When a close friend suffers the loss of a loved one, you want to offer something to ease the pain, express your condolences and help the memories live on. Giving bereavement gifts is a great way of doing this.

Of course, on such occasions, it is important that you remain mindful of what you give and how you do it. The goal should be to ease the pain of the loss and do so in a way that is uplifting for your friend.

We have decided to write an article with the 20 most thoughtful and heartwarming bereavement gifts that you can give to a friend who needs you by his side. These small presents will help you show you care without having to put it in words.

You can give these gifts at any moment during the grieving process, starting from the funeral itself, to a respectful visit to your friend’s house. Truth is, we all know that a gift cannot solve the problem in hand. In fact, this is something only the grieving individual can do. 

All we can do from our side is stand there with them, support them during the painful period and offer them love and compassion now that they need it most. Over time, the pain will lessen, and they will feel better thanks to your thoughtful acts of kindness.

Therefore, let’s take a look at our gifts. We have split the bereavement gifts into 3 main categories, namely condolence gifts, sympathy gifts and funeral gift ideas that go beyond the standard bouquet of flowers.

Condolence gifts – Keep them in your heart forever

It is really hard to face a grieving friend and offer your condolences. There is nothing one can say really, just a tragic twist of life that was unexpected. Instead of trying to find the right words, you can offer a gift and show that you are there at all times.

1. Grafomap

bereavement gifts

A custom-made Grafomap poster a great way to show your friend that the loss of his loved one will not be forgotten. You can add any location on a stylish map of your preference, which in this case could be a location related to the person no longer there. It could be the place they studied together, a place they grew up in, or even a location they went together on a holiday. This type of gift will help the memories live on forever.

2. Everlasting flower bouquet

bereavement gifts

Flowers are a thoughtful gift to offer to a friend who is grieving. However, most people who receive them, don’t like the fact that they will eventually lose their beauty and die out. In this case, it is also a reminder of the death they recently experienced. A great way to show that you have thought about this little detail is to offer flowers that will withstand time and look beautiful for a long time. This everlasting flower bouquet is made from thin layers of wood practically looks the same way as real flowers.

3. Book – A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a really difficult task for many. One day he is there, alive and well, and the next day he is not. How can anyone prepare for something of the sort? Thankfully, C.S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed a stunningly truthful presentation that takes readers through the steps of losing all hope, up until belief and faith are regained. It is a beautiful gift to offer support, especially when your friend has lost a family member.

4. Leather notebook

leather notebook

Notebooks are often seen in our posts as some of the best gift ideas for all occasions. And while it may seem kind of irrelevant when it comes to bereavement gifts, it can help ease your friend’s pain. In an occasion of sudden death, there are so many unspoken words and condensed negative energy that can’t find its way out. One can’t simply be relaxed because the mind is full of thoughts. A notebook can be really helpful on this occasion. It can be durable and sturdy like the one presented above, or even a simple notebook. The goal is to help your friend write down his thoughts and allow himself the gift of a peaceful mind.

5. DIY Condolence gift basket

gift basket

A great way to show your care and affection is to gift a basket with hand-selected items that your friend might need. You can add goodies and household items or even items that induce relaxation, like bath oils, a bottle of good wine, and chocolate. The great thing about this gift is that you don’t simply buy it and give it but instead, you spend time making it unique for the person who could make use of it. A few basic things you could add in this situation could be food delivery gift cards, flowers, books, movies, and tasty treats. A great way to give this sort of gift is to wrap it nicely and leave it outside of his/her doorstep.

6. Personalized bird feeder

bird feeder

If your friend lost a parent or sibling due to old age, you might want to offer a gift that will help his memory live on. This gift idea is better suited for seniors and adds a thoughtful touch that withstands time. Apart from that, the gift is unique and can be customized exactly the way you’d like it to. You can add a poem, a name, an emblem or any other message that is meaningful for the person who is mourning his loss. Finally, a bird feeder is a symbol of life. It is used to feed birds and their small ones, helping them survive, grow and flourish, while bringing them closer to your friend, to lessen the pain of loneliness.

