Christmas is, no doubt, one of the most wonderful times of the year. Families come together to rejoice and celebrate both their traditions and customs while giving thoughtful Christmas gifts to make the occasion even more special.

And while socks and fluffy wool sweaters are usually the norms, especially for the adults, you could definitely put some more thought in your gifts. After all, wouldn’t you like to be treated the same way?

 For that reason, today’s article will show you the best Christmas presents for people of all ages and preferences. Grab your notebook, because you’ll wanna jot down some of those.

The winner – Grafomap

christmas gifts

Are you looking for a gift that will satisfy anyone, from your grandma to your college-aged son? Then, a custom map like this one will make their walls look better, adding a playful element and an intrigue to visitors who see it. This one is pretty simple. Visit the editor, and choose a spot that means a lot to the person you give it to. Is it the place they grew up in? The place they got married? Or maybe their childhood home? Whatever the case may be, it certainly makes for a great gift for Christmas. 

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for young boys

What are some great gifts that pretty much any young boy would like to receive? Here are some great options.

Badmington rackets

While there are many sports one can undertake, badminton is both fun and cheap to give as a gift. The thin but firm rackets can be the starting points for many fun moments in your next picnic or garden party.

Maxi Kinder egg

Whether you are 5 or 65 years old one thing is for certain – you most likely love chocolate. And while the custom is usually to give such chocolate eggs on easter, most boys would love to receive them on Christmas as well. 

Lego hydroplane

If your kids are very young, you most likely belong to the first generation that got obsessed with Legos. The popularity of Lego grew a lot over the past couple of decades creating signature stores all over the world. Now, every boy can undertake his first DIY journey by building his own toy which, in this case, is a sea plan.

Beyblade set

Another great gift for boys between the ages of 6 and 12 are Beyblades. The spinning top toys started to become popular in the early 2000s and, to this day, have managed to become a household name. Ideally, you’ll want to gift this present to your boy(s) if they are watching the tv show as well since that is the primary motivation for wanting to own the toy.

Pokemon trading card game box

What we love about it Pokemon is that it is timeless. The Japanese anime show turned video game has created millions of fans worldwide, and your boy may be fans as well. Especially with the recent release of Pokemon Go, the game is in the front of everyone’s mind, and the trading card game is a great way to have them enjoy the game while spending less time in front of the screen.

Christmas gifts for young girls

Is your daughter or younger sister between the ages of 4 and 10? Then, these gifts will make her super happy!

Toy Make-up set Frozen

What is all the Frozen-mania you may ask? Many parents wonder the same. And yet, the blonde Disney character has managed to amass the young crowds, being printed on shirts, bags, cups and whatever else you can imagine. One of them, a toy make-up set. Your little one might enjoy playing around with her mom’s make-up so this makes the perfect gift to keep her entertained.

Princess Tent Playhouse

Remember how, when you were younger, you used to build fortresses with pillows and blankets? Well, this is the prettier alternative. A tent specially designed to make your princess feel like she is in her caste may be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. The best part? It is quite cheap as well – but you’ll have to set it up yourself!

A puppy

This is one of those gifts you can’t “pack” and put under the Christmas tree, but it is certainly one that will cause screams of happiness. A little puppy is every little girl’s dream and it will be beautiful to watch them both grow up together. Consider giving it on Christmas to make the day even more special for everyone involved.

Pink Fluffy Armchair

Your little princess probably has her bedroom all in pink, full with her favorite princesses and colorful toys. What could be better then, than making her bedroom even more special, by gifting an armchair with a pink plush cover that looks like a chibi owl? The top is easily removable is can be washed at low temperatures. The best part? You also choose from many different animals by scrolling a bit further down.

Princess dress

Make every little girl feel like an esteemed princess by giving her a princess dress. This is a great gift to make and there are many options available for all preferences. You can complete the set by gifting a tiara as well. Di you ever think that you could make your little daughter feel so special at Christmas?

Gifts for older boys

If your son, brother, nephew or cousin is in his teenage years, you will have to buy a different kind of gift. Here are some great ideas to make you choose thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Au de Toilet

You might think that taking care of such things only starts at a later age but time and time again we have observed otherwise. Boys between the ages of 14 to 17 do care a lot about their image and, while they might not directly as for it, appreciate a good Au de Toilet. Depending on your young man’s hobbies, you will have to find a scent that “clicks” best.

