Dad’s birthday is coming up. And you want to get him something he will love. But it’s always difficult to choose the right birthday presents for dad.

You can’t really ask him because that ruins the surprise. And getting him socks for the fifth year in a row won’t do him justice either.

You can get a lot of ideas by looking at your dad’s hobbies, occupation or even at things that he keeps having troubles with.

Thankfully, we are here to help We have compiled a list with the 25 best birthday presents for dad, to give you some unique and creative ideas that will impress him.


Creative Gifts For Dad

This category is especially meant for those of you that want to surprise your dad.

Most likely, these are the gift he has heard of but never thought he would get for his birthday. A pleasant surprise and a good laugh are guaranteed to follow.

1.Beer holding belt

birthday presents for dad

For dads that work on warm summer days, a cold beer is the best companion. But since his hands will be busy, why not come up with a creative solution?

The BevBuckle belt is both a stylish and functional birthday present for dads. This retractable belt buckle can hold a canned or bottled drink and defines the famous “hold my beer” quote.

You can choose from many different colors and designs, so finding a good looking one won’t be a problem.

2.  Lying on back desk.

birthday presents for dad

I know what you are thinking. This desk will make watching movies in the bed so much easier.

This desk takes Netflix and chill to another level.

Functional birthday gifts for dad are never a bad idea. And this tool is guaranteed to make dad’s life so much easier.

3. Letters for dad

birthday presents for dad

There are so many things you want to tell your dad, but do you let him know about it?

These letters will have to put your creativity to work as they offer a structure you can work with, so you can make your own letter set for him.

Filled with both humorous and love-filled situations, this letter collection will take you back in memories and experiences that you have shared with your dad.

4. Customized leather wallet

birthday presents for dad

This wallet is guaranteed to impress your dad. It is made from real cow leather and is made by hand. It is slim, small and will fit in his pocket easily.

You are also able to print a personalized message or your dad’s name in it, making it truly a one of a kind gift.

5. Beer brewery kit

birthday presents for dad

Does your dad like to make and fix things all by himself? Or does he enjoy craft beer and everything surrounding it?

Well, maybe it’s time to enrich his skillset by making him a beer brewer. This IPA brewing kit contains everything your dad needs to turn the kitchen or garage into a craft brewery.

It contains 100% malt extract, specialty grains, high-quality yeast, and aromatic Summit and Cascade hops, sourced from Yakima Valley, Washington.

The set makes one gallon of beer, or ten 12 oz. bottles of true American beer.

6. Personalized cufflinks

birthday presents for dad

Is your dad wearing suits often? Does he enjoy looking sharp? Then this gift may be just what he needs.

When looking for creative birthday presents for dad, a pair of unique cufflinks, with your personal message engraved in them, is a great idea and one that will always remind your dad how much you love him.

You can choose from multiple designs, metals, and colors, so take a look at your dad’s suits and get creative.


Gifts For Camping Dad

If your dad enjoys the outdoors, it may be very likely that he enjoys activities in nature, such as camping or cooking outside.

These birthday gifts for dad will completely transform your camping experience and make up for very personalized presents when given to the right person.

7. Bear claws meat shredders

birthday presents for dad

Let your dad rip apart your food with the power of two bear claws, bringing a true natural element to your BBQ.

For dads that enjoy camping on the outdoors, is not only useful for people with limited cutlery supplies but to give the meat a great texture.

Apart from that these tools can also be used to shovel a pit hole in the ground for your bbq purposes or as a decent self-defense weapon if you sleep outdoors in the wild.

8. The Gizzo Grill

birthday presents for dad

The Gizzo is a compact, high-quality grill that can be folded and taken to your next camping trip. It makes a great addition to your dad’s BBQ efforts and is guaranteed to make his food taste even better.

The set includes side tables, a GrillGrate & BBQ pan , additional BBQ tools, 8x easy clean foil pans, BBQ gloves, tools to get your fire going and a case to store everything.

One of the more expensive birthday gifts for dad, but certainly worth the amazing experiences you will have with it.

9. Trucker’s Friend Demolition & Multitool


birthday presents for dad

This multipurpose survival tool is everything a dad needs when exploring the outdoors.

From all the birthday presents for dad, this is the one he can use for most purposes.

It also makes a great addition to your dad’s toolset as it will help him do anything from chopping wood to fixing a broken toilet.

The tool can be used as an ax, a spanner, a hammer, a nail puller, a tire chain, a pry bar, and a lever.


Gifts For Traveling Dad

There are two types of traveling dads. Those who travel for work and those who travel for fun. And while travel is a life-enriching experience, it can also cause a lot of discomfort and irritation.

These birthday presents for dad will organize his trips, keep him classy, and remind him how much you love him.

10. Personal minibar traveling set.

birthday presents for dad

Does your dad like to have a drink on his flights? Or love fishing trips with friends? What about multi-day beach getaways?

This portable minibar contains five bottles of 50ml each, ready to fill up with your dad’s favorite spirits and mixers. The case is made from vegan leather and is padded with foam on the inside, to ensure no bottle breaks.

11. Leather passport wallet

birthday presents for dad

Help your dad travel in style by giving him a custom made passport wallet.

This leather passport wallet is a smart and stylish birthday present for dad.

Made from distressed leather, it can hold up to 6 cards and 2 passports as well as folded bills or plane tickets.

When buying this gift, you have the option to further personalize it by adding a message or name for a small additional fee.

12. Tactical seat cover

birthday presents for dad

Does your dad often travel by car? Does he work as a truck driver?

