These cozy apartment ideas will help you bring coziness to your home.

Winter is here and we turn our thoughts to staying cozy as we update our wardrobe with thick snug sweaters, seek out boots with fur lining, and snuggle into jackets with padding and feathers. However, all too often we overlook the importance of bringing winter indoors into our home. Now, we aren’t suggesting a home makeover with every season but a little winter update with some cheeky items that go a long way to bringing cozy indoors. Best of all, these cozy apartment ideas are all under $50.

Cozy texture

During the summer months, you probably don’t even pay much attention to the apartment design. Winter, however, is different – we crave things that are more tactile and a great way to bring cozy into the home is by paying special attention to the texture of the pieces in it. Natural textures are a great way to capture the season, so think of branches and twigs, wood, wicker, fur (albeit it faux) and knits. Pop a Christmas branch in a nice glass jar and put it on a nice tray. It will be a great cozy table decoration. Why not start with natural texture right at the front door for the ultimate welcome?

cozy product - Christmas wreath


Cozy apartment colors

When it comes to cozy apartment ideas, color and interior experts will direct you to rich and warm encompassing shades like Bordeaux and earthy browns like Marsala. We aren’t encouraging you to run to your nearest paint store, and redecorate your home, but why not look to work these colors into your home? Now before you go re-painting your walls, know that color can be added with candles, cushions, throws, rugs, and accessories. Even the small accents can work to change the whole appearance, and therefore the feel, of a room.

cozy apartment ideas

Focal points are important

Everyone loves a Christmas tree, but they are a bit of an attention stealer. After all, you place them in your living room, they stand there doing their thing, eclipsing all your other interior. That’s all fine and dandy until January when your tree is boxed up and your living room suddenly looks bare. Counter this by investing in some new wall art for the tree sized gap after the Christmas. You can create a personalized map poster of any place in the world with Grafomap.


custom maps