We all know how important it is to celebrate special days in our lives. And more specifically – how important it is to acknowledge the people that make these days special.

Wedding anniversaries is no exception and the more time you spend married to someone, the more this time means to both of you.

Whether it is your husband or your wife, 12th anniversary is an important number. Entering the second decade of being committed to someone might seem frightening, but it certainly is admirable and means that you and your partner are in it for the long haul.

12th anniversary gift needs to be something special and something personal, but if you struggle to find exactly what it might be, then look no further, because we have some 12th anniversary gifts that will totally fit the occasion or at least bring major inspiration!

Personalized anniversary sign

It might not be the most expensive and luxurious gift ever, however, the recipient will absolutely appreciate the gesture of thinking about how many days and even hours you two have spent together!

You can have this sign as a reminder of how precious time is, or as a 12th anniversary gift game, where you try to think about the favorite things you have done in one of those hours spent together! I bet there are so many memories that it will make for a romantic evening the least and connect you two on a different level. A truly sweet and thoughtful 12th anniversary gift!

925 sterling silver heart pendant

If it is your beloved wife that you want to surprise by gifting her something so special that she will be blown away by it, then this pendant is definitely it! Women love jewelry, but this pendant is not just a simple pendant. In the middle of the silver plate, it is inscribed with golden letters ‘Ī love you’’ in 12 different languages!

The letters are so small, that you can’t see them without a magnifying glass and therefore this 12th anniversary gift is very personal and only you and she will ever know what it means and what the 12 language inscribing’s really stood for.

This is definitely one of the more expensive gifts, but then again – you can’t ever put a price on love, so there you have it.

Grafomap personalized map

The husbands in this scenario are probably a lot more difficult to gift to because the man just tends to appreciate completely different things, then women do. We might be wrong, but either way, this map is something that will totally blow his mind.

Simple as 1,2,3 – go to Grafomap website, choose the location only you both know the meaning for, or maybe where you met exactly 12 years ago, then pick a design that suits your home or you know he will absolutely love.

Actually, you can tailor-make this map however you like, there is a different framing and color choice, as well as the size and wording on the map. Order and voila! A completely fuss-free, beautifully crafted poster as a 12th-anniversary gift! Any man would appreciate a meaningful, beautifully designed interior piece, made just for him.

Matching keychains

There are small gifts and bigger gifts, but the only really important gift is that you have each other an that’s what really matters and should be celebrated the most on anniversaries.

This keychain is definitely not a statement gift, but if you want to surprise your partner with something small yet meaningful, this keychain definitely serves the purpose.

If this year is actually your 12th anniversary, then this gift is specially made for you both to remember, what exactly went down in 2007!

One of those 12th anniversary gifts that will always be there with you to remind you of a special year and how fast the time goes by, when you have fun, love and are loved back.

You are my rock

If a good sense of humor to both of you is more important than material things then this rock is perfect for your partner! As a 12th anniversary gift!

A truly genius idea, combining beautifully engraved little rock with a description of a story that you can absolutely tailor-make about the love you both share and how this rock came to be. Silly yet very satiric approach to anniversary gifts. If you both already feel like you have everything, then sometimes a symbolic little trinket like this rock is all that’s necessary.

Well maybe add a nice candlelit dinner and flowers. Or a really good wine. We would say that you’re set for a great night!

Printed cup

Probably one of the things you and your partner do together is enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee every morning. This cup definitely is a great way to remind your loved one about your journey together, on a daily basis.

As 12th anniversary gifts are often thought through and can be expensive just like any other special gift, this cup means more than the value of it. And you would be surprised to know, that the majority of people actually appreciate more small, overthought gifts, than expensive and luscious things. So there you have it – this might just be the 12th anniversary gift of dreams! And the coffee certainly will taste a lot better from it.

Immortal rose box

If you’re a hopeless romantic and 12 years of being together 24/7 hasn’t changed that a bit, then this box is a truly special gift for you to give to your loved one. The rose is preserved using special methods, to ensure it stays fresh for an extended period of time.

Because just like caring for flowers, you need to nurture your relationship and take care of each other with love and attention.

Attach a picture of you both inside the box and let the light music box ring in your 12 years of being loving and caring for each other.

With a 12th anniversary gift like this, you are certainly going to have another 12 years of love and kindness for each other.

Tailor-made wooden clock

Time might seem like its passing by fast, but when you are with your loved one time always slows down and becomes a lot more precious.

The moments you’ve spent together for 12 years might be absolutely priceless to you and your partner, therefore no gift can ever be significant enough.

However, we think that this wooden clock would serve as a really cool token and 12th anniversary gift, because it can remind you both of the times spent together in the past 12 years and help moving forward appreciate the time you have together.

You can even gift this clock to friends who are celebrating their love for a certain amount of time because that is the beauty of tailor-made gifts – they are personal for everyone in a different way!

Wedding anniversary book

If you haven’t yet started to document your journey as a union, then it might be the right time to do so. Making memories these days is all about digital documentation, however, the actual physical documentation is some much more special!

Take this book and fill out all things and major events you remember happening throughout the 12 years of you both being together, attach real pictures and give it as a 12th anniversary gift to your partner.

Its definitely one of the most special gifts he or she will have ever received, so be ready for an emotional evening! We think that a gift like this is worth a lot more than a meaningless object, but it might just be us. Anyhow – grab this idea for your anniversary and thank us later!

Pearl necklace

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, we disagree. You as her partner are definitely her best friend too, but that doesn’t mean best friends can’t gift her beautiful things!

For special occasions like 12th anniversary, special gifs are in order, especially if she is a sophisticated woman, who loves to celebrate and honor anniversaries.

This necklace might not have specific meaning to anyone else, but to you both, it could mark 12 years of happiness, love, and trust, which are all the things that a pearl needs to grow beautiful and fault-free.

Why not treat her and gift her this piece of art? We think that a little splurge is absolutely necessary and can be a great push for the next 12 years of a happy life together! A truly special and one of a kind 12th anniversary gift just like the love you and your partner have for each other!


So there you have it – 10 very special gifts for 12th anniversary! From smaller, more meaningful gifts which won’t break the bank, but warms the heart, to more grand and luxurious gifts, which reminds our partner just how precious they are to us. Because that’s what staying together means – to trust, love and appreciate each other.