The current coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of people dreaming about being able to travel to their dream destinations soon. If you’re a self-confessed travel bug, you might be feeling the itch to embark on an adventure in another town or country. And before you go or decide where yo go, you need your own travel map. 

For now, however, you might want to content yourself with designing your own travel maps for the places that you want to visit. Nonetheless, this type of project isn’t just limited to dream destinations. 

You can also create a visual record of the spots that you’ve been to and even include pictures of your trips to boost its aesthetics. Check out this guide for taking outdoor photographs to make your travel map more visually appealing.

To jumpstart your project, here are a few tips on how to design your own travel map:

Learn How To Use Google Maps As Your Travel Map

The first layer or foundation of your travel map is based on the geographical look of your destination. With this, you can use Google Maps to copy the shape of the town or country.

You must first discover how to navigate the platform so that you can retrieve accurate information for your travel map. The search engine has a dedicated customization feature where you can create a personal travel map digitally.

Google Maps is particularly useful when planning your trip because it helps you visualize your routes to arrive at the spots on your itinerary. Knowing whether the accommodation you booked is accessible to public transportation can literally make or break your trip.

Google Maps Features

  • Transit Details – As mentioned above, you can estimate your travel route to and from your hotel or inn so that you can make the most out of your time in your dream destination. Google Maps also provides public transportation timetables, which allows you to plot your schedule as precisely as possible.
  • Nearby Locations – You may already have a list of the spots that you want to visit. However, to maximize your time in a new city or country, you should check popular places nearby that you can visit since you’re already in the vicinity.
  • Traffic Information – Knowing the traffic status of an area is also useful for travelers so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly or find alternative routes to avoid the congestion on the streets.
  • Indoor Maps – While not every establishment’s indoor maps are featured in the platform, most well-known places have theirs on Google Maps. These feature the floor plan of large and complex venues, like subways or museums. You can use these to find your way around these spots.
  • Offline Mode – Lastly, you can download a portion of the map so that you can still access it even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

travel map

Prepare The Right Materials And Tools

You need to know how to use basic photo editing software if you want to create your own digital travel map instead of using the Google Maps platform. On the other hand, if you want a tangible map, you’ll need to prepare materials to craft your travel masterpiece. These are the following:

  • Wood Boards – You’ll need boards to hold your map together.
  • Printed Map – You’ll also need to print the map yourself or buy a pre-made one.
  • Glue – Decoupage glue is best since the project involves gluing paper onto wooden boards.
  • Brush – You might need a foam brush, especially if you’re planning to use a combination of water and glue to solidify your map.
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is a must-have because you’ll be cutting your outdoor pictures to fit the frame or a particular area on the map.
  • Double-Sided Tape – This item is used for sticking your pictures onto the map for a clean finish.
  • Picture-Hanging Materials – You should prepare hooks and wires so that you can hang your travel map in a conspicuous place.

Decide On A Theme And Design

Additional materials for your project will be determined by the theme and design that you want to pursue. For instance, a Santorini travel map would work best with a beach backdrop, so you’d need a lot of blue and white art paper. You can even attach those tiny umbrellas that are used in drinks.

On the other hand, you’d want to stick to geometric and urbanite aesthetics when creating a travel map for a metropolis, like London or Paris. Find design inspiration by viewing various world map posters and travel blogs.

Choose The Photos You’ll Feature

If you’re using photos that you took during the trip, you must take the time to curate the ones that you’ll feature on your travel map. The primary factor you should consider is that the images must be high-resolution so that the visual quality remains the same whether you shrink or enlarge them to fit your board.

While your selfies are definitely eye-catching, you might want to use fewer photos of people and focus more on the place itself. Prioritize pictures that display the view and scenery so that viewers of your travel map can get a little glimpse of what it’s like to visit that destination.

Add Tips And Details Of The Place

Infuse more personality into your travel map by adding significant tidbits about the place. Typical information to include would be the dialect spoken there, as well as the famous landmarks that you should visit.

If you’ve been to that city, you might want to add highlights, such as the restaurant where you first tasted a popular local dish. This personalization would help you remember the moments of your trip better.


Creating a travel map is a nifty way to spend your leisure time as you dream of going to your destination bucket list while in quarantine. The project is versatile since you can opt to make an electronic one or a physical board featuring the places that you’ve visited or are planning to go to for your next trip.