He is not your dad, he is not your brother but he is direct family and means a lot to you. It’s your uncle, and as far as we’re concerned, he deserves all the love he can get. We created a list of the best gifts for uncles that deserve a token of appreciation for being the amazing people that they are.

Keep reading to find out what you could give in meaningful moments, birthdays and other celebrations, without breaking the bank and still making them appreciate the present.

The best gifts for uncles

This list will outline out top-top, all-time favorite gifts that the uncles of our office have received, and the ones that we are sure will make everyone say wow!

1. Grafomap

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A Grafomap is not simply a gift. It is a sign of true caring. What makes this gift so great is the fact that it’s fully customizable the fit the person you want to give it to. Essentially, it is a high-quality poster depicting an area that is meaningful to (in this case) your uncle. It could be the location you spent most of your time together, it could be the place he went to school. Whatever the case, this option makes an amazing gift for uncles of all backgrounds and interests.

2. A leather notebook

A gift often given and often appreciated. Notebooks are more than just paper – they are keepsakes of memories, stories, and personal thoughts. We are currently so disconnected from ourselves that a small gift like this may be necessary not just for your uncle, but really everyone, to help them keep a clear head. Do you wanna make this gift even more awesome? Add a good pen in the mix and you’ve got yourself a happy uncle!

3. Cinema tickets

Life is not about things, but rather experiences. Right? And most experiences are not that expensive. Yet, many people do not make time to enjoy the little moments with their loved ones and find these “indulgements” rather unnecessary. Not in this case, however. If you wanna show your love to your uncle, you could gift him a cinema ticket and, ideally, buy one for yourself as well, so you can spend some time together. Create a beautiful memory by doing something different – together.

4. Spa gift card

Who said men do not love to spend some good quality “me time”? While this gift is a tiny bit more expensive than your usual ideas, it is definitely worth its price. Have your uncle enjoy the Sauna, bubble bath and, if you can afford it, a good massage. Chances are that next time you see him he will be uplifted and feel refreshed from the experience. And, if anyone deserves it, it is certainly him!

5. A good book

This one is very subjective. Not everyone likes to read and those who do often have specific preferences. Does your uncle spend his evening reading the latest novel by Stephen King? Or is he more of a “non-fiction” guy? Ask the right questions at the right time and you will get a lot of useful information that will help you buy him just what he needs. It will give him lots of pleasurable and/or educative hours to look forward to.

Funny gifts for uncles

If your uncle is more of the funny guy in your family gatherings, it might be a good idea to give him a gift that speaks to his humor. With these gifts, you can look forward to many laughs and fun moments.

6. Funny T-shirt

The example above is one of the many different t-shirts that can bring up a discussion at the dinner table. And, once again, for this one, you’ll have to be a little subjective. What is your uncle’s signature joke? Who is he often compared with? Think about these answers and find a t-shirt that represents him exactly.

7. “I’m the crazy uncle” mug

Looking for another way to make your uncle laugh? This option is budget-friendly and will act as a daily reminder as to what your uncle is known for. You can also customize mugs to be more personalized by attaching famous quotes of your uncle or mention facts about them that make them stand out. The limit is your imagination.

8. Funny wall sign for uncles

Just as with clothes and mugs, wall signs are another personalized way to add a fun touch to your gift. In most occasions, you even have the possibility to write using different fonts, add images and create a masterpiece that will always remind your uncle of you. A great way to get more creative on this one is to think of your uncle’s hobbies. If, for example, he likes to light-up the grill a little too often, you can create a sign that mentions him as the “master of the grills”.

9. Crazy photoshoot with uncle

Another fun gift to give, or let’s better rephrase in “unique gift that can be turned into a fun moment”, is a photo shoot. Now, this one does not necessarily need to include only you and your uncle, but it would be great to at least setup something beforehand. Maybe it’s you and your family, maybe it’s him and his friends. Once again, you will have to think thoroughly about this one to make it an epic success. Make sure you inform the photographer that this should be a crazy fun photo shoot and to make your uncle and the rest pose accordingly.

10. Funny hat for uncle

Taking it to the next level with personal gifts, a hat is something not everyone wear (but everyone should, especially in the hot summer months). A hat is easier to carry around and always useful, and thus makes one of the best gifts for uncles. What you can do with this one, is think of a word or two that really represent your uncle. Maybe he has a nickname, or he is known for a certain skill of his. Think about this one and make it sound awesome.

Useful gifts for uncle

If you rather gift something that is truly useful to your uncle, you need to take another direction – funny t-shirts won’t cut it. Here, we take a different approach.

11. Tool kit

Every man needs a tool-kit, end of story! If your uncle likes to fix and work on stuff, then consider gifting him a tool-kit or at least items that he is currently missing. Does he always complain about not having that latest piece of equipment that would make his life so much better? Does he constantly lend your dad’s equipment to fix up things in his place? Then you’ve got yourself a great present.

12. Craft beer set

If you are on the budget side of things, then you might wanna invest – once again – in a meaningful experience. Only this one is limited to dads who like to make their own beer and use their tastebuds to get new ideas for their own experiments. Craft beer has been a staple for many years and many people try to find the most uniquely flavored, best-looking beers in the market. Try to find a set of 3 or 4 craft beers that your uncle has not tasted yet and you’re guaranteed to make him happy.

13. Laptop accessories

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We are pretty sure that your uncle has a laptop – or at least a desktop computer. And there is always something you could offer to him to make life easier. Is it a laptop case? A stand? A new keyboard? It could even be wet-wipes to help him clean his screen. Whatever the case may be, this is a very useful gift that will surely be appreciated and used. So if you are still looking for that one special gift, you might wanna buy one – or more – laptop accessories.

14. Fashionable clothes

gifts for uncles

Not all men have a sense of fashion and, the ones who do, always love clothes as a gift. In both instances, investing in a good pair of clothing, such as new denim pants or a warm winter jacket, is not only going to elevate your uncle’s style, but it will also make for a super useful gift. That being said, if the budget allows, you can come up with different clothing combinations and try to gift your uncle a whole set of clothes, like for example a suit, in case he needs it for an upcoming occasion.

15. Restaurant gift card

Food is a necessity and experience together. And who wouldn’t like a gift card to take his favorite person out for dinner? If you are still looking for ideas, consider gifting a restaurant dining experience and see how your uncle’s surprise!

And that’s all guys! As always, feel free to let us know what you think about the gifts outlined in this post and make sure to leave a comment telling us about the gifts you would like to see added in this long list. From all of us here at Grafomap – Have fun shopping!