In this day in age of the Instagramming millennial (Myself included) the old gifts of socks, shirts, and other nonsense that he won’t love are wack.  These days you better off sticking to experience gifts for men, not only is an experience a priceless gift it is also an action-filled adventure the two of you can enjoy.  It can be hard to figure out what to do and where to do it, so we put together this post of some of the best experience gifts for men you’re gonna find.

Experience gifts NYC, San Francisco & More

Sorry that I can’t give you awesome ideas for experience gifts in every city in the United States, I am more into brevity.  I chose some of the top destinations in the US; one in the West, one in the East and one in the middle, so I got my bases covered.

Best experiences in New York City

Experience Gifts for Men

  • Dinner – I’m not going to tell you where to go, I don’t have all day, but just follow the link and decide for yourself
  • Book a Helo ride around New York – The only way to see the city… And not sit in traffic or be next to a stinky bum on the subway
  • Catch a Broadway show – Just like dinner, too many to list, but you can go wrong with Cats, right?
  • Go on a pub crawl of New York’s Oldest Bars – One of my favorites is McSorley’s, it is complete with only two types of beer, sawdust on the ground and a surly bartender in a bar that every president has visited since Lincoln!
  • Take a sunset boat cruise around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty
  • Museums, Galleries, and more – what can I say, there are a ton, pick one (like the Natural History Museum) and go crazy
  • My personal fav – a class at Trapeze School new york

Sweet Austin Experiences (2)

  • Hit the waters of Lady Bird Lake – Taking a dip in a Texas watering hole is a bucket list item, yeah?
  • Visit the Texas State Capitol building – Its beautiful and right there, why not
  • My personal fav – Chicken Shit Bingo @ Ginny’s Little Longhorn – It is exactly what it sounds like
  • You have to eat some real Texas barbecue – supposedly some of the best out there
  • Explore the Cathedral of Junk
  • Take in a flick at the Alamo Drafthouse
  • Stroll down South Congress
  • Hit a bar, there are a lot One neighborhood alone boasts 88 bars, one for every 67 people there

Best Experiences in San Francisco (4)

  • Watch fortune cookies being made in Chinatown – and just walk around the craziness that is Chinatown San Francisco, the West Coast’s oldest
  • Visit the sea lions @ Pier 39 – Self-explanatory
  • Walk across Golden Gate Bridge – because of it free and beautiful
  • Drive down Lombard Street – or Ghost ride the whip as E-40 would
  • My personal fav – Stroll through the Presidio – it’s a beautiful sprawling park with stunning views of the entire bay, and hey it’s free
  • Ride a cable car – Its super touristy but fun and the best way to get up and down those steep hills
  • Go to Alcatraz – They even do night time tours if you are into getting spooky
  • Eat and drink your way through SF – from Tiki Dive Bars to some of the best restaurants in the world, they have a little bit of everything
  • Dive with Sharks – file this under “I didn’t know you could do that there”, you’re welcome

Best experiences around the rest of the Globe


Awesome Experiences in Europe (3)

  • My personal Fav – Watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower – walk to the local grocery store and grab some cheap champagne (it’s gonna be good), some brie cheese, and some crackers and park yourself on a bench. Life does not get any better my friend.
  • Catch a scenic train – the ride from Munich to Vienna on the Deutsche Bahn is quite beautiful with little picturesque villages and castles galore, and fast at 300 km/hour
  • Taste the culinary delights of Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and Germany
    • Italy – Wine, Cheese, and Pizza
    • Spain – Wine and Tapas
    • France – Wine, cheese, and any dish with butter in it (most of them)
    • Belgium – Belgian Beer and Fries with curry ketchup and/or garlic sauce (trust me)
    • Germany – Beer, and Bratwurst (Preferably Currywurst) with Pretzels
  • Retrace modern world history in France, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany.
    • France – Paris has so many historical sites it will make your head spin
    • Poland – You can’t beat the history of Warsaw
    • Czech Republic – Prague has some beautiful architecture and history to go with it
    • Germany – Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich are cool and all but there are lot more history out there if you dig deeper and check out the old towns with Medieval castles looming over them.
  • Visit the fairy-tale castle, Neuschwanstein in Germany – Look at the picture, you’ll thank me later
  • Climb to the top of the Swiss Alps – Okay this may be easier said than done, so if you do not feel like climbing snowy mountain tops then head to Zermatt to stay in the shadow of the Matterhorn or just over the border to the picturesque lakeside Hallstatt Austria.
  • Like active tourism? Check out Globo Surf for amazing ideas.

