Up for some awesome Cyber Monday deals? It’s that exciting time of the year again! That’s right, the biggest online shopping event for this year is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already figured what to buy for the holiday season, you’re in for a treat!

Amazon topped the overall volume chart for the highest sales last year, and this Cyber Monday, the company will most likely try to do the same. So you can expect to find some incredible discounts on everything from TVs, laptops, cameras, drones, and much more. To make sure you don’t miss out on the best Cyber Monday offers on Amazon, I’ve rounded up some of the coolest stuff to look out for in this year’s sale.

What is Cyber Monday?

With an estimated 7 Billion dollars in sales, Cyber Monday is looking to become America’s biggest online shopping day of the year. The NRF (National Retailer Federation) coined the term Cyber Monday as an indication of the 1st Monday after Thanksgiving in 2005.

During that time, Black Friday was the biggest in-store shopping event. This made online retailers fall behind, and so, the first Cyber Monday came about in 2005 to boost online sales and to have online retailers play a significant role during the festive season as well.

When is Cyber Monday?

As always, Cyber Monday deals 2019 is set to officially take place on 2nd December, which is on the first Monday post Thanksgiving. Just like other significant sales events like Labor Day, Prime Day, and Black Friday, you’ll start seeing promotions, pre-sale deals, and ads before the sales begin.

Best Cyber Monday TV Deals On Amazon

Cyber Monday deals are tailored to generate sales and excitement, so don’t get too hyped. Remember the basics of purchasing a good Television on sale: what features and extras you want, looking for reviews, etc.

This year has seen some excellent TVs from major brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung. You can expect a price drop on most of their models for Cyber Monday. Of course, it won’t be just the flashy, flagship models that are going to be on offer. 

You’ll find significant discounts on everything from Vizio SmartCast TVs, TCL TVs, to Samsung QLED TVs, and LG, and Sony QLED TVs. Here are some great TVs for Cyber Monday deals worth keeping an eye out for:

LG C8 Smart OLED65C8P 4K TV

 Cyber Monday Deals

This Stunning 65-inch OLED TV by LG is one of the best TVs of 2019. The OLED65C8P comes with an a9 Intelligent Processor to give you the best television experience ever. The a9 processor enhances the depth and sharpness while delivering accurate colors.

This high-performance TV features the most advanced picture processing you’ll ever find on a consumer television. Consequently, it offers an unequivocally exceptional image quality. Connections include three USBs, four 4K HDMI, a digital audio output along with an ethernet to complement Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Tuner options cover satellite and Freeview Play.

The LG OLED65C8P is a fully featured TV equipped with all the advanced technology to give you a theatre-like cinematic experience at home. With this year’s Cyber Monday deals just around the corner, make sure to keep an eye out for this beautiful beast of a TV.

Samsung NU6900 Smart LED 4k TV

Cyber Monday Deals

This 50-inch NU6900 Smart 4K LED TV from Samsung is another product to consider when looking for the best Cyber Monday deals 2019. This smart TV offers plenty of excellent features for a great price. The set’s PurColor provides an extensive range of realistic colors, fine-tuned to produce an incredibly vibrant image quality. With Samsung’s HDR10+, you can enjoy excellent high dynamic pictures. Plus, it can adjust image quality based on the scene.

The Samsung NU6900 also features Motion Rate 120, which enables you to watch fast-moving content at a smooth pace. It’s Ultra HD 50-inch display produces crisp and crystal clear image that’s 4X the clarity of full HD. Its elegant and slim design can make any home look modern and chic.

Sony XBR55A9F Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

This 55-inch Ultra HD OLED TV from Sony is yet another excellent product to add to your list of best Cyber Monday deals to grab on this year’s online shopping craze. The Sony XBR55A9F from the A9F series shines with a unique sound, smart design, and not to mention, the luxurious, rich and vibrant image quality thanks to its Ultra HD OLED display.

With over eight million illuminating pixels, you’ll never experience a dull moment with this set. It offers bright, authentic colors and fine-tuned details to deliver images with striking realism. With Sony’s X-Reality Pro, every object is accurately displayed, ensuring lifelike textures, detail, and clarity. Plus, it comes with Acoustic Surface Audio+ to give you the best multi-dimensional audio experience.

TCL 55R617 ROKU Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The 55R617 Roku LED TV is one of TCL’s bestselling and most popular models from their line of 6-series. It delivers an impressive image quality and smooth gaming experience. It features Dolby Vision HDR combined with advanced technologies to give you a robust picture performance, accurate colors, and superior contrast. TCL’s NBP Photon covers an ample color space. The HDR Pro Gamma produces excellent HDR performance.

