One important factor most people look out for when purchasing a new mattress is comfort. With the evolution of technology, most bed manufacturers are coming up with ways to add more comfort, style, and options to a mattress that deviates from the traditional spring mattresses that have always been in production. More options like airbeds, water beds, and pillow tops have established dominance in the consumer market as they provide scalable features for comfort. The memory foam which people now consider to be a viable option to the traditional spring mattress was developed by NASA engineers. Now, you can choose between having a spring mattress or a memory foam in your bedroom. We will look at some of the upsides and downsides of these two items, so you can decide on which suits you best.



This type of mattress is manufactured using fabrics and a basic pocket-coil system. The pocket-coil system is embedded in the fabric to produce a spring-like feel when it is being laid on. It is easy to manufacture spring mattresses; hence, the costs are relatively lower. Depending on the extra options that are added to it, the price may increase. For example, features like soft foam pillow tops can be added to it to produce more comfort and style. The following factors differentiate the spring mattress from memory foams:


  • Unlike the memory foam, the spring mattress is not manufactured to produce comfort based on an individual’s body contour. It is a mattress tailored to suit everyone as it provides a suitable level of firmness.
  • The Spring mattress delivery means differs from that of the memory form, in the sense that it is transported by a truck or placed on top of a vehicle.
  • On some occasions, the pressure generated from the pocket coils of the mattress could lead to body aches and pains.
  • Over time, as the mattress comes under an individual’s body weight constantly, the coil system would eventually slack, which will cause the firmness of the bed to collapse. Hence, the spring mattress lifespan is shorter when compared to memory foams.



The earlier models of memory foam mattresses had the tendency to retain heat; hence, making the sleeper get hot in the process. However, with the advent of gel memory foam mattresses, bed owners can stay cool and comfortable at night. The memory foam provides a level of comfort that surpasses that of the spring mattress. The following factors make this mattress unique and desired by many.

  • It provides a perfect support balance by distributing one’s bodyweight all over its surface area. With its featured pressure points, one can be relieved of pain and body aches.
  • Unlike the spring mattress, the memory foam does not sag. It has the capacity to retain its shape for a very long period of time.
  • It has multiple layers that though being firm, still adjust to body contours, thereby providing ultimate comfort and support to the owner.
  • You can easily order for a memory foam mattress online, and have it delivered to you in a compact box. It is easy to unpack as well and set up, unlike the spring mattress.


With the various key points provided on both the spring and foam mattress, it is easy to identify which is more suitable to give you the best experience. If you would like to know more about these mattresses and how you can get any of them, please visit this link: foam vs spring mattresses.