There are so many people that deserve a nice gift from you. Whether it’s for a birthday or any other celebration, your family will most likely be on the top of the list when it comes to nice and meaningful gift offering. One of those people is your stepmom. However, choosing gifts for stepmoms can often be tricky depending on your relationship with your second mom. Am I sure she will like this? Can she actually make good use of it? What if she already has something like this and I had absolutely no clue about it?

Fear not, people! We are here to give you a list of the best gifts you can offer to your second mom. These presents will make her feel special and appreciated, all while making you feel great for making the right choice.

So, let’s dig in!

Gifts for Stepmoms

What are some super creative ideas you can think of when it comes to presents? Let us show you!

1. Custom map – Grafomap 

personalized gifts for grandma

Is there any place that is very meaningful to your stepmom? What about a place that is meaningful for you both? If you want to gift something truly meaningful, you can start by doing a quick “background check” on your stepmom. Where did she grow up? Where did she go to college? Which place does she keep talking about? Find what is most meaningful to her and translate it on a custom printed map!

2. Loving Stepmom apron

gifts for stepmom

Is your stepmom a fan of cooking, or maybe even grilling on the outdoors? This apron is guaranteed to make your stepmom feel appreciated and loved while adding a slightly humorous tone to the whole situation.You can gift this on her birthday or on any other special occasion.

3. Personalized make-up bag

personalized gifts for grandma

Which woman doesn’t love makeup? And the best way to help a stepmom is to offer something to keep her organized. This make-up bag comes with a personalized touch, as you can add the initial of your second mom and maybe even add some goodies on the inside. getting ideas already? Good, now surprise her!

4. Stepmom journal 

Looking for personalized gifts for your stepmom? This beautiful journal is a wonderful present, allowing her to jot down your precious memories and share them in the years to come. Apart from that, it also comes with a beautiful quote to remind her how special she is.

5. SPA gift basket for stepmom

You should make sure to let your stepmom known that every year she needs to relax and treat herself more often. And what if you want to translate this in a gift? Well, give her this beautiful SPA gift basket that she can use in her private time, to find her own moment of “zen.

6. Stepmom personalized mug

Is your stepmom a coffee person? Or maybe a mid-day tea drinker? If so, you could give her a personalized mug to remind her how special she is. This is a humorous gift for stepmoms that is guaranteed to start up conversations when her friends are over for coffee!

7. Stepmom engraved bamboo cutting board

gifts for stepmom

Thinking of functional gifts for stepmom? You can’t go wrong with a brand new cutting board including a special message. Your stepmom will love it and use it daily for her delicious gastronomic adventures! This one makes a great gift for mothers day and combines all the important elements of a good gift.

8. Love never ends personalized wall art

personalized gifts for grandma

Nothing tells the truth better than the bible verses. If your stepmom enjoys reading the bible and is a frequent churchgoer, then this gift is a great way to show your love. You can personalize it by adding your or your stepmoms name and give it to her on any special occasion.

9. Stepmom gift ideas – Hands casting kit

personalized gifts for grandma

Wanna gift something truly original and unforgettable? A gift that will make your stepmom understand how important she is to you? Then, gift this plaster statue kit and create a keepsake from your hands together. It’s easy to do, completely safe and gets a 10+ on creativity!

10. Stepmom Pillow

Comfort and pleasure are two things your stepmom has never been short of. In fact, it’s likely that she has given you love and comfort for many years already. Therefore, consider gifting this personalized pillow to remind her of all the good characteristics she has shown to have. This is a great gift for a housewarming, mother’s day or even on your stepmom’s birthday.

11. DYI family photo and framed handprints

personalized gifts for grandma

If you are looking for a gift to let your mom know how important she is in the family, consider gifting yours and your family’s colorful handprint in a beautiful frame. This is a simple and easy way to involve your whole family in the gifting process and make your stepmom feel special. Pair it with a photo of your family next to it and it will make a great piece of art in the living room.

12. Bucket list Journal for Stepmom

They say that when a woman becomes a mom and fulfills her lifelong wish of having a family, a whole lot of new wishes emerge in her. Some call it a mid-life crisis, others call it the best decade of their lives. No matter what the case may be, a bucket list journal is one of the best gifts for stepmoms that feel adventurous in their lives. Ask her to write down her bucket list wishes and see if you are able to help her achieve them in any way.

13. Custom pendant with names

This could be a great gift for your stepmom. Add the names of you and your siblings and give this token of appreciation and love to make your stepmom feel special. The pendant is made from thin, stainless steel and can be adjusted in size depending on the woman wearing it. It makes a great gift for Christmas or for mothers day.

14. Custom wine glass

And finally, here’s another humorous gift for stepmoms you can give to your “bonus” mommy. If your stepmom enjoys a glass of wine on an occasional basis, here is a great way to personalize the experience. “Her Wineness” can only be one example, but you can also find completely customized glasses where you will be the one to decide on the text. Preferably ‘’Refill here’’, or “When I drink wine it’s “me” time” – something to add a note of humor and make your mom smile.

15. Stepmom’s ultra-comfy bathrobe

gift idea for stepmom

Another one of our favorites is the Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Plush Fleece Robe. This bathrobe is so comfortable your stepmom will never want to wear normal clothes again. With all the stresses of daily life, gifts like these act as a great solution to make mornings a lot more pleasant, cozy and comfortable. Gift it on a birthday, on monther’s day or as a set for your parents’ anniversary.


16. Amazon gift card with card

If your stepmother is kinda indecisive when it comes to the gift she wants, or if she appreciates the option of choosing a gift for herself, then an Amazon gift card is the answer. Add a personalized message and maybe show her this article to give her some options to choose from on her own. Make sure that the gifts will ship to your country though! Some gifts of Amazon have limitations when it comes to shipping.

17. Engraved wooden spoon

personalized gifts for grandma

We already went over how important it is to show your stepmom that you love and appreciate her cooking. Are you looking to make her feel like the kitchen is her place of creative expression? Then an engraved wooden spoon is a great idea for the occasion. You can give it as a standalone gift or in combination with the cutting board we showed a little earlier. Imagine how great she will feel when she receives such a customized gift!

18. Personalized baking tray

personalized gifts for grandma

This engraved non-stick baking tray will definitely make the cooking of your stepmom a lot easier and pleasurable. You can add the name of your family, her nickname, or any other quote that you think she will love. The tray is very durable and made from sturdy materials to remain in great condition for the years to come!

19. 3-in-1 necklace of love

gifts for stepmoms

This stainless steel necklace is made 3 separate pieces that are engraved with the names of your choice. You can add the names of your stepmom and her whole family (this is perfect if you are a family of 3). Remind your mom how special she is, especially if you are currently not living together. This could be, for example, a time that you are away in college or taking a gap year traveling. We all know how difficult it is to be away from mom during that time!

20. Bath bomb basket set

personalized gifts for grandma

Spoil your stepmom in the same way that you have been spoiled by her love! Gift her a basket with a diverse range of bath bombs to make each of her baths an unforgettable experience. This gift  is perfect for cold winter months when hot baths are appreciated even more. Add a personalized card expressing your love and you will have one of the best gifts for stepmom.