If you have decided to read this, it means you are a pet lover and can’t imagine your life without dogs. It also means you want to have a home that can impress visitors in a fraction of a second. Well, both of your hobbies seem like the total opposite of each other. It is commonly believed that you have to let go of your personal style if you want to accommodate your four-legged bud.

Not anymore, what if we tell you that now, you can have a dog and keep your house as it has just been decorated by some top-notch interior designer. There are many ways to decorate the space in a pet-friendly manner. You may have to make some changes and may have to let go of some things you really want, but in the end, you’ll be satisfied with the overall results.

Flooring Needs Consideration

Let’s begin with the flooring because that is the thing which comes in most contact for obvious reasons. The pet occupied rooms need hard flooring to appear mess free all the time. Painted concrete, stone, laminate flooring, or ceramic tiles are the types which can be cleaned easily and are stain-free.

Hard Wood Flooring

If you are a fan of hardwood flooring, then you may have to reconsider it as hardwood dents and scratches way easier than the floorings mentioned. However, if you don’t have a heart big enough to let the natural beauty of wood go away from your interior, then you should make smart choices such as choosing harder woods.

Oak or mahogany would be the better choices then softwoods like fir and pine as they dent more. Also, make sure to cover the high traffic area of the house covered with rugs. Keep the toys in the area where you don’t have wood flooring to keep the pooch busy there and trim the nails regularly.

Choose Rugs Wisely

We know we just asked you to have rugs and now you might be thinking about how we can justify rugs being pet-friendly. Well, we can’t, but we have some tips to make it a little more tiring job to keep them clean and glistening.

Invest in low-priced rugs because they can be picked up, washed or cleaned, and can be thrown out after a while. You should even get one or two extra every time there are discount voucher codes for rugs. If you have an expensive rug you are going to feel much worse throwing it out and no matter what you will have to replace the rugs after a while in a home with pets.

Seagrass and sisal rugs are considered as good choices for pet owners as they are not really very expensive and can go with any décor due to their neutral backdrop. Both of these types are durable too so; they might be able to withstand the pet traffic longer than other materials. If you don’t prefer neutral colors, then try to have a rug with a multitude of colors so it can draw attention away from pet hair and stains.

If you have a Persian heirloom rug and you can’t imagine your place without it then treat it as classical art and appreciate it by hanging it on a wall out of the reach of your pup.

Carpets Can Be Tricky

If you can, then you must skip wall-to-wall carpets, this would be the best favor you’ll do to yourself. Carpets tend to absorb everything from odors to stains, and they also trap pet hair. Nan Ruvel, an interior designer from Chicago who is an expert in designing animal-friendly homes, loathes the idea of having carpets according to him carpets are difficult to keep clean, so it is a bad idea to have it.

However again if you admire homes with carpets and want to have anyway then go for a low pile carpet. It will make cleaning up after accidents easy, and it is stain-resistance. Continuous loop carpets are to be avoided as they are prone to unravel with claws.

Light colors will obviously make your cleaning task a headache and unfruitful. Multicolor patterns and darker earth tones are best to mask all that happens with a dog. Take out your sweaters and have a look at them see, what color hides the fur best you may get an idea from there.

Upholstery Fabric Needs To Be Decided

You have to really careful when choosing chairs and sofas. If you are in love with velvet of chenille, then let us warn you in advance because they work like magnets for pet hair. Delicate fibers like silk are again should be restricted to the areas where your dog can’t reach for instance windows. Sofa and chairs in silk fabric are bound to be ruined. Canvas, denim, and synthetic fibers are the best for this purpose.

Leather also works in homes where humans and animals live side by side, but we don’t really recommend original leather because it is not good to promote this industry. We are sure being an animal lover you are against it too. You can choose other options which are like leather but again it is not completely scratch safe.

It is no brainer that you must avoid white when it comes to upholstery. We don’t think we have to give you reasons as to why you shouldn’t use white. Tightly woven fabrics with textures, patterns in dark colors are hand down great.

Easy Ways Out

When choosing furniture do one thing, bring home the sample of fabrics and pet your pet friend with it. No, we are not kidding! The sample which disguises pet hair best wins and it is going to be welcomed home.

Sometimes it becomes impossible to make your heart understand it wants what it wants, for such weak times get washable slipcovers in heavy fabrics like denim or canvas. These covers can be safe your delicate designer upholstery, and they can be slipped off when you have someone over.

Be Really Quick

One thing that you have to learn is to take a quick action every time, and we mean it EVERY TIME when your four-legged friend eliminates or barf on a chair, sofa, or for that matter anywhere in the house. Always have a stash of rags and cleaning products ready to use in the easily reachable spots around the house. Use discount voucher codes and stock up the cleaning items, so chances of running out are less.

How Can We Forget Walls?

Pets and kids both can go to any extreme to damage walls. Dogs tend to rub up against the walls as they walk, and also spray the drool on the walls by shaking their heads. Use overall stencils with patterns. The wallpapers that you are obsessed with should be in the rooms where your pets seldom visit.

You can always paint the walls in beautiful colors for the x-factor. If you ask us, we would suggest semi-gloss-finish are best for the places with the most activity and moisture like kitchen and bath. On the other hand, satin-finish or eggshell-finish paints suits living area the most. For people who are fans of a matte finish, they should opt for washable, flat paints.

Bed Protections Are Necessary

We are totally not judging you, but you have to accept that sometimes (read often) share your bed with the furry bundle of joy. Protecting your bed against hair and accidents if you bud sleeps with you is important. Duvet covers are better for this purpose than the bedspreads or quilts. Again choose sturdy and multicolor duvet covers to cover up for the time between washes. Use a moisture-resistance mattress pad to save the mattress from unnecessary moisture.

Furniture And Windows

Keep in mind to have chairs and couches which have exposed legs because skirts can attract pet hair. Same is the case with long drapes on windows; they collect all the debris in the pool on the floor. Wood blinds and roman shades are the best options.

What About The Expensive Collectibles?

Many of us (read all who have has pets ever) experienced a swish of a tail, a happy jump, and the expensive collectibles flying off the place. The next sound you may hear is of the crystal or ceramic shattering. You have two options to avoid such sounds; one is to invest in the cast iron treasures, and two is to place your treasure of collectibles far from the reach of the tails and jumps.

Space Dedicated To Doggie

If you have a large window, then place a piece of furniture beneath it that is allocated for you non-human member of the family. Pets who spend most of their time indoors appreciate the outside view and they spend considerable time each day on the furniture allowing them view.

One thing out of many that are common between a dog and a teenager is they love their own space. It will be a lot of help if you are able to incorporate a dog’s den in your interior design. Your friend will surely love it and will spend time in that area.

It will be a nice thing to set up an animal area near the entry. This area can be used to dirt off the pets after their stroll outside. You can keep leashes there and other pet related items. It will make sure no dirty paws go directly inside the house.

Wrap Up

We hope these few interior tips will help you maintain the decorations and you won’t have to give up the hobby of making your home beautiful aesthetically. These ideas will allow you to have a home that can awestruck your guests even when you have a pooch at home. What’s more that you want? You don’t have to give up on any of your obsession; your place will be pet-friendly and well decorated and trust us people will be asking you to guide them in no time.

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