A Wedding can be such an amazing day in somebody’s life. But without a doubt, this day is more special for the bride, than it is for anyone else. Planning the ceremony and creating the guest lists, looking for a dress or making sure to look her absolute best – the bride can get a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. That is why you need to please here with one of these gift ideas for bridal shower.

Not to mention the expenses that this glorious event can amount to!

However, Bridal showers take place for the very reason of helping the bride with the upcoming jamboree. This little gathering or party, if you will, usually hosts all of the bridesmaids and other female friends and/or relatives.

These guests then give gifts to the bride, to ensure that there will be everything necessary for the wedding to take place or just, to make the bride happy and congratulate her of this very special occasion!

Now that you know, what exactly is expected of a bridal shower guest, here are some very good ideas that will definitely fit the statue of best gift ideas for bridal shower.

Wedding vow book

gift ideas for bridal shower

Beyond anything else, that is special about a wedding – wedding vows is something that neither the bride nor the groom will ever forget. But having to come up with words that will stay in your and your spouse’s heart forever might get lost somewhere amidst all the craziness that is a wedding organizing.

Therefore, these beautiful, hardcover wedding vow books might just be the best gift that you can give to your bride. She will definitely have time to think of her vows and by writing them and just be prepared for the big day.

Wooden canvas picture

Something great about weddings and bridal showers is that you don’t necessarily need to give gifts with a specific purpose. That’s why I think this is one of the best gift ideas for bridal shower.

Sometimes the best gift is the one, which makes the bride happy and reminds her, that this day will be about her and the person next to her for the rest of her life.

This wooden canvas can include a special message, a picture of the soon to newlywed and the date of their special day. It will surely make the bride beyond happy and remind her that the most important is the people around her. A truly special bridal shower gift!

Bridal Robe

Another really great gift is this gorgeous, satin, embellished bridal robe. Not only is it one of the most beautiful of all wedding shower gift ideas, but also it is practical!

Any bride wants to have those special, tailored pieces for her wedding and this robe definitely fits the description.

This gift will also take her mind off the organizational part, where all of the details should be thought of and taken care of. A truly special keepsake!

Handmade champagne flutes

Speaking of special little keepsakes from one’s wedding day – these handmade flutes for the bride and groom isn’t something everyone will think of. But if you did – it will make for a truly special bridal shower gift.

Giving a toast at a wedding is something so special and beautiful, that it would be lovely to truly remember this moment and keep the glasses as an ornament rather than for practical use. A bridal shower gift with a sentimental thought will be highly appreciated and kept for generations to come.

Bridal toiletry set

If you want to pamper the bride before the big day and think, she could use some special, relaxation time for herself, then this set is perfect for her!

This Philosophy bridal set includes indulgent and special, yet relaxing and soothing toiletries that need to be used running up to the big day.

Call it placebo or the carefully selected products of this set, but it really does make a difference for brides to be and make them feel that much more special. One of the most thoughtful wedding shower gift ideas for sure.

Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

Let’s be honest for a moment. Many (if not all) brides, cannot wait to get married, but most cannot wait to be addressed as Mrs. And if this is something you think your bride feels quite excited about – then these mugs will be just in time!

A truly beautiful piece for their common kitchen, enjoying that morning coffee together as Mr. and Mrs. If you want to get really fancy, you could even add their names to the mug, but it all depends how extra you really want to be. Well, weddings are almost always extra. So we say – go for it! Oh and did we mention, how gorgeous is the box these come in? One of the most wedding appropriate gifts for sure!

Bride to be a book

If you are thinking as is the bride, then this is the right gift for her. A little keepsake book, where she can keep notes, pictures and anything else that happens around her until the wedding day.

It is a gift that will help her look back at this time and the memories leading up to the most important day of her life. At such a special time, it is great to have such a special bridal shower gift, where she can not only put down her thoughts and feelings but also look back at it one day and walk down the memory lane. One of those bridal shower gifts that she will keep forever.

A wedding planner

Something more practical, that could potentially save your bride a lot of stress and help her with the organizational part of the wedding.  This bridal shower gift includes a lot of sections that would often be missed or forgotten about and includes a space to keep track of what’s been done.

Not only is this journal practical, but also is beautifully made. The hardcover book has a beautiful design on it and is also small enough to fit the bag.

You could be that one, thoughtful friend, who helps her plan the wedding but also makes sure to do it in style.

Cake topper

What would a wedding shower be, without a cake? The most special gifts are often the ones you’ve made yourself and poured your love into. So if you’re someone who loves baking and cakes is just your thing – this might be one of the best bridal shower gifts ever!

Bake a cake especially for this day and put this cake topper on it.

Your bride will be taken away by the thoughtfulness and might keep this topper as a keepsake. Is there a more special thing to pass down, then those little trinkets saved and cherished from such a special time? We doubt that.

Grafomap map

This will be yet another gift that will melt the bride’s heart. Create this art piece that Grafomap can completely tailor to your needs. If you wish to select the location where the bride met her soon to be husband – then that’s what’s going to be on the map.

Maybe it is the exact cafeteria where they had their first kiss, or he professed his love for her. Either way – Grafomap can design this art piece depending on your needs. You can even select a different pattern or color, depending on what you think your bride will love the most. A truly special wedding shower gift, that will spice up the interior of their home.

Lucky horseshoe

Sometimes, a bride doesn’t actually need much help. Sometimes, you just don’t know what to gift, but still, want to show your love and care towards her.

This horseshoe holds a very special tradition. According to it – attaching it to the bridal bouquet or even to her weal will bring a bit of endless luck and love to the matrimony.

It might not be the biggest of gifts, but it definitely is a very special and thoughtful piece, which will forever stay in the bride’s memory and heart.

A keepsake key with a poem

If the bride is a very special friend, then this gift will definitely make her happy. Just the poem alone is beautiful enough, to relax the bride and make her feel like her friends truly want her to feel special.

More than that, this beautiful key is something she can keep forever, look back at and reminisce of this special time in her life.

You can engrave the key with the wedding date or even her and the groom’s name on it and gift it in the preparation for the wedding. Imagine the newlyweds keeping this key forever and truly living by the poem – wouldn’t that make for one of the most special bridal shower gifts ever?

We sure think it is such a great little keepsake, with the most beautiful message inside.

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