If there’s one area of your house that’s highly versatile, then that has to be your living room. From hosting regular movie sessions to fulfilling the work of your bedroom, your living space does it all. To maintain the versatility of your living room, you must keep the lighting adequate. Just a few lights and fixtures here and there won’t enhance the beauty of your home. You must sit back and analyze a few things before installing the lighting.

From the size of your living room to the type of furniture and ceiling, almost everything matters when it comes to illumination. While a larger living room requires chandeliers and fixtures, a smaller one would need just the necessary lights and lamps.

Keep reading to know the best lighting ideas to enhance the illumination and transform the living space into an astonishing one.

Create An Aesthetic Vibe Using Lanterns

The living room deserves one of the ecstatic decors and lighting to die for. You can create optimum lighting using just the basic stuff like lanterns. Make sure to grab lights of different shapes, sizes, and patterns. While a small one is good for a medium-sized room, you would need something much more attractive if space is enormous. Also, collect a few cushions that are both attractive as well as durable.

Embellishing your living space with lights is extremely easy if you possess the right decor items. Add on the lanterns near the couch and complete the lighting with some matching cushions. Also, put some oversized lanterns along the house plants to cover up space. Opting for some small lamps for your  led bathroom lighting is also a great idea. You can match the color of the lights with that of the wall paint or the table. Not only will it improve the appeal, but also enhance the area of the room.

Soften The Corners With Beautiful Wall Lights

The key to an attractive living room is the kind of lighting it possesses. If you work on the wall lighting at first, you’ve finished almost half of the work. Make sure that the corners of your living room are well lit. This trick works best if you have a smaller living space. Adding up a few wall lights along the edges will make the room look more spacious. Along with this, illumination provides a particular dimension to the area. You can also grab versatile wall lights for aesthetic purposes.


Living room decor is incomplete without some high-quality and creative wall lights. Whether it’s a small round one or an oval big sized one, everything works well when placed correctly. Before you add the wall lights, analyze the areas where you want better illumination. Mostly, it’s the region that lies opposite to the living room window. Further, install the lights skillfully along the edges. Make sure to keep the appeal of your living area in mind while you add up the lights.

Add On Some Chandeliers Here & There

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If your living room has a huge ceiling, it requires something grand that compliments its beauty. What could be better than installing a massive chandelier along with the ceiling covering the entire area? All you need is an attractive chandelier, some small lights, and lamps. After hanging the chandelier on the roof, switch to the living room area. Add the small lights along the walls such that they cover the entire space elegantly. You can also add some sconces along with the free space. Overall, these lights will create a much-needed glow in the whole living space.

Further, think about the tables in the room. Adding a lantern on the table would be a little too extra. So, grab some mini lamps and put them on the tables. Whether it’s the dining table or a simple table in between the couches, mini lamps work well everywhere. With ambient lighting and a breathtaking atmosphere, your living space will appear ecstatic. Also, the chandelier does the work of a center-piece by hanging along the central part. It will not only spread the light evenly throughout the room but also improve the appearance.

Pendant Lights For A Dreamy Appeal

What could be better than embellishing your living space with dreamy lights hanging down the roof? For all those who think chandeliers are too pricey or over for the lighting, pendant lights can be the savior. You can hang these lights either near the ceiling or away from it. Not only will this leave more room for the furniture, but it also look highly attractive. Another tip to enhance the living room decor is opting for contrasting lights. Make sure that the color of pendant lights somewhat contrasts with that of the living room walls. If the walls hold a darker shade, the pendant lights have to be slightly off the lighter color.

If you require a more significant amount of illumination to highlight the luxurious show-pieces, then use the pendant lights. Along with a brighter view, pendant lights will surely enhance the overall beauty of your living room decor. You can also couple up these lights with the desk lamps for an even more commendable view. Grab the lights and start adding the same aesthetically. Always analyze the areas which require more light first. You can still do some DIY hacks with the leftover views.

Recessed Lighting For Concise Areas

If your living room area is a bit on the smaller side, then you must grab some compact lights. Chandeliers and pendant lights work well in a spacious room with perfect height. If your living room space is concise, go for the recessed fixtures. Not only will they illuminate your whole room, but they also wouldn’t consume much space. You can also add on some spotlights here and there for creating a theatre-like vibe.

Your living room vibe is essential, and the lighting plays a significant role in it. Make sure to enhance the whole area with flush-mounted lights that are highly durable. Also, you can think of the aesthetically pleasing dome-shaped lights. Control the direction of lights with the spotlights. Further, add on the recessed lighting to brighten up the whole area.

Pairing the recessed and spotlights with some table lamps is the recent living room decor trend. After you’re done with the ceiling, add the lights near the beautiful house plants to make them stand out. Every table must occupy one lamp to make the mid-night reading time comfortable. Finally, garnish the whole setting with small bulbs near the edges of your living room wall.

Opt For The Aesthetically Pleasing Floor Lamps

One of the best options for decorating the smaller corners of your living room is floor lamps. Along with providing better lighting than the table lamps, these look extremely luxurious. Add on the floor lamps near the study tables for creating a royal essence. You can also put some right beside the living room couch. Before beginning with the installments, note down the areas where the floor lamps could work well. Apart from the tables, you must highlight even the cute little home decor items. Divert the attention to the better areas of your living space with some ecstatic floor lamps.

What makes the floor lamps ideal for your living room lighting is the inexpensive nature and versatility. You can grab the most astonishing lamps in a few bucks. Along with providing in-budget lighting, floor lamps appear astonishingly graceful. You can also move them from your living room to any other part in absolutely no time. Its portability, as well as shielded illumination, is yet another reason to opt for the floor lamps. Don’t think twice to embellish your rental apartment with these lights. Add on some recessed lighting that complements the floor lamps. In the end, decorate the whole area with contrasting flowers and vases.

Multipurpose Ceiling Fans With Lights

There’s nothing better than lighting up your living room with ceiling fans. It allows a practical makeover to your house and serves a dual purpose. As far as the appeal is concerned, you can always go for the royal-looking ones. Such multipurpose lights fulfill the goals of compact living spaces quite well. Also, you can save on electricity bills to a greater extent. Another reason why you must switch to such fans is because of its central placement. Being in the center of your space, it spreads the light in every direction.

With better illumination and amazing aeration, ceiling fans cum lights have gone viral in the home decor industry. You can also choose the kind of fan you want. From up lights to lights directed downwards, almost every type is available now. It moves the warm-risen air distant to your couch area and allows better cooling. Apart from this, there’s no doubt in the fact that ceiling fans with lights appear extremely enchanting. They are highly unique and royal at the same time. So, grab some of these and embellish your living space with pride.

Bottom Line

Lighting up your house is not just a matter of money, but also creativity and presence of mind. Adding a chandelier to a highly compact room wouldn’t look as pleasing as you want it to. It’s always better to analyze your living area right before you purchase the lighting and decor. If your living room is huge, go for the chandeliers and pendants. However, for a room that occupies the little area, floor lamps, wall lights, and recessed fixtures work amazingly. So, go ahead and transform the lighting of your house to a beautiful one today!

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