Good quality sunglasses

Sunglasses play an important role in the outlook of young, “high school-aged” men. And while at a younger age you could’ve gotten away with fake sunglasses and somewhat cringy designs, now is that time where a good pair matters – not just for the style but also for one’s eye health.

Gaming gifts

This one can get quite broad. Most boys between the ages of 12 and 16 play videogames on an almost daily basis. What was once considered as a weekend hobby has now become a full-fledged lifestyle? As such, and if you know what games your son or nephew likes, you might need to explore some interesting gifts from your local gaming store.

Fashion gift cards

Most boys don’t like to receive clothes for Christmas. What they do like, however, is the opportunity to choose the clothes for themselves. It has been proven time and time again that, for us adults, following the younger one’s fashion is quite a complicated task. As such, don’t be afraid to offer the alternative solution – A $20-$50 gift card would do just great!

Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame

Dungeons and Dragons is probably the most creative board game in existence. And while most youngsters today choose to spend more time in front of the screen, when playing games, this specific game has returned to the spotlight thanks to the popular TV series “Stranger Things”. Therefore, if your kid(s) enjoy the TV show, they will certainly appreciate this gift.

Christmas presents for older girls

Now that we gave a few ideas for your teenage boys, it’s time to talk about girls as well. Young, teenage girls have a tendency to follow what celebrities recommend and promote, much more than teenage boys do. In their sense for the perfect look or the most stylish outfit, young girls will make sure to let any stone unturned. As such, if you are ready to buy some nice Christmas gifts, keep on reading.

New pair of sneakers

Girls and shoes are inseparable. While boys find satisfaction in owning 2 or 3 pairs, girls could wear a different type of shoe for any occasion. The reason we don’t recommend specific shoes here is that we understand that fashion is very subjective. As such, a good way to go around this is to observe what shoes your daughter or niece likes, during a winter shopping spree.

A new winter jacket

Again, there is no specific “one-type-fits-all” option. What you can do here is to ask your teenage girl for her top 3 picks and choose the one you’d like her to wear (extra warm and fuzzy). Additionally, you can pair the winter jacket with matching gloves and a scarf to make the gift(s) even more special.

Starbucks gift card

Gift cards… I know, they are not really thoughtful Christmas gifts. What they are, however, is functional. Your daughter/niece/sister and her friends are probably spending quite some time in shopping malls and train stations and guess what… Starbucks will almost always be there to offer a warm beverage. As such, you can make sure that the next few cups of coffee are on you.

Tickets to her favorite concert

While festivals are usually reserved for adults, concerts are one of the best options for younger girls. Think about it, your young girl probably loves a specific singer or a band that will be in your area sometime soon. The good thing about concert tickets is that they are relatively inexpensive, which means that you could even be her +1 in case she’d enjoy the company. Whether it’s Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber or another celebrity, this is a great option for all young girls.

A new i-phone

If the budget allows, and your daughter or niece needs one, you might want to consider gifting a new mobile phone. And sure, iPhones are expensive, but nowadays, you can get great deals with other brands that ship from Asian countries, such as Xiaomi or Huawei, both of which have great products. If your young lady is not too picky on the brand of her phone, you should definitely check your available options.

Thoughtful Christmas gifts for adults

For us adults, Christmas is way more than the gifts under the tree. We enjoy each others’ company, we find comfort in being all together and most importantly, we strive to create beautiful memories. On the other hand, however, it is always nice to receive a smaller, inexpensive gift, simply to maintain the traditions that we had from a young age. As such, here are a few more options for those of you that need to buy Christmas gifts for adults.

Framed wall art

If your friends and family members are like most of us (at least those in their 20’s), their walls probably need something to make things more colorful. Choosing wall art for others may be quite tricky, but the Internet is full of a lot of talented artists making awesome things, and you can support them.

Are your friends into a specific type of music? Try finding a custom made painting of their favorite singer. Are they really into Game of Thrones? The Internet is full of fan art.

Kitchen tools

If your adult friends are young, they probably buy all their kitchen stuff from Ikea or other places with products of “good but not awesome” quality. For that friend or family member that needs to get his kitchen tools (like a can opener, masher or potato peeler) this may be the best Christmas gift. You could also choose one tool, say a garlic press, and buy a tool of the best quality you can find. Make them understand how even little things make a big difference in life.