Overall, the 55R617 is an impressive TV that delivers deep, uniform blacks, which is perfect for watching cinemas in the dark. It also has an impressively low input lag, perfect for gaming. This set from TCL should definitely be on your watch list for the coming Cyber Monday deals.

Vizio Quantum X P-Series HDR 4K Smart TV

The Vizio Quantum X P-Series is an outstanding 4K TV. It produces top-notch image quality, with impressive refection handling, peak brightness, and deep, uniform blacks. It has an exceptional color gamut and remarkable color volume, so the High Dynamic Range (HDR) content looks terrific.

The Vizio Quantum X also handles motion quite well, has minimum input lag, and incredibly fast response time. Vizio’s UltraBright 2700 delivers a 10x brighter picture with excellent detail in every setting. It supports the Apple home kit, enabling you to manage the TV using your voice. Thanks to the built-in features like Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2, you can watch your favorite movies, music, TV shows and more using your device. It even lets you mirror your phone screen for video chats and presentations directly on the Vizio SmartCast TV.



The LG OLED55B8PUA is another incredibly stunning ultra HD 4K TV with impressive picture quality, even when watching movies in low-pitched rooms. Its emissive technology helps in producing perfectly deep blacks. You will love the incredible motion handling coupled with the quick response time.

It features a sleek design and impressive build quality, giving it an overall premium feel. LG’s AI ThinQ allows you to control compatible devices with your voice. You will love that it works with all Alexa devices. With LG OLED55B8PUA TV, you can experience lifelike pictures with remarkable accurate colors, and superior sharpness and depth, which is why you should watch out for this set during this year’s Cyber Monday event.

Best Cyber Monday Laptop Deals On Amazon

If you are on the lookout for the best Cyber Monday deals 2019 on laptops, then I’ve got just what you need. The following recommendations are some incredible Cyber Monday laptop predictions for this year.

Samsung Chromebook 3

If you’re looking to buy a decent, compact laptop for your kid this Christmas, then the Samsung Chromebook 3 might just be the one you need. Specially designed to cater to the needs of younger kids and students, the Chromebook 3 offers impressive performance, long-lasting battery life (over 10 hours), and much more.

It comes with a 1366 x 768 LED display offers brighter picture quality, and its viewing angles are great as well. As for the connectivity ports, it’s pretty standard. On its left, you’ll find a USB port, a MicroSD slot, and one HDMI port and on its right, you have the USB port three coupled with a headphone and audio jack. With 4GB memory and 1.6GHz Intel Processor, the Samsung Chromebook offers the best laptop experience.

Apple Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro is one of Apple’s best laptops, and you can expect a price drop for this model in the upcoming Cyber Monday deals. The device features 8-Gen Intel Processor and has an impressive speed of up to4.8GHz to offer the best compute performance. It also comes with a Touch Bar, which makes any pro-level processing tasks like encoding video, layering multiple tracks, adding special effects, rendering 3D models, or compiling codes quick and easy. 

Overall, this Macbook Pro from Apple is an excellent laptop that delivers impressive performance, long battery life, fast processing, and incredible display and sound quality.

Dell XPS 7390

The XPS 7390 from Dell is as good as it gets. It offers better speakers, slightly roomier display, and larger keyboard & trackpad. The 7390 also comes with a 360-degree hinge.

The Dell 7390 features an FHD+ 13.4-inch display to help you experience bright and crystal clear picture quality. It also has the Intel 10-Gen core i7 processor, meaning it’ll run as fast and smooth without any lag. As for its battery, you can use it all day long playing games or binge-watching your favorite shows with a single charge. 

Overall, the 7390 is an impressive laptop with the right amount of features and is excellent for everyday use. This Cyber Monday, look out for this one as you won’t regret having one for yourself.

Surface Laptop 2

The Surface Laptop2 from Microsoft is a strong, sleek, and silent sequel of their first traditional variants. It offers a much compelling laptop profile to give you the best Windows 10 experience. The platinum color on this variant looks incredibly stunning and feels terrific to boot.

It has the latest Intel’s 8-Gen core processor making it a perfect partner for all your side hustles. Plus, the battery life is an impressive 14.5 hours, meaning there’s always some time to watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Surface Laptop 2 is an impressive device with an outstanding display, excellent speakers, and offers excellent comfort and is of the right size, making it a portable device to carry around with no hassle. Add this on your list of best laptops this holiday season, and you’re good to go.

Dell G5 Gaming

If you need a great gaming laptop, then the G5 from Dell is an excellent choice. It comes with Nvidia’s latest GTX 1650 and 4GB VRAM to offer the best gaming experience. Dell’s G5 also features a 15.6 inch 1080 p display that’s vivid, sharp, and reasonably bright. Its gaming keyboard is one of the best in the market under this price segment. 

