Becoming a mother is definitely THE biggest day in a woman’s life. Therefore, celebrating this moment is equally as important. But how do you find gifts for young moms, which fits the purpose perfectly?

Don’t sweat it, because we have compiled the best gifts for young moms in this article. We have also included the perfect gifts for baby showers and celebrating the news, be it your sister, friend or even spouse!

Gifts for new moms

Gifting new moms can be tricky. Especially if you don’t have any children yourself. However, starting from smaller, accessory gifts to actually meaningful or helpful gifts – there are lots of options out there!

Check out this list to get a few great ideas!

Baby first handprint and footprint kit

Gifts For Young Moms

If there are memories you definitely want to keep as a new mom – your baby’s first hand and footprints are the dearest ones! This kit will be the best of new mom gifts out there!

Baby teething necklace

If you do have kids already, then you know how painful teething can be for a baby…and for the new mom. This necklace will help with that process, plus – it’s really cute!

Mom coloring book

If the new momma is planning on breastfeeding – this book could actually help her out a lot. She can pass the time creatively and relax. Two birds with one shot!

Mommy’s sippy cup

Chances are – this is not her first-born. If that’s the case – more than anything, you want to take care of the mommas’ nerves. A Sippy cup like this (think adding a wine bottle…or two), can encourage her to think about ‘’ me time’’ more. A healthy parent means a healthy child!

‘’How not to hate your husband after kids’’

Speaking about breastfeeding – this might be the best reading material on those long hours spent in a chair. And it might help the dad too!

Personalized sterling silver name necklace

Those little trinkets and keepsakes you have from your first days on this planet are often the nearest and dearest. A necklace with the baby’s name could be something very special for both the mom and the baby from day one.

‘’Notes to my daughter’s notebook

If it’s a girl, this book could be the most precious thing her daughter will ever own.

‘’Letters to my baby boy’’

And if she’s blessed with a son – this book will be a great gift for a new mom!

Bibs and accessories

Having children means a lot of things. But one thing is for sure – mess all around you and all around the baby. These hypoallergenic and modern bibs might save the day more than just once!

Bear shaped wrap towel

Babies are as cute as they are. But imagine wrapping up little one in soft fleece, a bear-shaped towel! Cuteness overload and one of the best new mom gifts ever!

Aveeno baby care system

Taking care of a baby can be a frustrating thing. Especially, because as a new mom, you want the best for your little ones’ delicate skin. With Aveeno, you don’t have to worry or think twice, because all products are specifically made for this gentle human.

Baby nasal aspirator

If you want to be a lot more practical with your gift – this nasal aspirator will be great. If anything, new moms know how congested babies can get, so this little gadget is a God sent and perfect for new mum gifts!

Sleep aid toy

Another very practical gift might be this cute little gadget. White noise is proven to help babies sleep better, which definitely equals mom sleeping better too. A great gift for a young mom!

Gifts for young moms

Be it planned or not, pregnancy surprises a lot of young women. It could be the best thing happening to a young girl, but it is most certainly scary to have the title at a young age.

Help your young momma, by gifting her consolidating and practical gifts. There are tons of great options out there, be it a useful gift for mom or something more funny and lighthearted.

‘’The sh*t no one tells you’’

Here’s a funny as it is useful to book for the young mom. The first year can be difficult, so this book will definitely help with preparing the momma!

‘’Straight outta mommy’’ bodysuit

This will definitely make her laugh on the more stressful moments, as a young mom. It’s also a unisex bodysuit, so you don’t have to worry about tailoring your gift to the gender!

‘’Welcome to the club’’ book for young parents

Taking care of another human can be terrifying. Young moms don’t realize that what seems like horror to them, might be the most common and natural things that happen. This book sure helps to keep the stress level at bay an offers a more light-hearted, humoristic approach to common situations!