7. Coral fleece blanket

bereavement gifts

A snuggly blanket may not be the fanciest gift for such an occasion, but definitely, one gift that is much needed. Grief is an exhausting process and, as such, your friend will need time to rest and be with his thoughts. Make the process a little more comfortable by improving their comfort and make sure you tell them you are there for them at all times.

Sympathy gifts – I am always here for you

A gift to show your love and sympathy, a gift to let your friend know that you are always there for them. While there is not even a need to give something on such occasions, it is a good idea to think of what your friend is going through and gift something that you too would appreciate.

8. Memorial Keychain to remember your loved one


The best thing about a memorial keychain is the fact that it is small and easy to carry, while also very meaningful to the person you give it to. Your friend can use it for his keys and take it with him wherever he goes – whether at home, in the car, at work, or even on a night out with friends, they will always rest assured that a piece of their loved ones is close to them, at a hand’s reach. The great thing about such bereavement gifts is that they can have a personalized message, such as the name of your friend’s loved one, a quote he always said or something else that may bring back memories.

9. Heart ornament to always keep them close

This personalized bereavement gift features a beautiful poem, realistic-looking angel wings and a tiny customized heart artfully bound together with a colorful ribbon. Gift it to your mourning friend to keep the memory of his loved one alive, even if he is not directly there with him. Just think of how your friend will react when he sees a gift like this on his doorstep and how many lovely memories it will bring back.

9. Hand-carved memorial plaque


This hand-carved memorial plaque is created by masters of the skill in Oregon, USA. It is made from a strong and durable wood foundation that is then customized with the help of laser machines. You can add anything from a poem and a memorial quote to a memory inscription or a wish for the future.

The birds on the plaque symbolize hope, life and the continuation of it throughout time. Give this symbolic gift to show your sympathy and care during the difficult times for your friend.

10. Tibetan meditation yoga singing bowl

bereavement gifts


It is often so that after the loss of a loved one, their close relatives and friends will try to keep themselves busy to stop thinking about the tragic event that recently occurred. A very few, however, will try to face the situation, find answers within themselves and try to become stronger people throughout the experience. A Tibetan meditation bowl is a beautiful representation of such a courageous effort. It acts as an introduction to a higher level of awareness and a doorway towards a better meditation experience. For a friend who is mourning the loss of someone he loved, a moment of silence and reflection can be the best way to grief the lost one. 

11. Personalized, leather-bound photo album

I know what you may be thinking right now. Aren’t photo albums a gift mostly meant for weddings, birthday parties, and graduations? Not to mention that its kinda old-school and no one really prints photos anymore? You are right in a way… but hear me out on this one. A personalized photo album can be made to lead your friend into an experience of all great memories they lived together with their loved one. I could be about their years together in college, the placed they visited together, silly photos that make people smile or even photos of their childhood. This gift is really personal and thus there is not much else to say here. You will need to take the time to go through old photos and present them in a meaningful way that will make the person feel better throughout his grieving process.


Funeral gift ideas to show your support

The most difficult part about the death of someone is the final goodbye. No one has to speak because it has all been said. The pain is there, unable to let go, and the memories of the lost loved one are more vivid than ever. What could you possibly give, on such occasions, to show your support?


12. Plant a tree to remember them forever



A memory gift tree is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your friend in a funeral. While the occasion may be somber and the mood negative, such a gift can offer a glimpse of hope and a ray of positivity. You can even customize the wooden frame to state the name of a loved one or a date of your preference. Give it to your friend and let him know that the memory of his loved one will always live on in your hearts.


13. Plane tickets to escape for a while


plane tickets


The moment a loved one dies, everything around reminds of him. The places he and your friend went together, the cafeterias they used to hang out at, even a simple activity like a daily walk can bring back memories that, during this time, can be really painful. We have also often heard from mourning people that they wish it was all just over, that they could just disappear for a while and come back when everything is going good again. And maybe, in a way, this is a good idea. Give your friend a roundtrip to a destination you know he will love and let him take his mind off the pain for a while. A good practice to ensure this gift will be used is to talk to the employer of your friend and make sure he can get some days off during that time. This is a truly meaningful gift that will be appreciated by your grieving friend.


