Game of Thrones gained a record number of views on HBO and it has a large, active and international fan base. The series was acclaimed by critics for its acting, complex characters, story, scope, and production values, although its frequent use of nudity and violence (including sexual violence) was criticized; the final season received further criticism for its condensed story and creative decisions.

But if you are a true fan then you know all this. This post was created to celebrate and remind, through the Game of Thrones map posters, the love and spirit of Game of Thrones fans all over the world and once again light up the emotions that went all through series. 

1.Grafomap maps

Spending a crisp, fall evening spent in front of a roaring fire is one of life’s great pleasures. Not sure what to do with the space above your fireplace? Framed posters or Hanger maps are always a good choice.

For the game of thrones lovers – pick the place where you watched the game of thrones with friends or family members and add a pin to the place. This will be a great reminder of the time well spent together. 

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2.Autographed Westeros map

This is the most special gift that you can give for the biggest game of throne fan. Not only this is an exquisite design map, but it is originally signed by Kit Harington. Create a big smile for your friend or family member. 

This game of thrones map poster framed carefully and created with the biggest love. Keep in mind that as I am writing this, there are left only two of these original examples. 

This is a pretty expensive choice, but you can further find more economic versions of Game of Thrones map posters.

3.Family Tree

This is one of the rare game of thrones family trees there are out there. This is a really great present for your colleagues and relatives. A fun way to upgrade this present is if you add pictures of your colleagues or family members that are into the game of thrones. 

The size of this poster can be applied to your needs, but remember that massive posters bring huge smiles. 

4.Middle Earth Map

This is a truly remarkable style. Game of thrones map poster framed if you order it to be that way. Map is waterproof, so if kids are playing around and making a bit of mess than you can easily wash it (but gently). 

The material is silk and it was made with spray paint. It comes only in the shape of a vertical. 

This design will fit in minimalist, classic style and ancient style homes. 

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5.GoT map from Queen Of The Art

These 3 pieces combine the most modern Game of Thrones map posters as an art piece. You can decorate your office, living room or bedroom. It is a large wall canvas set framed ready to hang.

The artwork is hand-stretched and printed for your order and the colors are super vibrant. True artist-grade canvas. It’s a museum-quality polycotton canvas (380gsm) with a satin varnish and a UV-protective coating. The printed image wraps a 3cm thickness wooden bar cover the sides.

Each piece is hand-assembled and framed in Turkey by professional craftsman. 

This pictures canvas size is pretty big, but you can measure your wall and they will make the right size that suits you. You need to think ahead because it takes a few days to create the perfect size for you and up to 3 business days to process your order. They ship it out with FedEx, so it will take 4-6 business days to send the art piece. 

6.4D Cityscape

This is the exciting 4D cityscape of the game of thrones. The most exciting thing is that you can put this as a puzzle together and then if you have the patience and effort, you can put it in a frame and exhibit it as beautiful design peace. 

This is the perfect gift for game of thrones newcomers to the series. It includes information booklet, 45 landmark flags, 10 sigils, 3 battle markers and a miniature set of dragon eggs.

This unique puzzle has four dimensions – a jigsaw map, topography map, 3D models and replicas 

with the final dimension being time represented by a poster that details history.

Dimensions: 30″ x 18″ x 2″, 1350+ pieces and 30+ detailed buildings | Recommended for ages 13 and up

7.Canvas Painting 5

This is a perfect gift for your relatives and friends at Christmas or on New Years’ time. The pictures are already on wooden frames, so you don’t need to worry about how they will hang it up to a wall. 

This is large game of thrones map poster :12 x 16 inch x 2pcs,12 x 24 inch x 2pcs,12 x 32 inch x 1pc (30 x 40 cm x 2 pcs,30 x 60 cm x 2 pcs,30 x 80 cm x 1pc).It is a high definition of giclee canvas printing artwork. This is a real artwork because even the people who do not know the game of thrones, they will appreciate it’s aesthetics. 

The product is packaged in a carton, but each canvas is packed in clear plastic, so watch out zero wasters. 

8.YUGUO 5 Canvas Prints

An elegant design map will be perfect for your bedroom, living room or office. This is a really great gift for your game of thrones fan friend, but take notice that the size of these maps is 30×40, 30×60, 30×80.

