It is safe to say, that when it comes to Mother’s Day or Women’s day, there’s always a whole lot of buzz around these celebrations but never about father’s day? That’s why we created this post about cheap fathers day gifts.

Have you actually ever heard men saying out loud (i.e. – admitting) want something or hinting towards something, the way women do?

Probably not. Probably that is because men don’t usually fuss around gifts and are straightforward. Probably that is because everything they really need is basic survival stuff.

Either way, we think that Fathers certainly deserve just as much attention as Mothers. After all, we only have one of each and it is important to cherish them and show them that we care.

Obviously, you would love to give him that 1969 Mustang he has been obsessing over since younger days. Or maybe the tailor-made Indian silk tie set he’s been eyeing for a while now. Whilst one day you might be able to bring the utmost joy to your dad with these splurges, it might no fit your pocket just yet.

Therefore here are a few budget-friendly ideas for every loving Father out there. Show him that you appreciate him and think that Father’s day gifts are just as important as any other celebrations.

Leather keychain

This is not just a simple keychain. This keychain has probably one of the most important messages that a father could receive. And wouldn’t it be great to gift him this little, but very special daily reminder of how special he is to you?

If you manage to get him that mustang, this would be the perfect keychain to add to it. But really – the most meaning is often in the smallest things. What a meaningful and inexpensive father’s day gift!

What I love about dad

Another beautiful gift that will definitely bring tears to even the toughest of dads. You know how parents always say, that the most amazing gifts that they receive from their kids are self-made? This book is a really great example!

Whilst not being fully self-made, you do have to fill out all the blanks in this book that let your dad know how you feel about him. Warning – this might get smushy and teary after he reads through the book! But it is definitely worth it for both of you!

Our moments– The Best And Cheap Fathers Day Gifts Idea

If you are a loving wife to the best father you could ever wish for your kids, then this gift is especially for you. Being parents can get really hectic and not having time for each other at all isn’t fun. So make time for each other, possibly during a getaway with this little fun game.

This game essentially provides several conversation-starter cards. Who knows, you might learn something new about each other again! Funniest of all inexpensive father’s day gifts!

Garfomap decoration

cheap fathers day gifts

If you do want to give your dad something truly special, but also beautiful and meaningful, then this Grafomap map might be the perfect thing! If your dad somewhat loves art, but you can’t really afford a Mone, this map will make him equally pleased.

You can select the place of the map, you can even add a personalized pin on the map, and with a symbol that suits your message the best. This one is a winner if you ask us.

Car vacuum

There’s something about dads and cars, that one just can’t deny – there is a special bond right there. After you leaving the house to go to college, chances are, his car is his biggest pride and joy. If your dad is no exception, then this gift would definitely fall into the most meaningful gifts for fathers day!

With this handy little, but powerful tool, it is possible to get into all the cracks and spaces, making sure that the salon of the car is spotless. And such an affordable price too!

Long gone are the days where he would give you 5$ for tidying up his car and you happily accepted feeling like the employee of the month. Well, here’s your chance to be the kid of the month, by helping him ease the process of taking care of his beaut.

BBQ set


If we would ask you – who usually takes care of the meat at a Barbeque party, probably the answer is a no-brainer. If there is anything else dads love more than their tools and their cars, it’s probably meat! Gift him this lovely BBQ set, which says ‘’ dad’’ on it. He will probably crack up every time he’s making his ‘’dad-meat’’ on the barbeque!

What a bright and sunny gift, thinking about those beautiful summer days, grilling meat and enjoying your time with your family. A very meaningful father’s day gift!

Personalized card holder

Was your dad your hero, when you were little? And how about now? We probably don’t really appreciate how smart and helpful our parents have been for us, until much later. How they always gave their best advice, not always knowing the outcome.

Either way – your dad was always there, to give you advice and guide you through life’s situations. He probably also always fixed things and made sure that the electricity works, the water is running and the house is safe.

Gift him this little cardholder to remind him, that you truly think f him as your superhero. Google definitely can’t even compare!

Engraved rock

This beautifully engraved rock might bring the most joy to your dad. Suggest him to place it on his desk or in his car or wherever else he might please. The most important here is the message that you want to pass to your dad.

Sometimes it is difficult to say what you mean out loud, and gift cards seem to get lost so easily. Your dad definitely won’t lose this rock. He will cherish it and smile every time looking at it and knowing what he means to you. This is one of the best and cheap fathers day gifts ideas that you can find.

Printed mug

Dads usually run on coffee daily, just to get everything done on time and in style. Gift him this printed coffee mug and send a secret message. Nobody else might know that your dad is actually superhero from a galaxy far, far away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remind him that you know…

But all jokes aside, this is definitely one of the coolest father’s day gifts ever! It is also a great gift, if you don’t live home anymore but want to make your dad smile every morning. Truly one of the best long-distance father’s day gifts out there (in the galaxy).

Hookey game ring

Sport and team sports more specifically might just be a synonym to a word ‘’father’’. Which guy doesn’t enjoy a day at the TV, drinking cold beer and watching his favorite team win? On the flip side, there are also many dads out there, who love to be active and move and get excited fairly quickly.

If your dad fits the latter, then this game is for him! And what about bonding with your dad, like the old days, playing games together? This would be the perfect thing for you two to spend some quality time together. No bear or sitting on the sofa involved this time. But quality time with one of the most important people of your life.

Leather dresser organizer

If your dad is a serious guy and funny things don’t excite him, but you also can’t afford a Rolex, then this gift is perfect for you.

This leather organizer looks super chique and sophisticated enough for your dad to use it to store his most important items all at one place. If he appreciates quality and style, then we have just thrown you the best idea ever. Add a nice card and most importantly – all your love and your dad will be happy. One of the most meaningful father’s days gifts!

LED toilet light

If your dad is a funny guy, after all, he might crack up seeing this gift at his desk. This LED light can be easily installed into the toilet seat of your dad’s bathroom and will help him find the way every single time that he needs to go.

On a more serious note, we all know, that after a certain age a gentleman is potentially inclined to visit the toilet several times a night and it can be a very unpleasant experience. Firstly because of the lack of sleep. Secondly because every time he needs to open the light to see where he’s aiming. And lastly – because this light always wakes him right up!

If you want to take really good care of your pops and are looking for one of the most inexpensive fathers day gifts, then this is a really good find for you!

Your dad will surely be very thankful and might even get better sleep, all thanks to this little gadget. Did we mention the light can change colors?  Definitely one of the best cheap fathers day gifts.