First comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes a wedding anniversary… and another, and another! But where to spend and what to do on your anniversary date?

Buying something that’ll make him excited for your hubby every year isn’t a walk in the park, to say the least. You have to find something that’s from the heart, something that’ll make him excited and something that you haven’t given before (that really narrows it down, doesn’t it)?

According to science, experiences make for way better gifts than material things. Research has shown that gift experiences are more intensely emotional than material possession. They tend to foster stronger relationships and make the recipient feel closer to the gift giver. It sounds like the perfect anniversary gift, right?

To thank him for sticking by your side for another 365 days around the sun, surprise him with an out of the ordinary adventure that’s as unique as him. Whether it’s your first or your 50th anniversary, these adventure-filled anniversary gifts for him will make him count the lucky stars he chose you.

Retro Car Cruisin As Anniversary Date

A romantic road trip is always a great idea to celebrate an anniversary. It gives the two of you a chance to get away from it all and spend some well-deserved alone time. For a fun-fuelled weekend, he won’t soon forget, put your favorite petrol head behind the wheel of a sexy retro roadster. It could be a nostalgic Mustang, a vintage Mini Cooper, or even an old-fashioned VW Beetle; whatever will get his heart revs up the most.

To really take his breathe away, keep the romantic road trip a surprise by secretly packing the car the night before. Then, early in the morning, gently wake him up and hand him the keys to his dream classic car before you hit the road to catch the sunrise. The plush leather seats, his favorite tunes playing and you by his side will make him feel like the luckiest driver in the world.

Wine Tasting Escape

Is he a true oenophile? Can he tell his shiraz from his chardonnay? Do his knees go week at that magical popping cork sound? Whether he’s a budding sommelier or simply enjoys a good glass of vino, indulge your wine lover with a full day of wine tasting. Whisk him away for a private wine tasting masterclass against the backdrop of a picturesque vineyard – perfect for that anniversary date Instagram pictures.

Here he’ll take his appreciation for wine to a whole new level, discovering everything from how to decipher between different grape varieties to why certain cheeses enhance the flavors.

Don’t forget to buy a bottle of your favorite wine before you head home. If the two of you have enough self-control, you can keep it as a delicious memento to be popped open on your next anniversary!

Paragliding Pair

anniversary date

If he’s a real thrill seeker, any adrenaline-junkie will relish the chance to try out a new adventure sport. And what better escapade than to take to the skies with paragliding? This unique aerial thrill isn’t just a bucket-list activity for your partner to tick off on your anniversary date; it’s been proven to have a heap of health benefits like building upper body strength and even reduced stress.

Feeling weightless in the air, drifting in the wind with astonishing 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape, he’ll find a whole new sense of freedom. To really take your love to new heights, get outdoors, and experience that exhilarating rush with him. It’ll be an anniversary adventure for the books.

Sports Fanatic

So he’s a real guy’s guy and loves his sport? Whether he’s a player himself and loves to kick around a football or simply won’t miss a minute of the Super Bowl on TV, a sports-themed anniversary gift is just the ticket to get his heart rate pumping.

Naturally, the perfect anniversary date for him will depend on what sport he’s into. If he’s a footie fan, treat him to an ultra VIP experience on his team’s match day. As well as getting a bird’s eye view of his favorite football legends dribbling on the pitch, he’ll get to experience world-class hospitality with drinks and food in the luxury of a VIP suite. Football doesn’t get better than that.

If he’s more of a basketball fan, get him courtside tickets to an NBA game. Undoubtedly the best seats in the house, he’ll all but be able to smell the players’ sweat. Who knows, he might even get seated next to an A-list celebrity!

Craftsman Course

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Learning something new is an adventure in and of itself. It’ll challenge your man to use a part of the brain he probably doesn’t often get the chance to do, especially if he’s stuck behind a desk most days. When you think of a crafts course, you might think of things like mosaics and pottery and macramé. If these don’t really sound like something he’d be into, there are plenty of other hands-on ways to let him release his inner artisan.

Perhaps he’s always wanted to try his hand at carpentry? Or maybe you can pur-suede him to learn about leather stitching? Why not take it really old school and give him a course on traditional heritage crafts like stonework or blacksmithing? As well as taking home a piece of his handy work, he’ll have a new set of skills and possibly a new hobby. Who knows, maybe he’ll be more inspired to be handier around the house!

To a Lifetime of Adventures

Anniversary date gifts don’t always have to be textbook romantic. In fact, giving him a soul-stirring experience that breaks the mold is a lot more charming than a “World’s Greatest Husband” mug. It shows that you’ve thought carefully about your present and that you’re aware of the interests he has. Life (and married life) can get a little too mellow sometimes, so it’s important to spice things up. Give him an anniversary adventure he’ll treasure for years to come.