This game of thrones map poster is printed on canvas. The print painting only comes rolled up, so it does not come with a frame. You can frame it in your local art saloons, but if you would like to come already with a frame, you should consider other distributors’ maps. 

This print HD quality is the highest and it is eco-friendly as well. It is printed on nonwoven canvas, it is non-toxic & odorless paints (so safe in bedrooms and children’s room), perfect bright colors, and sharpness of the image, UV resistant (so you can surely put the canvas in sunny sides as well). They do not include any harmful substances.

9.Game of Thrones Westeros and Essos World Map with Sigils

These are special Game of Thrones map posters. They are made on premium luster photo 260 paper (it is super high quality). Printed with 100% genuine Epson ink for superior print quality. 

The poster will be rolled in carton tube packaging so you can recycle the packaging. Go zero waste! 

It is made in USA and it is distributed only there. The shipping is very fast, so you can grab this poster almost at the last minute. 

10.Westeros And Essos Antique Map

Want to have real vintage look Game of Thrones map posters? Here you go!

Essos is an immense landmass located to the east of Westeros, extending into the far east of the known world. So Essos is east, and Westeros is west. The extreme eastern end of the continent has not been fully mapped. Westeros’s landmass is much longer from north to south, extending from the deserts of Dorne to the polar regions north of the Wall, but east-to-west travel is much shorter. 

This is an officially licensed distributor for the game of thrones map poster. This poster is already framed so there will be no worries on how to hang this beautiful vintage design map. 

The print size is 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 inch) but the overall size is 36 x 46 cm (14 x 18 inches).

11.GoT rustic map

Well, this is a serious purchase for a person who is seriously into the Game of Thrones and pays great detail to interior design where quality and design plays the role. This map is printed in high resolution. 

This is Digital Canvas Print Framed push pin world map canvas wall art and it is ready to be hanged. The frame is 3 cm thick and has archival giclee quality and it has protective varnish coating so you can put it on the sunny side of the room as well. 

Please measure your wall before you purchase this great big map. The size – 60 x 32 – 5 panels and each panel 12″ x 32″ (centimeters) 160cm x 81cm x 3 cm total 5 panels and each panel measures 32cm x 81cm. 

12.GoT Vintage classic

Game of Thrones map posters is needed for everyone who is a fan – young and older ones. This is one of the rare beautiful and supper affordable posters there are. Game of Thrones brings people together by its amazing story. 

This poster will be the one like you had in your childhood days. Simply but professionally crafted vintage-style game of thrones map on 150g kraft paper (retro yellow color).  

It is in a moderate 42×30 cm size. It is a high-quality print with no peritoneum, so it is not waterproof. But then again it is more eco-friendly. The package is rolled in kraft carton so it is easily recyclable as well. 

13.Kings Landing Winterfell Castle Black Casterly Rock

This is the latest updated on Game of Thrones map posters that will bring the most exciting experience throwbacks from season 8.   Include The destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor at Kings Landing. New and updated you won’t be disappointed with this updated map with a key of castles, cities, towns, and ruins.

The size of this map is 8.5×11. It is a high-quality WOLFWOOD STUDIOS color map that will serve you for a long time. 

14.Tomorrow sunny Map Of GoT

This is another way how to look at Game of Thrones map posters. Can you see the resemblance of Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon dominance in the world and game of thrones tale that is filled with sieges, incisions and those many betrayals and plots of battlefield brilliance of cunning with a coin? 

The game of thrones series now is over, but you can continue the story by the resemblance of what is happening in the industry. At least there is a way to continue this in your imagination. 

The size for this map is 24×36 and it is printed surely on the highest quality silk fabric cloth. Be aware that this piece is not framed, but framing and hanging it is no problem. 

15.GoT Houses Map Westeros and Free Cities On silk

The brand name “Wall Decor Master” has created a special design Game of Thrones map posters with cities and it’s seas. The design is very simple and laconic that will be suited in living rooms, offices, playrooms and actually any room because of “who cares where you put any game of thrones things, really”. 

From them, you can order any kind of size for this map. So if you would like to make a huge banner for your game of thrones gathering, you can cover even cover the wall of the whole house if you would please. Or you can make it as small as it can fit into your bathroom.