Milestones blanket

Young moms always want to keep documenting how their baby grows! Here’s a useful gift for mom – a blanket where you can document the most important milestones of baby’s growth. And it’s adorable too!

A universal breastfeeding blanket

As a young mom, she might not know (yet) how lifesaving multi-purpose things like this blanket are. One scarf – multiple purposes. She will thank you forever!

Diaper organizing bag

The young momma might not know yet, but diapers will take over her life for a moment. And how handy will then this diaper-organizing bag be for her?

‘’You’re a great mama’’ SPA gift set

It’s also important to remind her, how important is self-care and that she is doing great. Young moms tend to forget about themselves and therefore this beautiful spa gift set is a nice reminder.

‘’The mommy brain journal’’

Studies show, that young moms tend to forget things and experience brain fog more often than not. This beautiful journal will help her write down those precious moments and look back at them later.

Pocket Nanny

This little gadget might look confusing at first. But in reality, it is a great way of keeping track of your baby’s needs. It’s also a great tool to communicate the daily things your baby needs to your nanny or grandma. The organization is key!

Mothercare Nipple Cream

Not all young moms know this – but having a baby will suddenly put your nipples on the spot.

If you want to help a young mom out – this is probably one of the best gifts she’ll ever receive.

Lacticups Essentials

Speaking about nipples, this will be the most useful gift for mom. An easy to use, lactic-cups will not only help her collect the breast milk but also save it for later. No more fussing with million different tools!

120 Diapers

Now, if you want to be a little bit funny, but also really really REALLY helpful to this young momma – this gift takes the prize! There can never be too many diapers in a young moms closet, so these 120 diapers will save her for a little while.

Mom to be gifts

Haven’t we all been there – you’re invited for a friends baby shower and there is no register… So you have to be creative and most importantly – pick a useful as much as it is a fun gift!

It can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have any kids of your own yet. So here’s a small list of things that will definitely find the top spot in the gifting pile!

Burts Bees belly cream

It would be highly appreciated if the mama got reminded of taking care of herself even before the baby is born. Nobody likes stretch marks and this is something that might not be on her mind preparing for the baby. She’ll be thankful for sure!

Beautiful frame for the first picture

Gifts like this with meaning will definitely bring warmth to the heart of any new parents. This would be one of the most perfect gifts for pregnant women!

Belly bump stickers

Not only is it precious to capture how the baby is growing in front of the mom, but also how the baby grows inside her. This is a very original gift and a great keepsake for the mum to be!

Diaper bag

A practical and very useful gift for any mom to be! She will love it!

Maternity belt

If it’s a baby shower then chances are the momma has a big belly. And that also means a big backache! This gift could possibly help the momma enjoy the final months a lot more!

Infant to toddler rocker

Here is a handy gift for any new mom. Help her rock her baby to sleep easy and fuss-free!

Baby wrap carrier

Carrying a baby close to the heart is not only soothing for the baby, but also for the new mom! This would be a great gift as an alternative to the old stroller!

Baby gender reveal party supplies

Gift these to the mom at the baby shower, and she’ll not need to worry about the next big party!

Baby thermometer

This little handy tool is great to avoid stressful situations. Babies get sick very often, so it’s great to monitor them in such an easy way.

Baby owner’s manual

This is a more humorous gift for any parents to be, but it does consist of many helpful tricks and tips for a newborn! It might just prepare any new mom for the unforeseeable!

Baby video monitor with camera

There’s not a more perfect gift to any new parent than a monitoring device for when their baby is here. Being a parent can be very hard sometimes, so this little gadget definitely will help with the task!

Amazon gift card

A pregnant woman can be very hard to please sometimes. Therefore this will definitely be one of the best gifts for pregnant women – she can pick her gift herself, and potentially when she needs it the most!


These are just tips that you can use when you need gifts for young moms. And yes, you don’t have to say it – we already know that this helped you to find the perfect gift for a young mom.

If you have any suggestions, just leave a comment and we will add your gift idea to this list.