Are you wondering how to hang posters on your wall without damaging them? Are you having a hard time with hanging posters straight on your wall? 

No worries anymore, We’re here to help!

Hanging posters like a pro is not a hard task if you know how to do it the right way. Regardless of the frame, you’ll be able to hang your posters with ease by following the methods given in this post. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or your art wall,  you’ll be able to hang your poster on the wall without damaging anything!  

Without discussing any further, let’s get started with How to Hang Posters without Damaging the wall!

What you need:

  • The Poster (Obviously)
  • Duct Tape
  • Staple/Nail/Tack/Wheat-Paste 
  • Double-Sided Tape/Magic Tape
  • Removable Putty
  • Toothpaste
  • Binder clips
  • Thumbtacks 
  • Slide binders


To-Do: Before Getting Started

Before getting started with the actual work, make sure to tick off the following activities:

  • Frame your poster: If you want your poster to look brand new even after some months or so, then it’s better to frame your poster. 
  • Lay the poster on a flat surface: There’s a chance that your poster(s) might have curled edges and round textures along the sides. To prevent curled edges, weight down your poster for a while on a flat surface for a few hours or so before getting started with the steps.
  • Clean your wall: Don’t forget to clean your wall area where you’re planning on putting your poster/wall art with the help of a clean piece of cloth. Surprisingly, doing household activities can burn up to 100 calories from your body!

Ways to Hang Posters Like a Pro


  • By Using Double-Sided Removable Tape

The most common and easy method for setting up your poster on your wall would be by using the Double-sided removable tape. Double-Sided tape is not only easy to use and remove but also, they are 60-70% reusable. 

Choosing the wrong tape would damage your wall so make sure to use the suitable Double-sided tape that would be a perfect match for your wall.

  • By Using Magic tape 

Can’t find a perfect double-sided tape for your wall? Don’t worry, the Magic Tape would do the work for you! 

As the name suggests, the Magic Tape is an invisible tape that can be used in any of your DIY projects and crafting materials, and for your poster, it’s perfect to use! The Magic Tape is easily removable and can be used for a long period, which makes it a great fit for poster hanging. 

  • By Using Removable Putty


Removable Putty is made by 100% Adhesive Rubber and can be used as double-sided tape for hanging your poster. The excess use of putty on a paper or your wall may cause some rumpling on your wall. 

If you’re going with a Removable Putty for hanging your poster, read the guide here and make sure to avoid the fresh or poorly painted areas as it might remove some paint while taking down the poster.

  • By Using Thumbtacks 

Thumbtacks are one of the suitable choices for your wooden walls and Cork Boards.  They’re easy to use and remove, and no harm is done to your walls while using them. To use Thumbtacks, poke a hole through your poster and push it inside the wall until they’re on the edge of the paper, but not close enough. And there you go.

Fun Fact; According to Thumbtack Statistics, 10 Million people use Thumbtack all around the globe and over 1000 services are available related to thumbtacks worldwide! 

  • By Using Slide Binders

Slide Blenders can also be used for poster hanging and No, I’m not kidding! Just thread binders at the top and bottom edges of your posters with a string on the top edge and here you go! 

You can now hang your posters from rods, screws, nails, or wherever you need it by using Slide Blenders.

  • By Using Toothpaste!

Why go with something expensive when you have the materials right at your home? 

Yes, as crazy it might sound- Tooth-Paste is also used for wall hangings to mark holes. The best part of using tooth-paste is; it’s affordable, easy to use, and leaves your wall without doing any damage!

While using Toothpaste for hanging your poster, make sure that it won’t have any whitening chemicals or freshening addictives that might harm your wall.

  • By Using Binder Clips

For smaller prints and posters, Blinder Clips would be a perfect choice as they are specially used to hold postcards and small posters. They also add a classy and aesthetic look to your wall. 

Blinder Clips are easily available on the market. If not, you can also go for Bulldog Clips and Standard Blinder Clips for your wall. 

How to Hang Posters/ArtWork in a Straight Line

Hanging your artwork in a straight line can be a bit of hard work, especially when you don’t know how to make it level! Here comes the role of a Level Laser, a self-leveling tool that will make it easy for you to hang your posters in a straight line. Additionally, check this guide to hang pictures with a laser level. The same method can be applied to hang the posters.

Level Laser is easy to use, and available at a cheap price on Amazon. While working with a Level Laser, always remember to wear glasses to prevent your eyes from any harm!

How to Remove Posters Without Damaging the Wall

Just in case, if there’s a need to remove the poster(s) from your wall, here are a few quick tips that will definitely help you for sure!

  1. For Removing Posters, peel slowly from the edges of the Poster.
  2. Don’t peel the poster in one go, take one edge at a time to prevent any damage to the wall.
  3. In the case of Adhesive, use a heat gun or dryer to remove the adhesive. 
  4. In the cause of Double-sided tape, remove the tape from the end and then slowly peel off the poster from the walls.

This article will surely help you hang your poster the way you want on your wall. If there’s anything you need to ask, feel free to let us know by commenting below!

Until then, Happy Reading!