Empty walls inside any establishment present new opportunities. It is like a new canvass waiting to be filled with masterpieces. With its bareness, homeowners or interior decorators are now presented with a chance to “paint” and establish a mood or vibes that is fit with the rest of the decor and choose their own empty wall design.

These days, however, the world is now already filled with ready-to-buy wall decorations. While it is not necessarily bad, it dampens some people’s creativity. Still, with some swish of a magic wand and a dash of creativity, and maybe some custom metal art, people still can create the best wall art there is. 

Here are different ways to bring life to an empty wall.


Cladding is a decorating technique used to protect walls, and even the external of buildings. For walls, it adds texture and accent to any room it is in. It gives decorators more freedom to choose which materials to use, depending on the overall aesthetics of the space it is in, and including the budget.

The most common materials to use for cladding are usually wood, terracotta, ceramic, and even stone. However, the evolution of times caused a shift as bespoke 3D panels are the new “in.” Vinyl, PVC, limestone, and even some eco-friendly wood also make the best materials for cladding.


Accents are great pieces to give an empty wall an overhaul. It’s also great for bringing attention to radical pieces that homeowners might want to showcase.

The great thing with accents is that there are a lot of choices for decorators to choose from,, and it does not even involve expensive pieces. Some of the most effective ones are:

  • A collage of photos waiting to be printed— this one is best mixed or paired with eccentric-looking frames 
  • Wooden panels or stones
  • Plates– of course, it may not be the one on the kitchen counters at this moment. However, think about the plates or ceramics collecting dust in the attic
  • Wallpapers or stickers

Accent walls help people give their homes their personal touch and allow a very unique way to express oneself. Not to mention that accent walls are also cost-effective, as it does not need that much decors or materials to achieve.


Over the past years, people have grown a certain love for succulents and plants inside their homes. Why? The color green relaxes the eyes, the plants itself improves the air quality in the space it is placed in and makes it a little bit cooler in terms of temperature. However, keep in mind that in placing plants inside, it is best to look for ones that do not require that much sunlight such as aloe vera, bamboo palms, and spider plants.

Plants also make great accent pieces to any room and there are a couple of ways to do it.

  • Use rope hangers to hang them near a bare, plain wall or better yet, have custom metal art hangers plant made
  • Place them on floating shelves that match the rest of the room’s vibes
  • Search for pots that would match the overall aesthetics aimed for.


Not everyone would agree but wallpapers may be the easiest and cheapest on the list. With wallpapers, all that is left to do is to choose the design that fits the preferences of the decorator. Not to mention, there are a lot to choose from like floral, galaxy, or even cartoon characters. Nevertheless, it brings life to any room and smiles on people’s faces.

Once everything is chosen, the application would not take too long to finish.

Wall Paints

Who said plain is boring? Well, a lot of people. BUT a simple splash of color can definitely change that. For example, The Spruce contests that a simple orange accent wall not only adds a burst of color into the area, but it also livens up the energy of the people who see it.

However, when using wall paints as accents, it also requires some strategic planning, especially with the color choices. The example above works best in a room that requires energy, like the living room or the entertainment area. It might keep a person awake or perpetually energized when placed in the bedroom. Hence, do not rush, give it some time, and make sure it matches the purpose as well as the rest of the room.

Metal Wall Art

Who says metal should only be used on furniture?

Custom metal art is the new trend in interior decorations these days. Due to its malleability, it allows people the freedom to choose what they really want to place in that certain space no matter what shape it is. At the same time, the use of steel also ensures that the homeowners get their money’s worth because it also lasts for a long time, even with minimal maintenance.

Should You Add Wall Art Into Your Homes?

Yes, of course. Wall art gives homeowners the chance to showcase their creativity, add value to their homes while ensuring that their place stays as presentable as possible. It certainly is an investment, but something that anyone would want to miss the chance doing.