Although most of us are not geographers we know Australia (or is that Austria?) is the nope-country and U.S.A is the land of freedom. Here are 50 funny maps of the world that illustrate various such stereotypes and perceptions that we don’t usually learn in school.

These illustrations will teach you, intrigue you, fascinate you, and of course give you a good laugh. For starters, did you know that the standard map of the Earth is vastly stretched and scaled far from what it looks like in reality?

Don’t believe me? Okay. This is what the standard map will look like if we stretched it out along the equator line as it passed through the north pole.

funny maps

Mind-blowing! I know. Don’t worry though, that was a bonus map. You’ve still got 50 more fun maps below. Sit down and get ready to have your ribs tickled.

Pro tip: You know what you should do? Get a few of these interesting maps of Earth on your living room walls and fascinate your friends and guests.

So wait no longer. Check out all these weird maps to which surely all of us can and will relate!

Funny Maps of Europe

Regardless of whether you’re from North America, Europe, or any other continent, these are some of the cool factoids about Europe you should know. These maps display all these factoids so elegantly.

These are some amazing maps that will refresh your perception of Europe.

funny maps

Here’s the first of the funny maps. Greeks gave us science, true. But they also seem to have given great stereotypes. What a civilization eh!


This map shows Europe in the year 2022. We don’t know if Northern Ireland and Ireland will become one or if the European Union will fall apart in 2022. One thing we do know is that Turkey will always be an EU candidate!




This one is a bit older but is one of the most interesting maps you’d probably see. Apparently, my country’s got cool mythology (think of me when you watch Thor) and boring culture.



#4This is one of the most popular funny maps on the internet. The USA, the greatest nation (I’m repeating. Don’t bark at me) thinks it’s got an amusing opinion of Europe.


First of these weird maps showed how ancient Greeks viewed the rest of Europe. So, now it’s comeback time against the Greeks.


My oh, my! European Union could not have been described more accurately. If you don’t think it’s funny to fly to IKEA and assemble a sense of humor (yes I stole that joke, sue me).


Here you can see how Europeans see themselves. Dutch – the stoned people, and Greeks – the poorest of the poor -now tell me that’s not hilarious.


This is how Google sees Europe. I mean, if Google says so, then it’s gotta be true, right?


Do you as a tourist love bringing home some exclusive/popular alcohol from each country? Then check this map out and see which alcohol is a popular national drink.


Everyone has heard about Putin and his plans. But, have you ever thought about how he sees Europe? Well, here you go – Im sure Vladimir likes funny maps too. 

Interesting Maps of The World

Had a good chuckle (or at least a nasal-exhale)? Here are some cool maps that’ll teach you about the world and some of its quirkiness.

interesting maps of the world

Here you can see the most photographed places in the world. If you didn’t want to be photographed left and right, then you would probably avoid Europe.

happiness map

The happiness index by country. Funnily enough most these happy countries are quite loaded. Coincidence? I think not.


Maybe you are the kind of traveler who likes to meet new people and it important to you that they are good looking – so this interesting map is just for you.


Here are statistics about attitude against foreign visitors. Places where people are more welcoming. So maybe you should avoid visiting places that are marked in red.


We look more appealing in a mirror than in real life; it’s a fact. Okay? If only we could love ourselves like Americans loved themselves.


Not always when you are traveling, people like that someone is smoking in the crowded area. So here you can see where people smoke the most and the least.


All the countries that the UK has never invaded, in white.


Each country and the biggest company in that country.


You’ve got a thing for fatty-fat-fat people? Or maybe you don’t. Either way, you’ll be pleased to know where you can find a lot of them.


This is something interesting. This map shows the most visited website per country.


Hey, you Tweety bird. Forget about Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook when you’re in one of these countries.

Funny and Interesting US Maps

And of course, the most popular, funny maps are the ones that ridicule the United States of America. (Sorry, Freedom-Land!)

These are some of the most hilarious maps you’d find online.

Interesting us maps

Oh well, google autocomplete is just amazing, isn’t it – you cannot not incule this one in funny maps article! 


This is a pretty cool map, that shows who earns the most in the public sector. Looks like the most popular and highest paid job is to be a football coach.


Looks like Jay-Z and Drake are the most popular persons in most of the states. So if you are a Drake or Jay-Z fan, then now you know where you are welcome the most.


Ever wondered from where all the popular American businesses came? This great, unusual map that shows everything.


The US is one of those countries that have the most drug users. So here you can see where and how many meth labs there are.


Fan of tv series and shows? Then this map is for you; see which is the most famous tv show/series in each state.


Planning to move to another state or to move to the US and have dogs or cats as pets? Then you need to check this map first.


This one is very interesting. It’s fairly self-explanatory (JK there’s a description above).


And what is your state the worst at? Maybe there are some states that you should avoid visiting when traveling around the US?


Wondering what different US states feared the most? Here you got it.


The good British sirs from the UK think this is what the USA looks like. Amusing, right? This fits perfectly in funny maps category. 


Stereotypical perceptions of Europeans about the US.

Fascinating Maps That Will Amaze You

Not every map has to be funny/hilarious and make you laugh. Some of them can be informative and fascinating maps as well.

fascinating maps

North and South America – that’s the country you would see (if you could see) if you stood on the beach.


This is one of the most amazing and fascinating maps that I have ever seen. You can see all the mountain ranges of Europe from bird’s-eye view.


This map is funny and at the same time interesting. Because these are literal translations of country names from Chinese to English. This is how our countries would look like if we translated them from the Chinese language.


Wondering what this red line is? This line shows how long can you travel in a straight line without crossing any water. Pretty cool, right?


One of the most interesting maps is this one – someone who is a business traveler probably will appreciate this kind of map. Here you can see what are the highest earning export per country.


Results of a survey asking the world who they see as the biggest threat to world peace.


You can see here what are the most popular/used websites in the whole world. Surprise, surprise, Google is number one!


This map shows all the countries and where they import the most from.


I have always wanted to know which countries owned the land in the US. And that’s exactly what you see here.


This is something that would interest everyone. You can see the wealth level in each country. Data is from 2013, but nothing has really changed since then.


This is something interesting – even I did not know that so many countries had red color on their flags.


And here is the same – only countries with blue color in their flags.


Here you can see where the most Muslims live. If you are a Muslim and want to move to more Muslim friendly country, then you should check this map.


Looks like most of the people prefer beer and hard alcohol, but of course except for Muslim countries, where that kind of thing is restricted.  


Here you can see the longest waterway in the world. 20 000 miles – crazy, right?


Looks like that the stereotype that Asian people are the smartest in the world is not far from reality.  Look how many countries have high IQ.


Who can guess what you see on this map? Those who guessed that it is a population of India, you guessed right. Populations of all of these countries combined to represent the number of people in India alone.

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