You’ve got your custom map and want to design a nice photo wall around it? There are multiple ways to create something beautiful and personal: a patchwork of mini-photos, a mix of small and big frames, a minimalist display, or a compo of fine art photos… the possibilities are endless. Our partner Art PhotoLimited is giving you some advice to make your very own piece of art.

A patchwork of mini-photos around your map

This photo wall setting is definitely for travelers. You have certainly taken many photos during your trip. You can transform those rough shots into a great souvenir wall. Start by ordering your custom map and have your photos printed with a mix of small panoramic photos (13×17 cm / 5.1×6.7 inches) and square photos (13×13 cm/5.1×5.1 inches). Then, draft your display on a piece of paper. You can try on the set on a table or on the floor. A nice idea is to match the color tones of your map with the photos or on the contrary, create a contrast with a black and white photo and a colorful map (or the other way around). This idea also works for a family photo wall you can match with a map of your hometown or neighborhood for example.

Tip: that’s the perfect setting for a small flat or a studio and if you have a small budget.

A mix of small and big frames

This display is a good way to showcase some special photos like wedding photos, birth pictures, and pregnancy photos. You will have to use much fewer prints than for the patchwork idea. Chose only 4 or 5 great photos and have them developed in different sizes and shapes: from 20×20 cm (7.8×7.8 inches) to 70×100 cm (27.5×39.3 inches) for example. As for the mosaic display, try on some settings before pinning it to the wall. You can match it with a custom map of the surroundings of your wedding venue or the place of birth of your children. You can also try this with your trip photos (but you would have to choose between all the pictures you took and that can be challenging).

Tip: it’s the ideal display if you have a big wall left empty in your house or staircase to decorate.

 A minimalist photo wall

photo wall

You don’t necessarily need to hang up many pictures to make a beautiful photo wall. Sometimes “less is more”. For example, you can choose only one or two pics you took, have them printed in the same size as your poster and display them inline on your wall. Another idea, if you printed two photos, you can put your custom map in the middle. That’s probably the best choice if you are particularly proud of specific pictures and want people to notice it.

IP: this setting goes well in almost every room: bedroom, living room, kitchen, staircase, etc.

A composition of fine art photographs

photo wall

You may not have traveled for a while, but you want to escape a little while staying at home. That could be a great idea to buy some beautiful urban photographies from professional photographers in different size and orientation. ArtPhotoLimited made a big selection of them on their website: from vintage black and white Paris photos to colorful NY’s Times Square pictures. You can either choose to design your photo wall around one city or display several cities matching each with one custom map.

Tip: those high-quality prints, combined with a map, can make a great gift idea either for Christmas or a birthday

A mix of fine art pictures and your photos


 Finally, you can of course mix your photos with professional pictures. Especially if you had a crush on a beautiful picture but don’t want to leave it alone on your wall and don’t have the budget to buy several others. For example, order your custom map in portrait and a fine art print in landscape (and in similar size) and display them in a way that they form a right angle (either from the top or the bottom of the map, depending on your taste). Then, arrange your own smaller photographs around them.

Tip: that’s definitely a setting to showcase in your living above your couch.