The keys are large and nicely spaced, which gives you a comfortable input experience. Thanks to Dell’s MaxxAudio, you can enjoy lifelike gaming experience and clarity with its front-firing, two tuned speakers. You will get enough power to get most of your work done without experiencing any lag, thanks to the intel’s i-5 processor and 8GB RAM. 

Be a proud owner of Dell’s G5 during the year’s biggest online shopping sale.

Best Cyber Monday Drone Deals on Amazon

With the biggest online shopping day just around the corner, if you have been looking to get a drone this Christmas or is looking to save some cash on a drone, then you’d be glad to know that drones of all skill levels and price points will be up for sale this Cyber Monday. Look out for these five best Cyber Monday deals:

Alter Falcon AHP


The Alter Falcon AHP from Altair Aerial is a great beginner level drone to get this on the shopping event. The price is already less, and you can expect to get it for a much lesser price. 

What makes the Alter Falcon an excellent choice is its impressive Autonomous Hovering and Positioning (AHP) system that allows you to control the drone’s altitude both horizontally and vertically. It also comes with two batteries, making it an excellent value for money. 

You can enjoy aerial photography thanks to the 720p camera. It also has multiple flight modes like headless mode, one-key takeoff & landing, and return-to-home-automatically option.

Altair Aerial AA300

GPS drones are excellent options to purchase this Cyber Monday, and the Altair Aeriel AA300 is an affordable choice with a lot of great features. Enjoy FPV flying and taking impressive aerial photos, and videos with its built-in 1080p camera. 

It has 15 minutes of flight time and 150m range, giving you enough time to experiment and explore with your drone. Aside from GPS, it also provides multiple modes like follow-me, return-to-home, one-key takeoff & landing, and headless mode. 

You also get an additional set of propellers, not to mention the exceptional Altair customer service to get all your queries and drone issues resolved.

Altair Hornet 818

The Altair 818 is another excellent drone worth buying this Cyber Monday. With impressive features like 15 minutes of flight time on a single charge, you also get an additional battery to help you double its flight time. 

The 818 offers one of the best aerial photography and real-time videography with its 720p camera. You can capture real-time videos at a wide angle of 120-degree and explore at a range of 150m. 

It’s stable and quite easy to fly, making it an excellent option for newbies as well. Enjoy and work on your flight skills with the drone’s return-to-home, headless mode, and altitude hold functions.

Parrot Anafi FPV

The parrot Anafi offers a superior drone experience with 2.5 miles of flight range, 25 minutes of flight time, and 24MP 4K HDR camera. It can help you capture excellent still aerial images, and its GLONASS and GPS features further enhance the shot composition and stabilization. 

It even offers the follow-me mode, which lets you enjoy aerial photography without even using the controller. With the Anafi, you also get multiple first-party accessories, including a top-grade carrying case. With so many impressive features, it makes for an excellent choice if you need to buy a drone this festive season.

Snaptain S5C FPV Drone


If you have a tight budget but still want a great drone for yourself during the most prominent online sale, then the Snaptain S5C is an ideal choice. It is already available for an affordable price and with the Cyber Monday deals just around the corner, you can expect a much lesser amount. 

The Snaptain S5C is easy to use and comes with several features that are quite useful, including the one-touch takeoff or landing and headless mode. The best highlight of S5C is that it allows you to use voice command, making it much easier to pilot the drone. It even lets you do cool stunts like flips and rolls with its 360-degree capabilities. With the 720p camera, you can take decent pictures and videos.

Best Cyber Monday Camera Deals on Amazon

As Cyber Monday mainly targets on electronics, you can expect to find great Cyber Monday deals on some excellent Nikon and Canon cameras. If you’re an avid photographer or want to learn photography, then make sure you check out these five best cameras on this year’s biggest sale.

Nikon D3500 DSLR

The d3500 from Nikon is an excellent beginner-level camera that offers brilliant pictures and decent video production. It comes with a 24.2 MP image sensor that will deliver exceptional results and coupled with some additional lens, you can capture excellent images. 

The battery life is impressive, allowing you to take as many as 1550 shots without worrying about the camera dying on you. With its Guide mode, the d3500 makes it easy for anyone to get around the device. Also, the 11-point AF on this device does a decent job of capturing moving subjects.

All of these make the d3500 a great camera worth considering on your hunt for best Cyber Monday deals on cameras.

Nikon d7500 DSLR

This is another impressive camera from Nikon. The d7500 is a mid-range DSLR that offers much-needed features like 4k video recording and faster focusing. It has a robust body and is quite light to carry around. The frame features a rubber cladding covering for better grip and has weather-proof flaps on its left for the USB 2.0 port, microphone socket, headphone socket, micro-HDMI port, an accessory terminal. The d7500 also comes with a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature. 

