Laser cut screens are a fabulous way to transform any space. They’re available in a huge range of motifs and finishes, with a design to fit every aesthetic taste and decor style. Laser cut screens can be made in a range of eye-catching designs, from delicate natural forms such as branches and flowers to dramatic abstract concepts.

Adding laser cut decorations can completely alter the look of a plain wall, while laser-cut partitions can create a gentle division in space to improve its overall flow.

1. Understand laser cutting

What is laser cutting? Laser cutting is the use of a high-powered laser beam to cut through a sheet of material, typically metal. This allows a range of detailed designs to be cut out with great precision. Laser cut materials have become extremely popular recently, thanks to the fine detail and smooth finish that this method of cutting creates.

Angles are sharp, curved lines clean and graceful, edges are crisp and clear. Best of all, you can translate almost any design into a laser cut pattern and then cut it out using a computer-controlled laser cutter.

Many materials can be laser cut, from wood to plastics to metal. Perhaps the best option, though, is laser cut metal. Metal is strong and durable so it stays looking great for years to come; it can also be anodized, painted or given any number of finishes and coatings.

Laser cut metal can be polished to a mirror-like shine, brushed for a more subtle effect or coated in a variety of colors.

2. What are laser cut decorations?

Laser cutting for decoration is having a moment right now in the world of interior design. Decorations range from the small and subtle (such as a simple frieze to run along the top of a wall or a narrow panel to create an accent) to large and dramatic pieces such as coverings that occupy an entire wall or screens that run the length of the room.

Laser-cut materials can be used to create accessories and furnishings such as lampshades or decorative window blinds.

There are a wide variety of ready-made designs on offer; however, if you have a really specific vision of your own, you can have it realized by getting your own designs laser cut by experts. This allows you to bring some really distinctive concepts into your space. You can also contact for consulting because they specialize in metal constructions

3. Develop laser cutting design ideas for your home

Whether you’re buying your laser cut decorations off the peg or having them specially created via a bespoke service, laser cut designs offer plenty of inspiration. A sheet of laser cut material placed in front of a light source allows you to create a play of intricate shadows over the rest of the room. A large laser cut wall panel can transform a plain wall into a forest, a garden or a work of abstract art.


There is nothing like a laser cut divider to create a gentle break in space, allowing light and sound to pass through but also providing a subtle division. A laser cut screen can look wonderful as a feature in the room that overlooks your garden (or in your conservatory or orangery), breaking up a plain wall with eye-catching designs and providing the ideal complement to the foliage nearby. The only limit is your imagination.