Bad Ass Experiences in Asia (1)

  • Climb to the Tiger’s Nest – It’s a hard SOB to get to, but worth it
  • Drive into Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle – One of many awesome things to do in Sri Lanka
  • Stand in awe of the Taj Mahal – This can be filed under “No duh” plus its history is romantic
  • Purify yourself in the Ganges – Like maybe not your whole body since it’s not the cleanest river out there
  • Experience Hanoi’s Old Quarter – A lot of people do not know Vietnam was a French colony and some of its architecture still shows that to this day
  • Bath an elephant – an obligatory must do when visiting Thailand
  • Wander from one beautiful island to the next in the Phi Phi islands of Thailand
  • Follow in the emperor’s footsteps in Beijing’s Forbidden City – You can actually stroll through the whole thing and then to the Summer Palace, caution if you are a westerner you may be asked to talk pictures with Babies (true story)
  • My personal fav – Walk the great wall of China – a short drive out of Beijing, you can really walk a solid potion of it, an absolutely amazing thing to experience.
  • See the terracotta warriors of Xi’an – As someone that has personally seen it, it’s worth the 2-hour plane flight to western China to see it and the bustling city (complete with City Wall) in the old capital of Xi’an
  • See the cultural icon that is Kyoto’s Gion neighborhood – Feel the old school vibes of Japan in this lovely part of Kyoto
  • Meander through a bamboo forest – A must do in Japan
  • Walk the streets of Tokyo – get some sushi while you are at it will ya!
  • Explore the many islands the in the beautiful Palawan – Most people don’t think of the Philippines as a beautiful tourist destination, but those people would be wrong

Amazonazing Experiences in South America (5)

  • Angel Falls, Venezuela – One of the tallest in the world, so it’s a must-see. TLC was wrong, do go chasing waterfalls.
  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – These salt flat make for insane mirrored visits when water sits atop them, a true must see.
  • My personal fav – Machu Picchu, Perú – One of the current seven wonders of the world, an obligatory bucket list item for any world experience seeker
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – And of course you must pay an obligatory visit to Christ the Redeemer statue
  • Medellin, Colombia – No longer the home of Pablo Escobar and other drug lords, the city is a stunning sight to see, a must visit when headed to Colombia.
  • Isla del Sol, Bolivia – See ancient Inca ruins in the tropical island destination
  • Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador – The Cotopaxi Volcano is the stunning main site at this great outdoor destination.
  • Iguazú Falls, Argentina, and Brazil – Just an absolutely amazing site to see, if you like waterfalls and aren’t tired of my jokes… TLC would even chase these.

Sweet Experiences in Africa

  • Go on a safari (duh!) – There are many to choose from but click the link and decide for yourself
  • Relax on the beach – It’s not all petting Gorillas and spotting exotic wildlife, there are some awesome beaches in Africa too
  • See the Pyramids – Some people that do not own a globe forget Egypt and all of its wonders are in Africa
  • Ride a Camel – You can do this on your way to see the Pyramids or a cool safari in Morocco
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro – or just walk up to it and stare at it, I won’t hold it against you
  • Visit Gorillas Bwindi National park in Uganda is one of the best
  • Climb in the Devil’s Pool – This is not for the faint of heart, it is at the edge of the tallest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls
  • Dive with sharks – South Africa has some of the highest concentration of Great Whites, and it’s a lot cheaper than most anywhere else, although sometimes you get what you pay for..

Experience Gifts for Couples

I understand that globetrotting is not for everyone, so there are a lot of cool experiences for him you can do a little closer to home and aren’t most experiences better spent together?  This is a great list of things to do with your guy that gives him the gift of doing something with you.