14. Phoenix sculpture to signal hope



A phoenix symbolizes death and rebirth. If your friend needs some token or memorabilia to remember and cherish his friend by, then this can be a beautiful and meaningful gift. This phoenix ornament by KKCD is made from durable resin and weighs a little more than 3 kilograms. It can be placed in the living room, the bedroom, the garden or even at the funeral site itself, to remind everyone that hope is always around the corner and that life keeps going on at a different place. It is best to give this gift anonymously and, if possible, accompany it with a hand-written letter to express the meaning behind it.

15. A TV provider subscription (Netflix)



At the sad moment of a loss, people tend to withdraw and spend time in isolation, in order to process the event that has just occurred. Even though we’d like to cheer them up and make them feel good, sometimes it is better to let them be. A great gift for such occasion is to offer an annual subscription to a TV provider, like Netflix or Amazon Prime. It may not directly remind the loved one, but it will certainly help your friend spend less time thinking about the unfortunate happening that only just occurred. A great idea with such a gift would be to write down a list of 5 to 10 movies that your friend should watch, and that helps him understand and process death better.

16. Personalized flower vase for funeral

These memorial vases are a beautiful addition to the already carefully placed items at the funeral site. Not only do they come completely customizable, with the ability to even add the photos of the loved one, but they also act as a foundation to preserve life. That is because you will be changing the flowers in it, you and your friend will know that life goes on and hope will be reborn slowly, as grief is processed. You can also give these vases as a gift to a loved one who recently lost a family member, so they can place them as they’d like to, by themselves.

17. Spa weekend at a different location

The pain induced by grief can be hard to bear. While everything might seem normal on the outside, you can be sure that your friend is in a lot of pain – the type of pain that does not easily subside. You can help your friend go through this lonely journey by offering him a pre-paid spa weekend at a different location. This will not only act as a small “break” between all the condolences and interest which, for some, may not be what they need, but it will also help them calm their mind and become more aware of the current situation. Bereavement gifts of this sort are great for people who have suffered a loss only just recently and are finding it hard to cope with reality at the current moment.

18. Personalized fingerprint charm in sterling silver

This is one of the most unique bereavement gifts that you could give, but it requires access to a loved one’s fingerprint. While this may be a difficult task to do, it could be possible if you are part of the family and have access to important documents and files of the recently deceased. The small charm comes fully personalized to your wishes and you even have the option to write in the back, such as a quote, a name, an emblem or even a date. You can attach this gift to a necklace or use it as a keychain. Every time your friend looks at it he will smile and cherish the memories he had with the person that is no longer with him.

19. Preserved Flower Bezel Square Bangle Bracelet

This bracelet is a great gift idea for young girlfriends that recently lost a person that meant a lot to them. It is made specifically to order and you will have to send the flower you’d like to enclose in it. This means that it could be flowers from the funeral or already dried flowers from your loved one’s collection. You can also choose flowers that represent something meaningful for the friend you give it to. This bracelet has a square glass top and is closed tight on the backside. It is made with resin and looks beautiful, as the flower makes one think that they are floating. Just imagine the look on your girlfriend’s face when you give her a bracelet like this. It will be very much appreciated. Once again, a good practice to follow here is to give the gift with a handwritten card expressing the reason behind the flowers you chose to use for the occasion. Make sure you acknowledge the pain your friend is going through and let her know that you are always there for her.

20. Luxury hand-made scented candle

There are two things that we always see at funerals. Flowers and candles. Flowers to symbolize life and its continuation and candles to symbolize the passing of the deceased one’s spirit. What makes this one of our favorite bereavement gifts is the fact that you can personalize it to remind of the loved one, celebrate his life and bring about the good memories you have together. We have chosen to present an example that includes a comforting quote for those who have lost their loved one: 


‘Light this candle, see it glow, 

watch it dance when you feel low. 

Think of me, see the light, 

I’ll always be here, day or night. 

A candle flickers out of sight, 

but in your heart, I still burn bright. 


And that was it! We hope you enjoyed our gift ideas and we wish you much success with supporting your friend during this painful period of time. It is friends like you that make them able to live on through the pain and grief that they are experiencing. If you have any more good ideas for the occasion, feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know about it!