Choosing an area rug is not a matter of picking up the most expensive or the least costly area rug you can find.

A lot more consideration goes into choosing an area rug that will not only be functional but also complement your décor.

Obviously, there is size consideration with every room needing a particular sized area rug.

There are material considerations; wool, synthetic yarns, cotton, jute, sisal, or any other type of yarn has its pros and cons.

As such, different materials are best used in certain areas than others.

Other considerations that are important to have in mind include style, pattern, pile height, and color.

Herein we will explore the color considerations you should have in mind. Some factors to make in as far as area rug color is concerned to include:

  • Colour help create an atmosphere
  • Be mindful of the floor colour
  • Choose colours that bring the room together
  • Be aware of contrasts

Colors Help Create An Atmosphere In The Room

Colour has a great effect on the area rugs and the room at large. For instance, use deep colors, and your room will appear smaller to the eyes.

With this in mind, if you are looking to create an intimate space that is equally comfortable, consider buying an area rug with deep vibrant colors.

Using a brightly colored area rug can make the room feel bigger. You can use an area rug with light colors in small rooms to make them appear larger.

Cool colors create a calming atmosphere. For instance, area rugs with bright blue hues help to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Be Mindful Of The Floor Colour 

When you choose your area rug, you should be cognizant of the influence of the floor.

Your aim should be to create a contrast between your floor and your area rug.

For instance, a dark wooden floor with a chocolate hue pairs well with a bright area rug.

Conversely, bright floors, for example, bright bamboo floor pairs perfectly with area rugs with darker and deeper hues.

In case you are purchasing an area rug to cover imperfections on the floor, dark colors are better at covering wood stains.

Choose Colours That Bring The Room Together

You can also use area rugs to bring some fresh colors to your room.

Area rugs are the perfect items to introduce accentuating colors into a space that is not only bland or dominated by one or two colors.

This is especially effective with a colored pattern.

Be Mindful Of Colour Contrast In The Room

Depending on your preferences, you might design your interior décor with the carpet as the focal point.

Conversely, you might want the area rug to blend into décor as a background piece of art while other ornaments in the room take center-stage.

To this end, go for neutral colors that do not stick out and bring attention to the area rug.

Solid colors that feature neutral and subtle palette become a blank canvas on which you can create any theme or style in the room using the lamps, pillows, throws, furniture, and the walls.

The neutral colors of the area rug create little contrast, making this effect possible.

In Conclusion

While other considerations are important, the color of an area rug will make or break its effectiveness as a decorative piece.

You might choose the right size, the proper shape, the right style, and the right pile height.

However, if the color is off, the area rug will not tie in well with the décor.

In fact, if you take the wrong approach when it comes to choosing a color can and will create an eye-sore.

Take heed of the above considerations when it comes to selecting the right color for the area rug.

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