Being stuck at work for eight or nine hours a day is horrible, but doing that in an office that’s unproductive, uninspiring and unwelcoming is even worse. That’s why more and more people decide to work from home, saving a considerable amount of time, stress and money that way.

Still, working from home means you have to design and furnish your home office because you can’t stay in bed all day and expect to make results. So, if you too are thinking about starting to work from home, here are five ideas that will help you design a stylish and modern home office.

Insist on productivity

The problem with working from home is actually doing your job despite being so close to your bed, your TV and your Netflix account. That’s why you need to look into ways to keep yourself motivated and productive every day of the week. One of the ideas to explore is keeping your windows open as much as possible because natural sunlight and fresh air will boost your productivity and make you work harder than ever.

Probably the biggest perk of working from home is being able to eat the food you love and drink the beverages you enjoy, especially those that make you productive. Coffee can help you accomplish more in less time, which is why lots of people equip their offices with one of those stylish espresso machines that ensure they always have a cup of fresh coffee that boosts their productivity nearby.

Insist on comfort

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can spend your workday in bed, no matter how comfortable it is, and the reason for this is quite simple – you’re going to fall asleep before you get any work done! That’s why you can’t have a home office without a chair and a desk, but, unlike your corporate office space, this is where you make all the decisions and pick the furniture you want.

When picking your chair, insisting on comfort is a must unless you want to suffer from back pain every single day. Pick the model that gives you proper support and motivates you to do your best, and the same goes for your desk – make sure it’s big enough for all your necessities, yet still not too big to take up too much space in your home office.

Insist on space

Speaking of space, this is an issue lots of people struggle with when designing their home offices. They either don’t have a spare bedroom they could turn into an office, or they live in a home that already lacks space, so adding a proper office would be impossible. But, how can you create more space and give yourself an office you deserve?

In an ideal scenario, you’d be able to convert an empty room into a home office that gives you enough space for all your necessities, as well as your storage and maneuvering space, but that’s rarely the case. People have to think outside the box and squeeze a tiny working space into their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even hallways, but even that could work. A home office doesn’t have to be enormous – it just needs to be private and inspiring.

Insist on storage

Another problem most people working from home are facing is storage – where should they keep all their documents, binders, office supplies, computer equipment and everything else a proper office needs? Well, this depends on the amount of space they have, and if they’re stuck with a tiny office, they need to be really creative and utilize every inch of available space.

Vertical shelving units, corner shelves, hidden storage solutions, and plastic containers are just some of the ideas you could explore in order to make the most of the storage space your office offers. And if you spend some time to decorate these areas and making them visually attractive as well, you’ll boost the style of your office and make it more appealing than ever.

Insist on eco-friendliness

Again, working from home gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, and this is why you can decorate your office any way you’d like. The thing lots of people insist on is having lots of plants and flowers in their office space because they look nice, purify the air around them, boost their mood and increase their productivity, and that’s something we all need.

Choosing plants for your home office depends on your personal style and preferences, and some of the plants you can consider are peace lilies, philodendron, snake plant, and spider plant. Basically, you can pick whatever you want as long as there’s some greenery in your home office that will make you feel better all day long.

Working from home might seem like a bad idea to some people, but if you design an office that will make you productive and motivated, there’s no reason to be frightened by this idea. Pay attention to these five issues and explore the ideas we’ve mentioned, but feel free to adapt them to your own office space and make it absolutely unique!