Taking classes together as a gift


A learning experience can be one of a lifetime, not only are you bettering each other’s world, you are doing it together.  Either way, you should be able to walk out of there with some skills you can use for around the house at the very least to annoy one another.

  • Yoga – It’s never too late to get a flexible friend
  • Kickboxing – Great if you are mad at him and want to get some stress out by kicking him in a safe environment
  • Art – it doesn’t have to be painting, think poetry or even glass blowing (especially if he’s a stoner)
  • Cooking – Who doesn’t need to know how to cook better
  • Improv – only if he’s funny
  • Guitar/drum/piano lessons – Maybe you can start a band after
  • Bartending – This is a great way to get him to make you some tasty drinks at home

Fun Trip and Date Experiences to gift


Going to Chili’s and getting some crispy boys may be his idea an outing that is a much better experience than smashing chips and salsa, getting drunk and falling asleep in the Uber on the way home.

  • Camping – Only if he actually likes to, but it’s fun and inexpensive way to experience something together
  • Escape rooms – If your city doesn’t have one then make your own
  • Sip and paint – Get drunk and make art, what could go wrong?
  • Memberships – parks, zoos, museums, hell even Movie pass
  • Concerts – make sure he likes the band
  • Wine tasting – Maybe even drive him this time huh
  • Massages – You could give him one or actually pay for a couples one
  • Pub-crawls – Only if he’s not an alcoholic
  • Heck, even a Mani-Pedi – some guys like them okay!

Budget Minded Experience Gifts


We have given you some pretty awesome experiences thus far, but we get it, they are not cheap!  So for folks trying to save a buck we put together some experience gift ideas you can try out a close to home and on the cheap.

  • Go on a hike – If you are the more outdoorsy type, hopping onto a site like is a great way to find some hikes in and around where you live, you would be surprised at the awesome places and things right in your stomping grounds.
  • Explore your own backyard – you may have used places like TripAdvisor when you are halfway across the world, but it is a great way to find things to do in your own backyard that you probably have never even heard of.
  • Picnic at the park – a bottle of wine, a blanket to sit on and some charcutier can turn a trip to the park from trashy to classy real quick.
  • Find their love language, give them coupons for that – Whether it’s doing things for them as acts of service, leaving them notes showing how much you appreciate them or blocks of quality time, these can go a long way to giving him an awesome everyday experience.

At Home Experience Gifts for Men

We get it, not everyone can afford to risk their boyfriend, fiance, or husband off to an awesome trip of a lifetime at a moments notice.  It can be expensive even to have a lovely experience filled weekend closer to home.  That’s why we want to give you some solid gift ideas to give him an awesome experience at home.

  • A Gift Basket that is an experience in itself – The fine folks at the BroBasket make custom alcohol themed gifts for men so the least you can do is send him a craft beer gift or a whiskey sampler gift to give him the experience of tasting beer and booze from all over right in the comfort of his own home.
  • Reminders of past experiences – You could also get a shirt of his favorite trip you two went on or place where you two had an awesome experience from GrafoMap.
  • Eating around the world right at home – There is always a subscription to Universal Yums that send out boxes of snacks from a different country every month, and what is traveling other than eating and drinking in different places.

Momentos from your Experience

Of course, what is a proper experience without something to remember it by, buying magnets for your fridge or a shot glass is fun and all but doesn’t have the romantic punch of something a bit more memorable.  Of course, we can not help but suggest getting a custom map of the location you had such a fun experience in customized by none other than yourself at GrafoMap, you can see a map of New York City right here.  Not only will a custom-made map of your experience destination be an awesome keepsake to hang on your wall, but it will also be a constant reminder of the great time you guys had enjoying that gift you bought him

We hope you enjoyed our list of awesome experience gifts, but mostly we hope you get to actually try them out.  Let us know what kind of awesome experiences you have given or gotten as gifts in the comments sections, we would love to hear about them, that is of course if they won’t make us jealous 🙂