This tactical car cover will not only help during trips, but it also keeps the car very neat and organized.

Surprise your father by pre-filling it with things he needs during his trips, like thermos coffee mugs, flashlights, hygiene items and, of course, a few tasty treats.

13. Personalized leather cord traveler

birthday presents for dad

Looking for the perfect travel birthday present for dad? Here is a unique idea that solves many problems.

This cord traveler is made from genuine saddle leather and is perfect for organizing chargers and cords during travels. No more wrapped cables in your dad’s pocket or suitcase.

It offers a functional roll-up style to not take much space and can be customized by embossing any name or quote you want.

This added service comes at no extra cost and can turn this item into a truly personalized present that will improve your dad’s daily life.

14. Lewis and Clark compass

birthday presents for dad

This gift is not limited to traveling dads but makes a great present for those dads that spend long stretches of time in nature or their boat.

Inspired by the age of exploration, this beautifully crafted wooden compass is an exact replica of the compass used by Lewis and Clark during their perilous journey across the United States and into uncharted territories.

Offering the option for personalized engraving, and a motivational handwritten letter, it’s a one-of-a-kind gift for those with an adventurous spirit.

15. Grafomap poster

Whether your dad is a world traveler or you have some great memories together in a certain geographic area, this map is the ideal home decor item.

Remind your dad of his hometown or that favorite trip of which he keeps talking about.

Not only can you fully customize the poster, but you can also choose a size that works best for you.


Gifts For Gardening Dads

The craft of gardening is a timeless hobby that many men enjoy. Is your dad one of those people? Then we’ve got some cool ideas that he will like.

16. Microgreen vertical garden

birthday presents for dad

Never seen something similar to be given as a gift? No worries, vertical gardens are the perfect gift for dads who like to grow their own sprouts and spices.

Not only does it make a great addition to dad’s kitchen, it also looks great on your patio or garden, if weather conditions allow.

A little bit of water and sunlight and your dad will wonder why he ever bought dried spices.

17. Tomato gift box

birthday presents for dad

Some dads enjoy growing their own food. Whether it is a personal experiment or a lifestyle, eating homegrown food is more than just a hobby, and showing respect towards this decision is important.

When it comes to “garden savvy” birthday gifts, your dad will get really excited with seeds of unique kinds of fruits and vegetables.

This compact gift box contains a collection of Italian Heirloom tomato seeds, including Principe Borghese, Roma, Pantano, San Marzano, Costoluto Genevose and Cuor di Bue.

18. Easy planter tool

birthday presents for dad

If your dad is a beginner into the art of gardening, he will probably find an easy to use gardening tool very useful.

This easy planter tool is will help your dad add more greenery into his garden with minimal effort and makes a great birthday gift.


Unique Birthday Presents For Dad

If your dad doesn’t seem to have a specific hobby but you still want to buy him something unique, allow us to give you a few creative ideas.

The following gifts can be used by all dads and are way more useful that socks and sweaters.

19. Echo (Alexa)

birthday presents for dad

Who doesn’t know the Echo speaker? The all famous “Alexa” is a name pretty much all of us know.

The device connects to Alexa, the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant that took the internet by storm with her creative responses.

Help dad find his favorite music by having him ask Alexa to do so for him. A must for “tech” dads.

20. DNA test

birthday presents for dad

Is your dad proud of his origins? Or has he ever expressed how much he would like to know more about his ancestors?

If you are looking for unique birthday presents for dad then you found the best one. With DNA testing become more available worldwide, this is a truly remarkable opportunity to have him discover more about his past.

By looking at your DNA, these tests determine what “functions” are exposed in your genetic code. Except of ancestry exploration, they also give information about health and lifestyle choices.

21. Apple TV (or streaming software subscription)

birthday presents for dad

Does dad love to watch movies? We all know how annoying cable tv can be. Thankfully there are solution to make movie nights great again.

Buy dad an Apple TV for his birthday. The micro-console directly connects to the internet providing music and video from specific sources, streaming it on your TV or other screens.

22. French press coffee maker

birthday presents for dad

Looking for some truly useful dad birthday gifts? A French press is a perfect solution to groggy mornings and afternoon pick me ups.

This pot is specially designed to be taken anywhere; the office, camping, hotels, you name it. And it is inexpensive too.

Improve dad’s early mornings by making his first cup of coffee a special one.

23. Wooden Shaving Brush Stand

birthday presents for dad

If your dad shaves often, then consider giving him something to help him take care of his personal hygiene.

This classic shaving set will turn the chore of shaving into a form of art, with old-school brushes and shaving razors, all supported by a large wooden stand that will look great in every bathroom.

24. Playable Harmonica USB drive

birthday presents for dad

This is a great gift for dads who play mouth instruments. A fully functioning high-quality harmonica that also stores a bunch of data thanks to the built-in USB that comes with it.

This multifunctional gift will impress your dad and make sure he never loses his important digital documents.

25. NES Classic edition

birthday presents for dad

Gaming birthday presents for dad are also a good idea, especially if he spent his childhood playing King Kong.

Send your dad back in time with the NES classic Edition. There is a large chance that your dad played a lot of Nintendo games in his childhood.

This replica console features 30 of the oldest classics that will guarantee many hours of gaming in his free time.


26. Sparta knife block

birthday presents for dad

Many dads enjoy cooking. All dads enjoy cooking in a clean and organized kitchen.

And since this post is all about creative and functional birthday presents for dad, we couldn’t leave this Sparta knife block out.

Help your dad store his knives on a wooden representation of the legendary warrior Leonidas and turn the kitchen into Sparta.