In today’s article, we will explore different options of gifts for male bosses. Whether the hierarchy in your office is high or low, it is always a good idea to show that you care about important moments in your boss’s life.

Whether that is a new client, a birthday, an engagement announcement or another important event, we have collected some of the best ideas that you could give as a present. So, next time you need some gift ideas for boss, this post will have you covered!

Let’s dig in!

Organizational gifts for male bosses

As a person of authority, your boss probably has a lot going on in his mind. Meetings, arrangements, plans… and that’s just to name a few.  Therefore, the first thing you could do is come up with gifts that will take away the stress of planning.

1. Handmade Leather Bound Diary with Inner Pockets

Your boss would certainly appreciate a gift that makes his life easier. A diary that is both stylish and functional can be a great idea here. This one comes with handstitched leather and a high-quality notebook that can be replaced once filled. On top of that, you also get a pen that easily attached to the diary itself. This is a great gift idea for the boss on the next growth milestone of your company (to keep notes of new clients), or on the baby shower party (to start writing down important memories).

2. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

gifts for male bosses

The ambition man is always trying to improve himself. And what better way to help the inner growth of your boss than to give him a book that can help him improve his soft skills. The best seller of Daniel Kahneman is on this list for a reason. This book helps people develop a better understanding of the difference between a reaction and a response. It does so by giving practical examples that eventually lead to a more organized mind that can make better decisions. Therefore, if you are still looking for bosses day gifts, this one will certainly be appreciated.

Funny gifts for boss

What is a better gift than a good ol’ laugh? Especially when things tend to get stagnant (if not boring), a funny gift can be the perfect way to bring some joyful energy in the room. and it doesn’t have to be much. It can be as simple as a Rubik’s cube!

3. Sengso Speed Cube 3×3 Rubik’s cube

gifts for male boss

There is nothing better than a gift that both sharpens your intelligence and takes you back to your childhood! A Rubik’s cube can be a genius alternative to “smartphone breaks” and is guaranteed to cause competitions during the later part of the day. And sure, on first sight, a Rubik’s cube doesn’t look like much of a special gift. But once your boss manages to solve it for the first time, he will feel like the king of the world! And guess who he is going to think about? That’s right, the person who gave him the gift!

4. Funny boss t-shirt for geek bosses

star wars tshirt

Is your boss the kinda guy who plans Star Wars marathons on the weekends? Does he like to come to work dressed in a funny outfit? if so, you’ve got the perfect gift here! This funny t-shirt will make him wanna use it a work outfit, a lounge outfit, and even his pajamas! The goal of gifts should always be to make them as personalized as possible. And with custom logo t-shirts, you can never go wrong. So search around a bit and find something that fits your boss as well!

5. Funny Boss Mug

gifts for boss mug

Everyone needs coffee in the morning. And that is especially true for your boss. And just like with t-shirts, mugs can also have a statement. In this case, a very funny one. If your boss swears a lot or simply has a good sense of humor he will certainly appreciate the mug presented above. And remember, this is just an example. You can customize different forms and sizes of mugs depending on your the personality and or odd behaviors of your boss. Just remember to not take things too far!

Gifts to decorate the new office

If your boss has his own office or is about to get a room of his own, you can always give gifts with meaning. However, let me warn you that these gifts are more related to your superior’s personal life and you should, therefore, make sure you have more than just a casual friendship.

These gifts could quickly turn into awkward situations unless your boss is a really good friend or even part of your family. So, keeping that in mind, here are a couple of great gifts for the occasion.

6. Framed family photo (on customized frame)

custom gifts for male bosses

A new office will likely come with more responsibilities. And whether we like it or not, this means less time at home with the family. Show your boss that you care about his personal life by picking his favorite family photo and framing it in a map that is customized for the occasion. He can place it on his desk or hang it on the wall, as long as he can always see the people who care most for him.

7. Grafomap wall art

unique anniversary gift ideas

If you know your boss good enough to have heard his stories, he may have mentioned a part that played an important role in his life. It may have been the place he met his wife or the small village he spent the summers of his youth. Whatever the case may be, this gift makes an excellent addition to the new office. And if you don’t know much about your boss’s past don’t worry! You can always create a post with the current location the office is in.

Other gifts for male bosses

And then there are gifts that do not fit in a particular category. What is definite is that these gifts will have a lasting impact on the person you buy them for!

8. Table Gong


I know what you think! Gifting a gong will probably get you bullied at work! But no, wait a minute. Imagine you are in sales. You and your coworkers – yes, that includes your boss – all strive towards making a sale! Now image that actually happens. What goes on in the office? A couple of high-fives at most. Now imagine hitting this gong instead! Now that would be a sales announcement of epic proportions!

9. Minimal office desk lamp

gifts for male bosses

Looking to find gifts for male bosses who tend to work a lot? This elegant yet minimal table lamp will illuminate the office desk even in the late hours of the day. It’s beautiful design and ultra-usable function will ensure that more work gets done, even when the actual workday has passed! And remember, we don’t support overworking, but we do support those who are husting to make the most from it!

10. Anti-stress toy

Is your boss rather emotional and all over the place? I know I’ve had bosses like that. And while you can’t just tell them to take a breath and drink a cup of chamomile tea, you can think of gifts for boss that can relieve him from his stresses. And there are many types of toys like that. Small, very simple and compact as well. So next time your boss feels stressed, he will just squeeze in his toy and let the emotional turbulence subside.

11. Amazon Kindle book reader

Gifts For Male Bosses

Does a Kindle seem like a bit too much? I don’t think so. The digital reader of Amazon is currently placed at a low $70, offering enough space to store a large library of books. These are good for both your boss’s lunch break but also his tram-drive home, or even his holiday. If you know what books he likes, you could even get him a couple stored in the device already. Both functional and customized, this gift is guaranteed to put a big smile on your superior’s face.

12. Aluminum laptop stand

laptop stant

Last but not least, a very functional gift you could offer to a boss who spends lots of time in the office on his laptop is a simple laptop stand. It may not seem like much but you’d be surprised at how much his posture will improve as soon as he starts using it. And if typing on the elevated keyboard seems like a hard thing to do, you could always give an additional keyboard and mouse to complete the whole look.

And that’s it, guys! Now it’s time to go and make your boss happy without making it seem like you want a raise. These gifts will be actually loved and appreciated by all bosses, no matter the hierarchy you have within your company. So keep these gifts for male bosses as a guideline and go do some research of your own. You’d be surprised at the findings that will come along your way in the process.