Graduating is definitely one of the biggest milestones in somebody’s life. A very big part of growing up and becoming your own person is choosing a school, later university and continuously adding to your knowledge.

Have you ever actually thought of how big a part school is in our lives? How this institution is in one way or another, the first try at life?

So it only makes sense, that finishing a study is a very significant day in for any person and it could impact everything else that comes after.

Accordingly, attending somebody’s graduation and finding the perfect gift can also be challenging and possibly very difficult. If it’s a girl in your life, flowers are a given, but what other graduation gift ideas match the occasion?

Either way, you can stop looking for gifts and keep calm, because we’ve got you covered head to toe. Or at least – graduation gift ideas covered for everyone!

Graduation gift ideas for her

Engraved Keychain

If you don’t want to break your bank but still want to gift something meaningful and beautiful, then this keychain is it! Regardless of it’s your sister, friend or a cousin – she might be moving out of the family nest and moving into dorms, or better yet – her own apartment.

New life is beginning, exciting things ahead and this keychain serves as a reminder of how to deal with the serious stuff that comes after finishing school.

Either way, she will need a gift that’s useful as it is beautiful. This keychain will be the very first thing she has on her own. Add her room keys to it, pack it up and it will be one of the best graduation gift ideas ever.

Silver bracelet engraved

Every girl loves jewelry. Not every girl believes, she can do everything that she sets herself to do. Sometimes and most times, it takes a lot of courage, discipline, and self-belief to really finish what you set yourself to do.

Gifting your sister or friend this beautiful little reminder of how impactful this day really is might just be one of the greatest graduation gift ideas for her. Never let her forget, that she has the power, the ability, and the mind to do whatever it is she has set herself to achieve.

Sometimes we all need a friend, who stands by us and reminds us how far we’ve come on our own and this bracelet definitely does just that, but in a very beautiful way.

Glass jewelry box

Let’s be honest about one thing – she will most certainly receive a lot of jewelry pieces on her graduation. You could be the one person that thinks one step ahead and gift her this really beautiful glass jewelry box, to help her collect all of the shiny keepsakes she’s about to swim in.

The really cool thing about this box is that you can totally personalize it, by writing her name, school and graduation date on the top. That way, she will always remember of her graduation and never forget about you! If we had to pick, this would be one of the best graduation gift ideas for sure.

Engraved photo frame

graduation gift ideas

Do we really have anything if we don’t have memories? Pictures are definitely one of the most important things you ever do at a graduation ceremony. In such a significant day, it is so important to not only make memories but also save them, so that you can look back at this day and live through it once again.

These beautiful wooden, engraved photo frames are the perfect gift for a girl who’s graduating because every girl wants to display photos, where she’s all dolled up and having the time of her life! Of all graduation gift ideas, this one might be the most overlooked, because once again, it is thinking one step ahead.

Amazon gift card

Then there are always girls, who are very difficult to gift because it seems like she already has it all. Or maybe, it seems that no gift can show her, just how proud you are of her achievement.

But if you still want to make your friend or sister happy and congratulate her with graduation – this might be the best option.

You can choose the amount of the card and it will arrive in the prettiest, most sophisticated packaging, almost specially made for occasions like these. If this isn’t one of the best graduation gifts, when you don’t think anything else could work, then we don’t know what is.

Graduation gift ideas for him

And what about the boys? Finding graduating gifts for him, is even more challenging, than finding something for a girl. Let’s be fair – you wouldn’t want to give flowers to a mate, but don’t really know what else could be on the menu.

Penny keychain engraved

If you want to gift something that not only congratulates your mate or brother but also is actually useful as it is sentimental – then this keychain could be one of the most unique graduation gifts out there.

You can choose to engrave your pennies however you wish – the class year, his name, the date of graduation, it is all up to you! Even the packaging can be completely tailor made. It might seem like a small gift, however, he will definitely appreciate the personalized touch and bring this keychain with him everywhere.

It is often things we use the most that make us the happiest, and this keychain could be one of those graduation gift ideas, reminding him every day of the achievements he has unlocked so far – inspiring to keep pushing forward.

Engraved wallet

Guys are often more practical in the way they choose their things to buy. The same could be said about the gifts you want to give to a friend who is graduating.

Flowers perish, chocolate isn’t all that good because it’s finished fast and won’t stay with him for too long and best wishes cards often end up in that box which you never look at again after a while…

Therefore, something small, but meaningful like this wallet, could very well be one of the best graduation gift ideas for him.

It is sturdy enough to serve a long time, hold several cards, but most importantly, you can engrave the front of this wallet to say whatever you wish. A really thoughtful and useful graduation gift idea!

Grafomap wall art

This one is something entirely different from the gifts before. If the person graduating is your boyfriend or a very special guy overall, then this might be one of the most unique graduation gifts for him.

Grafomap maps are definitely special because they can be completely tailor-made to the occasion. All you need to do is pick a place that would in one way or another mean something to the person – it could be the location of his school, place you met him or maybe his first apartment when starting college. Either way – you pick the location, the design and the frame.

Leave the rest for Grafomap and you have a gift that everyone will be talking about long after!

The best part is – this gift really is very versatile, so you can also gift it to a girl graduating. The designs are very tasteful and overthought and the quality makes sure that this piece will last for as long as they wish it to.

Definitely one of our favorite graduation gift ideas!

Engraved wooden watch


As mentioned before – guys often are a lot more practical when you choose a gift for them. Something that will serve every day and be useful in one way or another could definitely be appreciated as a graduation gift.

This wooden watch, which you can engrave however you wish, could be a perfect gift for that guy who is always late or exactly the opposite – as punctual as can be.

The message you choose to place on the watch is totally up to you, but it will certainly brighten up his day every time he’s wearing the watch. Celebrating an achievement like graduation is important, but it can be easy to forget how much it took to do it.

This watch could be a great reminder, that you should treasure the time you have because it goes by quickly! One of those graduation gift ideas that not many will think of, for sure.

Engraved Pen

He doesn’t have to be religious to believe in himself. But he needs to have a good taste to appreciate one of those graduation gift ideas like this.

A really good, quality pen like this is important for a man to have. Following studies comes a journey in life, which will teach him to work hard, keep studying and learning but most importantly – believing in his abilities to achieve greatness!

This pen could be the beautiful, little reminder of the times when he just can’t see what’s next or when it gets difficult to believe in his own power to move forward. Better yet – it also shines light when there isn’t any, with a little flashlight built into it.

Would this be a gift for a man, if it didn’t have multiple, practical uses? Didn’t think so!