far, you have probably had to clip your toenails on the bed or in the living room but if you place a stool or a chair in the bathroom, you can perform similar activities without leaving the bathroom. Not only is this method more practical in a bathroom renovation but it conveys a sense of grandeur to the bathroom by creating a miniature seating area.

Selecting the right tiles

Before you read anything about bathroom tiles, be sure that there are no sections of your bathroom that are covered with wood. It deteriorates fast when exposed to moisture, and the air inside the bathroom is extremely humid. As far as tiles are concerned, ceramic is not the only material they are made from, as there are glass, stone, and even metal tiles.

When it comes to design, there is an endless choice of shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors. Ceramic tiles can be embossed or embossed differently so you can alternate between designs when it comes to different sections of the bathroom. For instance, the edges of the walls could feature tiles different in texture or color than the rest of the room. Another solution is to install different tiles around fixtures such as hangers, the vanity unit, and the shower cabin.

When renovating the bathroom, you need to plan for such different tiles because they are usually charged per piece due to their uniqueness. If you wish to save a few dollars, then you can paint the tiles yourself or get see-through glass tiles which are generally cheaper than embellished ceramic ones.

Bathroom renovation furniture

Adding bathroom cabinets, shelves, and a seating area should not be the end of furnishing the bathroom. There is nothing more elegant than a chest inside the bathroom for storing clean towels or alternatively, dirty laundry. If you have found the ideal trunk but it’s made from wood, then impregnate it before placing it in the bathroom; you know, humidity and all.

Accessorize in style

Finally, the times has come to add some bling to your bathroom renovation. Attention to detail is at the very core of elegance as likable window covers, artwork, flowers, and plush mats are ideal accessories. The mats can be anti-slip in order to prevent injuries.

Colorful and soft towels are the final touch you add to your renovated bathroom. You can buy a whole set so all members of the family would use similar towels, perhaps featuring a monogram. Instead of towel warmers and traditional pegs, they could hang be folded on a display rack to warm up the interior design.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention protection in your bathroom renovation. Use the right gloves like everprogloves for the best protection of your hands.

Finally, you can use the shelves for more than storage purposes. Like in the living room, the shelves and cases can serve as display areas where a vase with flowers or a figurine would fit in nicely. Again, just make sure that nothing made out of paper or a similar non-waterproof material ends up in the spruced-up bathroom.

As you have seen from the many examples listed, elegance and style should be an integral part of your bathroom renovation. Furthermore, they are not as expensive to introduces you might have thought at first so there is no reason not to go the extra mile to create a homely atmosphere inside the bathroom.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. Besides writing about home improvement, he works as a consultant for Acqua Bathrooms. He also loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.