Overall, the d7500 is an excellent camera that lets you capture decent lowlight and daylight photos. Also, the Snapbridge feature allows you to transfer your photos to your device with ease.



The EOS 6d is an excellent full-frame camera with a 20.3 MP CMOS sensor that lets you take magnificent landscape and low light photography. The pictures it produces have a pleasing contrast and colors. 

You can control the device remotely with an in-built Wi-Fi system thanks to the EOS Remote app. The 6d has most of the essential features required by any club or enthusiast photographer in their full-frame camera. It has a robust body and does an impressive job of capturing lowlight images and landscapes, which is why it’s worth checking out for this DSLR during the 2nd December shopping event.

Canon EOS T6

The T6 is of canon’s best entry-level DSLRs and is an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their imaging game. The 18 MP image sensor, coupled with several creative and automatic options, makes it easy for you to use and helps in producing high-quality pictures. It also allows you to share photos on social media or your device wirelessly with its built-in NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities. 

The Optical Viewfinder offers quick, and accurate focusing, helping you to firmly frame and capture your subjects. You can also record full HD videos with a beautiful bokeh effect.

Nikon D5600 DSLR

If you need to upgrade to a mid-level DSLR from your entry-level variant, then the d5600 is a perfect choice. The Nikon D5600 delivers superb image quality and comes with powerful and intuitive tools to help you take impressive and creative photos. A single charge will let you take 970 shots, which means you can enjoy shooting all day. 

You can transfer images with the Snapbridge app to compatible devices instantly for easy, fast sharing. The app even allows you to use your smartphone device as a remote to control your camera and capture portrait photos. 

Another big highlight of d5600 is its high-resolution touch display that lets you focus, pinch, zoom, and swipe with your fingertips.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon

It’s not just the electronics that will be on sale, you can find incredible Cyber Monday deals on other items like furniture, household items, and much more. Here are some of the things worth looking out for:

First Hill Calida Storage Ottoman

This gorgeous grey ottoman is an excellent choice. The ottoman bench measures 20x52x17.5 and come with interior storage that has a lift-open lid. This is a versatile piece of furniture that will not just make any home look stylish and modern but also help you in storing your clothes, essential items, etc. 

It also features durable wooden construction and has rubberwood feet for improved stability and strength. The fabric is made with linen upholstery and has a dramatic tufted finish to give it a beautiful modern look. It comes with a hinge to prevent the lid from slamming shut, making it safe for anyone with kids.

Tempur Cloud Soft Mattress

This 11-inch mattress by Tempur –Pedic is an excellent buy for hot sleepers. To help you get the utmost comfort, it’s made with Tempur-Es material for a comfortable and soft feel. The Tempur material also makes the mattress to conform evenly to your body weight. 

It features a SmartCimate system that absorbs moisture from the bed, thereby allowing you to sleep comfortably at night. The mattress’s premium fabric cover features an antimicrobial treatment. 

Enjoy a comfortable sleep with Tempur-Pedic mattress this Christmas by getting it during the Cyber Monday sale on Amazon.

Echo Dot

The 3rd Gen echo dot makes for a great household item to get this festive season. Amazon’s echo dot lets you enjoy ad-free access to fifty million songs. 

It is one of Amazon’s best smart speakers that feature a fabric design coupled with an enhanced speaker for louder and richer sound to let you enjoy your favorite music at home. You can even stream songs from Sirius XM, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more. You can also connect to Audibles to enjoy your favorite audiobooks.

Magic Bullet Blender


Another great deal to look out for in Amazon during the Cyber Monday sale is this blender by Magic Bullet. The mixer lets you make delicious shakes with ease. You can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind and do much more to prepare your favorite snacks and meals like omelets, smoothies, dips, and sauces. 

It comes with high-impact plastic cups that are dishwasher safe. This product is easy to use and offers maximum versatility and speed. A big bonus is the recipe book that will help you prepare delicious meals in 10 seconds.

Bose QuietComfort Wireless Earphones

Enjoy your favorite music with this powerful noise cancellation headphones from Bose. As you know already, Bose is one of the notable brands for manufacturing top-end headphones and sound system. 

Do yourself a favor by looking out for the Bose QuietComfortQuietComfort wireless headphone. It features a Volume Optimized EQ to help you get the best audio experience. It also has a battery life of 20 hours per charge, meaning you can enjoy your favorite music while traveling without worrying about the headphone dying on you.

Final Say:

These sums up my extensive guide on some of the best Cyber Monday deals you can expect in the upcoming sale. This is one of the most significant shopping events, and most major retailers will offer a wide range of products on offer, with more emphasis on electronics.

If you are on a lookout for some incredible purchases, then you need to make the most out of this year’s Cyber Monday and this guide will help you achieve that.