Scented candles

When Christmas is just around the corner, everyone’s house has a scent of wood and pine. Shortly after Christmas, however, this smell can quickly turn bad and what’s best to do that is to find a way to bring back a great smell. A scented candle can do just that.

A great cookbook of Jamie Oliver

Every adult should know how to cook at least 5 meals. If you have a friend that has not yet mastered the art of doing so, this is the book you should give him. Easy and short (30-minute) recipes from Jamie Oliver will open up the doors to gastronomical experiences he has never explored before.

A memorable scrapbook

There are many services nowadays that offer the opportunity to create beautifully looking scrapbooks with meaningful photos that crystalize memories in time. This type of gift is great for grandparents or husbands and wives. You can start by finding photos that they haven’t seen in a while and complete the book with some of the photos you have together with them.

A journal with a hand-written note

Keeping a journal can help improve concentration, promote mindful action, and increase one’s memory. What’s more, an empty notebook also acts as a promise, especially for a creative person that is looking for ways to unleash his energy on paper.

A funny pair of socks

This certainly is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts you can find. And while socks are usually portrayed as the popular “lame” Christmas present, adults know that a good pair of socks—especially thick fuzzy ones—make for a good life. Therefore, depending on the person you give them to, you can go in many directions. There are socks depicting cartoon characters, animals and even statements that to some may seem funny.

A cozy travel pillow

If you have a friend or family member that travels a lot, this is a great gift option. Lately, travel pillows have gotten a lot more comfortable, with new, orthopedic and ergonomic designs that make every sleep like a baby on flights. Depending on the available budget you can find options from different materials and stuffing.

A leather wallet

A wallet is another essential that not many people pay attention to until money is found all over the place and credit cards start getting lost.. There are lots of fun options, including card wallets, or more full-bodied wallets for people who still walk around with cash. Choose the one that looks best to you, wrap it up and make it a meaningful present.

Hardware wallet 

This one is especially for those who are investing in cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets are specially made to offer maximum security for one’s cryptocurrencies and come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular ones, Trezor and Ledger remind more of a small USB stick but have the capacity of holding all different cryptocurrencies, giving an overview of one’s holdings.

A leather belt

You may have observed it, but everyone refuses to put some effort into buying a good quality belt. For some reason, most educts will find that a $10-$30 belt just seems like too much to spend, even given the fact that they will wear it daily.

Printed coffee mug

Mugs are another place where you can show how well you know a friend or relative. With so many customization options you can go from funny to hilarious by printing a quote or a saying that speaks to the person you give it to.

Pour-over coffee kit

With the increase of coffee options from all over the world, the techniques for making your morning cup of coffee have also become a lot more versatile. This is where pour-over coffee comes it. More for the patient ones, this one doesn’t require all that much to get started. A ceramic cone is priced anywhere between five dollars to twenty and can turn a simple coffee enthusiast into a coffee-making artist.

Cocktail starter kit

If your adult friend is still a bachelor, you might wanna help him make his place the coziest place to be. A great way to do this is by gifting a cocktail starter kit, which is usually accompanied by a book that educates readers on the basic cocktails and how to make them. Help him master that mohito and show him just how useful a simple gift can become.

Personalized bathrobe

One gift that can be given time and time again, fitting every celebration, is a fuzzy, warm bathrobe. What makes this gift great is the idea behind it. This Christmas gift can make things cozy in early mornings, it is the perfect followup to a warm bath and it can be customized to the individual as well. Several companies offer embroidered printing options, allowing you to make things pretty personalized.

Set of spices

christmas gifts

If the person who receives your gift is a regular experimenter in the kitchen, this present will make sure he puts his experience to the practice. This set of spices is not only beautiful in every kitchen, but it also presents the most essential spices one can use in a very easy-to-reach manner. This is a great gift for your parents or a friend that just got a new place.

Dart board

Looking for a great gift that every age can make use of? Look no further! An old-school dartboard is always a great idea and you will sure have dome really fun times together. However, make sure the youngest kids are out of reach as the darts can be dangerous if used the wrong way! Wanna make things even more fun? Once unwrapped, you can make your own little tournament and involve everyone that visited for Christmas!